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Friday, April 22, 2011

Good Friday!

Change of plans...


I'm not! And, I'm guessing you're not either! ;)

I'm not even going to give the updated plans as of now, because I'm not totally sure they're going to be the ones we're stinking with! So...for now, we are still home and will be for at least tomorrow! :)

I was on the phone, for what felt like non-stop this morning. To start my day, Cale and I didn't sleep well last night-at all. When my alarm went off at the normal 6:30am, I turned it off and stuck my phone under my pillow. I didn't wake up until 9am! I guess I needed sleep! Well, it's always nice to sleep in, but then I feel as though the day gets away from me and I don't get as much done, or it just gets really crazy. I did end up getting quite a bit done, but boy oh boy was it busy! While I would be on the phone with one person, another call would beep in. This constant stream of calls lasted for a while. I also had more visitors (but I love the visitors!) which kept things feeling busy.

I would love to write how I took the new plan with lots of strength and so gracefully went with the flow, but that would be me telling a story. I cried. I couldn't help the tears! It just feels like the whole thing is dragging on, and I was bummed, but it's ok. Once I got over the initial processing, I was fine. It helped having company come right after the call, so I was able to talk everything out.

Anyways...all the stuff/thoughts/heaviness of the day was lifted off my shoulders tonight at our Good Friday service. It was a really sweet time with the Lord and getting my focus back on what's actually important. I loved having Cale next to me and listening to him worship right along with me. I never get tired of that!

We went to a friends house tonight and had ice cream and brownies...and Cale (at 11pm) is wired! Haha! I could see the crash coming, so I had suggested us getting home. I think all the sugar kicked in, so I better get off here and try to get Cale off this sugar high.

A pillow fight might do the trick! ;)


  1. Kathleen so sorry to hear about your change of plans ~ I can only imagine what it feels like when you want to be settled. BUT I am glad you will be home for Easter- that will be nice! Praying for you and God's perfect timing ! Love ya Girl ((())) HAPPY EASTER!!!!! Reenie

  2. Did you do the pillow fight thing?!?!! Father is the one in charge of the plans. He knows the best time for you to be in Seattle. It could be someone who will give you a joyous word, you wouldn't have haerd if you left when you first thought. You could have a joyous word for someone you might not have seen. There might be some disaster He kept you from by sending you at this time. Please, please, please don't think I don't feel for you, or I don't cry with you...I DO. I just know Father has all of our days planned before there was yet one of them, even before the beginning of time. I love you and rejoice with you in what Father has in store. Marion


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