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Thursday, April 7, 2011

Still learning from Job! :)

Every Wednesday night our church puts on a meal. I’ve always loved going because it’s just a good ol’ time of eating and talking. :) Mama happens to be the cook of the night, and always does a really great job! This was our first Wednesday being home, so I was excited to go to dinner again and visit more people…well, Cale wasn’t a fan. I knew that the noise might be a problem-but I was a little disappointed. I think the visiting thing is going to be a learning issue for me. I always love getting to visit with people and do a whole bunch of fun things, but it’s still too much stimulation for Cale. Sometimes he does great and will have a blast, especially if it’s playing a game he likes, but for the most part, we’re going to have to keep trying everything!

This morning during breakfast, I asked Cale if he knew why I pushed him so much and always make him work so much. He said that he didn’t and asked why. Well, the talk didn’t go over so well. Cale thinks he’s 100% better and even when I asked him if he was able to go running with me, he answered yes with a lot of confidence backed up with it. He is still working hard even though he may not understand. Yesterday he did a total of 30 minutes on the elliptical, 10 minutes at a time and throughout the day. He’s already done 20 minutes today, and hasn’t fought once. Right now 10 minutes at a time is good, but I’ll be increasing slowly. The program (that I had gone to the seminar for) starts soon, and during that he’ll be doing 4 sets for 15 minutes a day. So, we’re getting there! I’m so proud of him and so thankful I have such a great husband!

A very sweet person (I’m not sure who…) gave money specifically for fresh flowers to be put in every room for when we came home. Well, whoever it was-I’m so thankful! I’ve loved them! The sad part is, they’re all starting to die. :( I’ve had to throw some out already, which has been so sad. I’m going to have to get some really pretty fake ones and then maybe just keep fresh ones in one room. There are some in the bathroom that really need to go; I just can’t get myself to get rid of them yet…! Spring is here and soon there will be flowers blooming everywhere! :)

A little guy (5th grade), from church game and played games with Cale earlier. It was a lot of fun to watch them play, and helped me out so much! I had some papers that I needed to get filled out by Monday, but hadn’t found the time, and now they’re done! Yay! Cale really enjoyed it. I think we’re going to be setting up for Riece to come regularly and hang out with him.

We played ball with Basil for a little while…tried to play ball. I ended up being the one to chase the ball after Cale threw it. He was terrible! We would throw it and at first Basil would run out in the yard, but then before getting to the ball, he would stop and walk away! He did a lot better the other day, but man! Today he plain stunk. Maybe if I dip the ball in bacon grease he’ll go get it-then I may never see it again! Haha!

Job got to his feet, ripped his robe, shaved his head, then fell to the ground and worshiped. –Job 1:20

I’m not sure how many times in the past I’ve read this verse; I know quite a bit, but this is the first time it struck me as if it was read in an audible loud voice in my quiet home. I’m very thankful that unlike Job, my hair stayed on my head…

I remember when I realized I was in the ambulance and had no idea what was going on or where Cale was, I began to pray for him. I didn’t know what to pray and I fully believe at that moment that the Holy Spirit spoke the words for me. The word had been passed as soon as Cale went into surgery on his brain for people to be praying, but I had no idea it was happening. I at that point was even wondering if I was really hurt and they wouldn’t let Cale stay with me.

As soon as Job heard the news that his farmland, workers, and children had all been killed, he got to his feet and started worshiping. I experienced nothing of what Job went through, and probably not close to what a lot of you have gone through, but today reading that verse made Job so real to me. His pain continued on, and so has mine (again not near what he faced), what stands out is that the Lord chose him. He said Job’s name specifically when Satan questioned Job being able to still love the Lord after being tested. God calls us by name; He’s personal to us, just like He was personal with Job all those years ago.

We don’t always worship the Lord because we feel like it and are so happy and ready to give it. We worship his name because He is Holy and worthy. He knows us by name-calls us by name and unlike an idol, He saves us by name by His son’s blood that was shed. Unbelievable.

We don’t always approve or understand. We don’t always want to or think it’s fun, but I need to-we need to continue to give worship every day and always. I’m praying that like Job, God would be the first that I would turn to and run to with everything; big or small!

Cale wanted to take a picture of me, so I gave him a fabulous pose! ;)

Cale with Noah...and he's also not such a hot fetch player!


  1. Yes Yes Yes ....and Satan had to ask permission to mess with Job - everything that God allowed into Job's life had His seal on it! God is amazing that way turning shadows into stars. I so love that about Him and his great love for us!!! Isaiah 49:16 says " Your name is engraved on the palm of his hands." It is personal and always has been - our names are on His hands like a tattoo - in his blood never to be washed away!!!!! Love to you Kathleen as you see God move in and on your situation - and as you see HIS GREAT and AMAZING love for you - at every turn - and let it be known for sure and certain that Job's greatest pain was nowhere near measurable to the reward that God gave him!!!!! Love and Hugs to you and Caleb- ((())) love ya Reenie

  2. You know, your young friend is just what Father ordered. Imagine what he feels like, being able to bless Cale, just doing what he loves to do. His mom would even have a hard time saying you have played enough when he tells her it sure is helping Cale. :) Job is a great person to remember. I need to run to Father first with ALL things. I love you, Marion


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