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Friday, April 15, 2011

a nice little system! :)

Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God. And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus. Philippians 4:6-7

Thank you ALL so much for praying! Today has had its challenging moments, but it’s been a great day and I feel so much more peace! Thank you!

Appointments that Cale needs to have done before we pack up again, are getting made and some of the needs we’ll have before we go are getting figured out. I haven’t even started to think about actually packing some of our stuff to go…that will most likely be last minute…!

Funny story to share! So, last night we’re lying in bed together and I pointed something out to Cale. We then made a laughing joke about it! Well, about 10 minutes later, we turned the lights out to sleep and I started giggling to myself, thinking about our little joke, and said the line we had made up. Cale (already forgetting our joke!), says without any goofiness in his voice, “What did you say that for?” “Uh…don’t you remember our joke?” Again, no sign of laughter he replys, “no…” Hmm…awkward! The whole silliness of the situation made me laugh even harder, while Cale looked at me so confused! Haha!

We had a long talk this morning about home. Cale was once again saying that he wanted to go home. This time, I was able to get more out of him. When I asked him what was different about this home and the home he wants to go to, he said, “fun things.” I questioned a little more, and then he gave me a list of things that he wants to do…and none of them he can do right now. He told me about how his home is a lot more fun and has things that are more fun. Poor guy! Even with our talk, he still didn’t understand that he can’t do those things anywhere else!

I was thinking that maybe the time we spend in Seattle will make a difference when we come back here. I’m not getting set that it’s going to be the big helper, because I think with time and healing it will come, but maybe leaving this place and being somewhere (a hotel) for so long, he’ll be so excited to come back here and at that point he’ll remember here. We’ll see!

We also came up with a little system today that helped me get things done. I needed to get some cleaning in the house done and Cale of course wasn’t too happy about it. My idea that worked (until Cale forgot about it), was that we would play a game of Crazy 8’s and then I’d do some cleaning. After a little cleaning, we’d play another game…and keep taking turns. With some reminders, it turned out to be a nice little system! :)

Cale said on the way to the bedroom, “I’m a tired man.” So, cuddle we do followed by sleep soon!

Also, prayer request…I found out some news about my nephew tonight. Please be praying for him. I don’t want to put too many specifics on here right now, but he does need prayer!


  1. My sweet friend, I have heard nothing would be done if it weren't for the last minute. So.....that would be okay. You will have everything you will need, what you don't have you will find you can do without. I love you and trust Father for you and Cale, your nephew. Oh, we were at my granddaughter's school for bingo. We won 3 of 6 drawings, and between my granddaughter, her mom and myself we won 8 bingo's!!!!! I just remembered how much fun you and Cale had with bingo. :) Hugs, Marion

  2. Kathleen, prayers for your nephew going up ! I think that the fact that Caleb and you have these sweet moments is awesome, and more for you right now than they are for Caleb. He doesn't remember them, but you do. You are holding all these things in your heart, much like Mary did, and you hold them not just for you, but Caleb too. I was just talking about Phil. 4:6-7 to one of my friends from grade school. She was saying sometimes she has to quote that verse daily, and when she doees it reminds her of WHAT she gets if she gives her axiety and cares to God - PEACE - but not just any peace - HIS ! Which will guard us - even when we do NOT UNDERSTAND- this is also where Caleb is at too. Love how God can take one scripture and weave it into the very fabric of the section of" quilt" we are snuggeling. What we hold on to for comfort so to speak. Implimenting a system is a great idea! I like the flow of taking turns. ;) I am sure He will get it the more you use it - just like brushing his teeth or other things that are repeated daily, eventually it will become what he knows. Love the picture you put up ! As always! Blessings to you as you go to Seattle - believing for a great Report !!!!!
    I agree with Marion what you need God will remind you to pack and if something is forgotten - you will find you can do without it -or God will provide it while you are there! Hugs!((())) Reenie


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