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Sunday, May 29, 2011

Date Day!

There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under the heavens: a time to weep and a time to laugh, a time to mourn and a time to dance. Ecclesiastes 3:1, 4

No therapy or radiation today...just the two of us! We took on Seattle to see what kind of adventures we could have!! :) We ended up having such a great day! It was amazing! I loved so much getting to hang out with Cale, and be us.

We went to a shopping center that had a store that I have only looked at online and have never actually been inside. Cale was a willing husband to join me in all of my excitement! ;) With all the sales this weekend, I thought it might be the perfect time to see if I could find any little treasures…

We also had to find a normal store that had necessity things, like, toilet paper, paper towels, and laundry stuff. The hotel here supplies the initial supply, but then after it’s up to us. Some things you just don’t want to run out of…!

We decided to eat out after having meals cooked in the microwave since we’ve been here. While we were out exploring, I found a Macaroni Grill! This was my favorite restaurant while we were in NC. I had never eaten at one before and OH MY GOODNESS! It’s super yummy! If you had come to visit me at all while I was there, I’m sure we went if at that time I knew about it! The bread…oh the bread! I knew they had steak, so I was sure Cale would love it. He hasn’t been eating again. He just isn’t hungry for anything, even things that aren’t in my book of good things to eat, but have been in his. I’ve been doing my best to get some good calories in him. One of the things they talked about with the radiation was how important it is to maintain his weight…I’m trying! Our meal out today was the perfect thing! He also devoured the bread and ate all of his steak. So many times while he was in the hospital, I had wished that he was with me. I had wished that he wasn’t stuck in a hospital and I was out. I had wished that he was well and could enjoy the scrumptious food with me.

Today I was given a wish come true! We had a wonderful sweet date and had such a fun time together! One of the fun things about eating here was the paper over the table. They leave crayons for doodling…so doodle we did!

Here is some of our art work!

When I asked Cale about this picture, he said it was a smiley face. I commented on how there were a lot of eyes and asked if it was a creature. Cale said, "No, it's me looking at you and I'm in love!" Awww!

This was my response...

This was his drawing of me. I'm trying to see the beautifulness of it! Heehee!

My "I'm not an artist" drawing of us...


We ended the night with chips and yogurt for dinner because we were so full from our massive intake of food earlier. Then we took a trip to Jamaica watching Cool Runnings. Our big buy for the day was the game Battleship. We have it with all of our stuff that is still in storage, but I told Cale he could pick out a game and that’s the one he picked. We put it together and its changed since we bought our last one. Very fun!

Now we’re both tired and ready for bed!

When I lay here thinking about our day and how amazing it was, I also lay here thinking about all the people in Missouri that have lost their homes, family, cars, jobs…I think about this weekend and all the soldiers that never made it home, and the families that are still here missing them. I think about the people in Japan that are still trying to recover and are getting hit again. I’m thinking about all the people that are going through something that hurts so much they find it hard to breathe.

Today was such a blessing for us.

I have been asked many times how I’ve managed to hold it together and stay so strong through everything. I’ve been asked how I was able to keep going and get out of bed every day. I have been asked how I’m able to still love Cale so much even after he’s changed so drastically. I’ve been asked so many times how I was able to keep my faith so strong.

I used to think that Cale and I could get through anything if we had each other. If we lost everything to a fire, if someone we loved that was close to us passed away, if his deployment was extended again; if we ever lost a child, or if either of us was paralyzed. I knew we could make it if we didn’t have a lot of money, or if we sold everything we owned and went to the mission field.

Whatever anyone came up with, I knew that if we had each other to lean on, we could get through it with the Lord as the center.

But what if I lost Cale?

What if I had to walk through something so hard that it felt as if I was walking right through sinking sand? What if I needed to make decisions on my own that would alter our life forever? What if I didn’t have Cale to talk with and tell all of my thoughts to?

What then?

I know that there are so many of you reading right now that may not agree with what I’m about to say, but I’m going to say it. Only because of God have I made it this far and with as much strength as I’ve had. There’s no way on earth that I would have been able to go one day-just one day, without the relationship that goes so deep and intimate, with my Savior.

He has given me a confident peace I can’t even explain, in moments that I can’t even fathom. Every minute I’ve had to make the choice to know that God was going to get us through because, He is my closest companion-not Cale. Because even when the love of my life was ripped away, God was my rock and sure foundation that could never be ripped away. He has never let me down. He has never been too busy to talk with me. He has never missed a date; He has never left me hanging. He has never walked away; He has never made me feel like I was alone to do all of this by myself. His presence is always available for me to enter into.

That’s the only thing I can give as an answer when so many people have noticed that I’ve handled everything a lot different then what they’ve seen others do…

Because of Him.

{Because of legal reasons, I had to remove the post of what I read from the devotional book! Eeeek!}

Dear Friend,
If you’re hurting in some way tonight, maybe you have lost a soldier at war, maybe you have been a part of a natural disaster, or maybe you’ve lost a loved one, I encourage you to learn to hide in the secret of His presence. Run to Him-His arms are always open.

For those of you that have been asking, our address here is:
Caleb and Kathleen Darling
207 Pontius Ave N Room 416
Seattle, WA 98109

Make sure to have our names and room number written clearly! :)


  1. As your Mother, I have to say how very proud I am of you. I have seen the way you look at Cale and it sometimes make me wish that I had found that kind of love. I do have a deep love for my Father in heaven and that is what keeps me going in times of trouble, so I fully understand how you have leaned heavily on Him. I love and miss you both.

  2. Great Post as usuall Kathleen !!!! So glad you and Caleb are having some fun while you are away (taking care of business. ) He is the reason we can stand - the flower withers and fades but the foundation it grows out of is a sure and steady rock that holds it even in the midst of great trials, and enables it to hold fast and come back with greater beauty year after year....We are the flower in the cleft of HIS rock - he holds us like no other!! Even if people don't agree with you they can not dispute YOUR testimony!!!!!!! Love it !!!! He who is in you is causing you to glow like a beacon to lead others to him - keep glowing !!!! ((())) Happy Memorial day ...... Please give Caleb a hug and thank him from us for all he gave to keep us free!~ Love you guys ! Reenie

  3. Did you guys get to take the artwork home. Father is sooooooo GOOD. I am so glad you had such a wonderful time with Cale. :) Kathleen, I so agree with you, Father is our strength as we go through our opportunities of trust. Another thought from Father, is to take one day at a time. He gives us strength for the day, not what has already happened, or what is going to happen tomorrow. He asks us to deal with TODAY. I love you and rejoice in the gift of you in my life. Marion

  4. Cale, Thank you for your part in protecting my freedom. I honor you and trust Father God to hold you in the palm of His hand. A grateful American, Marion

  5. Kirk Gilchrist6/1/11, 5:11 AM

    Remarkable Post Kathleen.....just remarkable!

  6. Rory Berthet6/1/11, 5:26 AM

    Thanks for made my day to hear Caleb is doing so well, and that you had an amazing day. I am Joel Berthet's dad in your story is reaching places you may not even realize. God bless you both as you continue in your walk!

    Rory Berthet

  7. I was sooooo blessed to read your post Kathleen, and I agree wholeheartedly with everything you wrote. I have a love with my husband as you do with Cale, but it is the Lord that is there every moment of everyday that is so hard to describe, but you put it into words perfectly.
    Kim Gilhuly


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