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Friday, April 8, 2011

Prayer Requests, Updates, and Praises!

It's been such a good day...but I'm hardly able to keep my eyes open! Cale is suddenly wound up. Haha!

Some quick things to share...

We have an elliptical and now we also have a recumbent bike in Cale's work out room! A very sweet couple from church felt it on there heart that Cale needed it more then they did. This is not just any bike either, it has games! Cale wasn't too fond of it at first because it's another thing to make him work, but he's been doing very well at doing the elliptical for me. I'm so excited to see things come together with all the equipment! Praise God!

This afternoon I had an appointment with the VA. It's been an interesting battle with being in the mix of active duty and being with the VA. A while ago I had asked about the program Rehab Without Walls, but was told that because Cale was discharging, he wasn't able to get it. Well, after bringing it up again, it looks like it might still be a possibility even though he's about to discharge. Right now, Cale is past the point that he's going to be cooperative with therapy. Without him realizing why he needs to do it, he's not going to. Well, this would open so many doors for Cale and I know it would be so beneficial! Please join me in praying that this program would become available to him!!

Here's a link describing it...

We had our very first BBQ of the season and the very first at our home! I loved it!!! :) It was so much fun! Yay! We have a home! Yay! We have a nice backyard! Yay! We can BBQ!


Cale's memory has been awesome! He's been able to name a movie and a couple shows. He's been able to bring up something we had been talking between 5-10 minutes earlier. Tonight at the BBQ, he remembered there had been a guy sitting next to him a couple minutes before me, and then was able to give be two clues of how he knew him! It happened to be our Pastor, who before was our Youth Pastor! Cale said, "I knew him in high school and from church" He couldn't get the name, but I could tell he was really trying and it just wouldn't come out. Once Dustin said his first name, Cale said his last name right after! He's been doing so great!

Thank you so much for praying us through this journey. We are so thankful for you!


  1. Hi Kathleen, you are right - Cale must see the necessity for continuing rehab! I will pray that he finds his reasons and sets goals! I love that you are sharing your life and this incredible journey through this blog!
    Happy to hear about your new equipment and your BBQ!!
    Blessings michelle smith

  2. It's late, so I won't say to much. I wanted you to know I love you, rejoice with you, and trust Father to have Cale right where he needs to be for optmal healing. Cale WILL understand the whys and wherefores in time, Father's time. Like in Eccl., there is a time for everything. A BBQ, hmmmmm, sounds like I need to visit soon. :) Hugs, Marion

  3. love you!! God is Amazing!

  4. Cole would like me to thank you for the blessing of being able to be with Cale last is all he talks about. How fun it was to have his complete attention and focus as they played together....God is amazing!
    Dennis and I thank you for your hospitality...and the good yummies, smiles and fellowship.
    Hugs Karla


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