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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

a man & his dog

Our vision is so limited we can hardly imagine a love that does not show itself in protection from suffering.... The love of God did not protect His own Son.... He will not necessarily protect us - not from anything it takes to make us like His Son. A lot of hammering and chiseling and purifying by fire will have to go into the process. -Elisabeth Elliot

Please continue to pray for Cale's adjustment to being home. He's had a couple hard moments and one of them was this morning when he woke up. There definitely not hard like he was having, but they're still hard. He has asked twice now for his "other home." When he had first mentioned this home in Seattle, I asked him about it and he said it was white. The house he lived in while we were dating was white, so I can only imagine that's what he was picturing coming back to Kennewick. I'm planning on driving him by there soon, but again, it's the idea of being all better.

We're still trying to get everything organized and settled. It's been really busy and a little crazy, but things are getting done. I currently have papers everywhere, and I would like to say there is some kind of system...but, I'm afraid it's just plain madness. Soon, it will all settle soon!

At one point, I was trying to get stuff done, but Cale (at this point), still needs someone to do something with him. He will play Xbox for a short time usually and sometimes longer periods, but I have no intention of sticking him on the Xbox everyday so that I can get things done. He did play for about 20 minutes today and then spent time helping me in the kitchen. He did so great! He helped me move one pile of cans to the other side of the kitchen-he would pick them up off the floor and hand them to me! It was so awesome!

He started playing Xbox because we walked in the living room this morning, and Cale walked over to the table, and with the help of his cane, he scooted the chair over in front of the TV! Wow! I didn't say anything about playing; he knew he wanted to and made it happen. It was SO cool!! I of course had tears hit my eyes in an instant! I ran over to him, jumped on his lap, and hugged him so tight! Those things...those little steps are such a big deal and so amazing to continue to see!

After breakfast this morning, we had a delivery. September had spoken with the owner of Gold's Gym here in Kennewick about getting some equipment donated for Cale. He talked with the Columbia Fitness and they donated an elliptical for Cale! It's a really nice one too! The guy said it's top of the line and the best that they sell. OJ is the owner and Chris is the guy that delivered. He was so nice and showed us how to work everything. After he stepped out of the house, I looked at Cale with my eyes the size of golf balls and told him that we just got this super nice thing for free! Cale said, "WOW" and then asked what he did for it. After talking with him, we stood there for a minute and I asked him, "how did we get so blessed?" Cale hugged me and said, "God loves us." We are so thankful for all of you. For everything that you've done to help make this journey the blessing that it has been. Thank you!

Before I had Cale come help me in the kitchen, I walked with him outside and helped him sit in a chair so he could play ball with Basil while I worked in the kitchen. Well, after a little while I heard Cale tap on the patio so I went to the door because I didn't want him trying to go up the stairs on his own. I asked Cale what was up, he said, "I'm bored." "You're bored?" Cale than replied with, "the dog is boring me." What was happening was that Basil doesn't fully understand the fetch game and Cale keeps trying to trick him, so he would hide the ball. Basil finally just laid down in the grass...this is no fun to Cale! Haha! I went out and the three of us played ball and it was so much fun! I ended up chasing after the ball quite a bit to get Basil to go after it, so I got me some good exercise! :)

Here's a picture I took through the window. A man and his dog :)

During lunch today, I read the newspaper article to Cale. I hadn't read it yet, so it was cool to read it with him. My favorite part of it was a something that September said, Reading Kathleen's blog, it's easy to see how much she cares for her husband, but Theriault said that seeing them in person has opened her eyes to how amazing they are as a couple."They totally love each other. The way they look at each other -- it's a deep, deep love," she said. Cale's favorite part that I read was, Cale is a big Red Wings fan. It blessed my heart so much to read that someone (other than Cale and myself), see how much we love each other. So sweet!

We're watching America's Funniest Home Videos and playing cards. Well, I'm about to join Cale and his mom! :)

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  1. My Sweet Friend, Father has His hand on Cale in a special way, You too. There are going to be many "bumps" along the path, but you KNOW the Author and Finisher of your faith. Therefore, you are in a good place. Marion I love the picture of Cale and Basil. :)


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