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Monday, April 4, 2011

Back in the Game!

Cale took a break while we were in Seattle. He wasn't wanting to do anything and since he doesn't realize he has a brain injury and that anything is wrong, he wasn't understanding the need to do anything. And, he was plain sick of being in a hospital. I had a conversation with a dear friend on the phone this afternoon. He asked about how Cale was doing and if there had been much more progress since we've been home. I mentioned how he's walking around the house with a cane, but other than that, I hadn't seen any huge noticeable things as far as gains in memory. Well, a few hours later, I asked Cale to tell my mom what he had for lunch and he remembered!!! He was able to tell her everything! Then, tonight Joe and Beth had dinner with us, and I asked him to tell them and again he was able to! This is a huge deal!! So exciting! Goodness, just when I was saying I hadn't seen anything, the Lord gave me a special present. It reminded me that He's still working on Cale and the healing hasn't stopped! Awesome!

Also, Cale using the cane around the house and sometimes short distances with out anything, is huge! Then, this evening, Cale worked out with Joe. Wanna see?! It's pretty neat!!

GO CALE!!!! It's so great to see him working so hard again. It's encouraging to see him wanting and trying to push himself and do more. I gotta pretty good man...I sure did!

Almost every time Cale has prayed since we've been home, he says that the hospital is dumb and home is good. I love that He is thanking God in his own way. We are both so incredibly thankful. You're probably going to get tired of reading that, but I can't help's such a blessing.

Along with Basil and Scratch, Mama has a rescued American Eskimo named Noah. Mama doesn't hate animals, she's just always loved them from a distance. Noah, won her heart though. In 2009 she agreed to keep him as a foster home and he never left. Very sweet dog, but he's very timid and afraid of everything. Basil wants Noah to be his best friend and play like he has with the dogs at the last two homes he's been in. Noah is not to fond of the idea...haha! It's so funny to watch the two of them. I'm hoping that Noah will warm up to Basil and soon they will become friends! I think Basil just might drive Noah crazy enough that he'll give in!

Meet Noah...Basil's almost friend ;)

Cale ran errands with me today, and can I just say how much I loved it?! It was so great and fun too! Even though going somewhere, even quickly to the store takes a lot out of him, he does great and it's always so much better when he's with me! I've made more progress with organizing...and I was able to get things marked off on my to do list. I may have made a bigger mess with papers everywhere, but at least I crossed some stuff off! :)

I've been told comments are still not showing up! Sorry!! I have no idea why. Please know that I'm not trying to ignore anyone! We are so thankful for all of you!!


  1. It is wonderful to see you both enjoying your cozy nest...I am so glad you are both HOME! It will be wonderful to get to know you better as days go by...

  2. Yea Caleb!!! He is doing fantastic!! Do you have a PT coming to your home now? What should we be praying for in line with Caleb's PT??? So excited to see him doing so well, and also "hearing " you both so happy! I Never get tired of hearing how blessed you are !!!!! It is an answer to prayer !!! LOVE you ((())) Reenie

  3. It is so good to see Cale doing so well. My granddaughter Kaitlyn, is with me for a few days. She heard me watching Cale's video. She had to come and see what was going on, and watch it too. Noah will be friends with Basil. It will just take a little time. I love you guys, and am so glad we could spend a little time together. Hugs, Marion


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