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Saturday, May 28, 2011

A hiking we went!

This morning when my alarm went off, I again had no desire to get up. I thought about it for a sec, with my face very well planted so perfectly in my pillow, I could just sleep a little longer and then have time with the Lord later…after a couple minutes passed by and I thought about what today might look like, I knew that I didn’t want to miss out.

When I was settled in my corner and started to pray, I specifically prayed about how I didn’t want to sacrifice my time with Jesus for sleep, and that I wanted to meet with Him, experience His presence.

This was the reading for today (just warning, I think I’ll be posting daily from this book!)

{Because of legal reasons, I had to remove the portion I read from the book!}

This little book doesn’t have further scripture to read; its daily readings are short and amazing, but I want to dig into the Bible more, so I read the whole chapter with the scripture reference she gives. Psalm 105 is a list of all the miraculous things that God did for Abraham and his decedents. It records about Joseph and how his suffering was turned into glory. It talks about the plagues in Egypt and in verse 31 and 34 stood out to me. Verse 31 says that He (God) spoke and flies descended on Egypt and then in 34 it says, He spoke and hordes of locusts came.

I know that the crazy things that are recorded in the Bible that God did so many years ago can happen again. I know that He can speak and Cale’s neurons could reconnect and his brain can have full healing. Whether the Lord ever chooses to speak full healing on Cale, I do not know, but I was reminded of His power this morning and that I cannot limit what He can do!

It was good to read this morning and relax in the Word. I loved the reminder that time with the Lord is not wasted! It’s a sacrifice of our time that pleases Him. Sarah Young wrote in the beginning of the book something that I loved…

“I realized that experiences of God’s presence were not only for my benefit, but were also preparation for helping others.”

It’s crucial for God’s children to be diving in to God’s living word and to be daily soaking up the goodness and the divine presence of God-not just for us, but for the souls of others.

As I was reading my Bible, I hear Cale on the other side of the room yelling, “Bingo! Bingo!” I run over to see his hand in the air and him yelling it again. He was asleep. Haha! When I talked with him about it later, of course he didn’t remember and asked me if he won money. I said, “I don’t know, it was your dream. Did you win money?” He then replied, “You should have given it to me!”

We had a counseling session this morning. I’m not sure how Cale is going to do with it. He just doesn’t do well with a lot of talking and since he doesn’t understand he has a brain injury, its going to be interesting getting him to talk. The counselor is aware of his limited understanding, so that’s going to help. We’re (all three of us) going to be talking about things that I wouldn’t normally discuss in front of Cale. I think that even though I tell him what happened in the car accident and that he’s really hurt, I also keep him very sheltered from the big picture. I mean, there’s moments that I will tell him that I’m really trying or having a hard time with everything, but I think because he doesn’t understand, I don’t want to drag him down. I don’t want him to know all of my ups and downs and I don’t want him to know the things that he does that cause me to struggle. I guess I don’t want to add to the already confused mess he’s sitting in. Well, it sounds like we’re going to be talking about a lot of that stuff…and it’s going to be really hard for me. Especially, since he doesn’t understand if when it’s not in the moment. There’s also things that I realized I do need to discuss that in that setting, I know is not the right time…so, I’m going to be looking into what can be done for that.

Please be praying for this new time we’ll be entering into.

For Cale’s PT today, we were going to go to the top of the Space Needle, but there’s a festival going on down town, so we had to post pone that adventure. Instead, we went around the block where there is an awesome REI! Right in the middle of the city, there is hiking trails and a waterfall! It’s the neatest thing! I was so impressed with how it was all set up, and how just like that it felt like we were out of the city, for a brief moment anyways. :)

Both of us curled up on the bed and took a little snooze. I knew Cale was tired, but he was fighting the whole nap thing. It didn’t take long for both of us to drift off, when we cuddled up! I woke up and he is still breathing deep!

I asked Cale earlier today what Memorial Day was. His answer, “celebrate soldiers.”

Do you have any big weekend plans?


  1. Kathleen !!! That was such a sweet hug from the LORD to let you know you are doing exactly what he desires !!!!! Love that devo!!! The park picture was awesome - Love the Bingo story- and I also know that counseling ,thoe hard ,will be good, God has a good hand in this - Will be praying for all that God desires for both of you !!! Weekend plans - to plant my tomatoe and pepper plants, clean the house and enjoy the deck some...... with a cookout ;) Maybe a nap for good measure ;) Hope your Memorial day is special !!! Love it that Caleb remembers the days purpose ! Love ya !! Happy Memorial Day Caleb Darling !!!! ((())) Reenie

  2. I agree with Reenie, this is exactly where Father wants you and I will trust Father does mighty things during the sessions. I love you, Marion


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