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Thursday, May 19, 2011

loving the little things.

This morning my alarm went off at 6:30am. I stayed in bed until about 7 and then decided to get on with the day. I’ve been using the mornings when Cale is still sleeping to get some paperwork stuff done along with some exercise. Things went differently today, he joined me 30 minutes later. Every day it seems there’s a long list of things that need my attention and things I need to get done (I’m sure at times, or always, you understand the feeling!), but this morning, I was just with Cale.

After a little while of cuddling on the couch, we ate some breakfast and then played some Skip-Bo! Cale usually doesn’t want to play anything except for Crazy 8’s right now, but I’m trying to get him unstuck and to try some new games. He needed help, but he still did so well! We also played a game of it yesterday, so hopefully this is a start of his brain accepting new things! We’ll see! When our games were over, I helped get him ready for the day. He’s getting better at things by himself, and needing fewer cues all the time! We’re still working a lot at sequencing, which has been really tough for him, but he’s getting there!

Rachel came to spend some much needed time with me today. It turns out, that’s just what the doctor ordered! :) We had a blast together and of course it’s always fun to have some girl time! We went for a run to start the day and when we got back to my house, it was so warm and beautiful outside that we ended up both lying on the driveway! It felt so good to lie in the sun!!! It didn’t take long for these two white girls to be reminded that if we stayed out too long, we were going to BURN!

This evening, Zita, another friend of ours came over for dinner. It was nice to get caught up and to visit! I just love getting to spend time with people! We played cards with Cale, which he enjoyed very much!

Right before Cale fell asleep tonight; we were lying in bed together talking. I love to ask him the deeper questions when we’re cuddled up and it’s just the two of us. He seems to always open up more when he’s relaxed with me. I asked him tonight what he thinks about. Now, for Cale right now, he’s always in the moment. If you ask if his stomach hurt earlier, he doesn’t remember. If you ask what he did for the day, he will usually tell you he doesn’t remember or what he’s doing at that time. My question was one that I knew he was going to answer in the moment, but I still wanted to ask and hear what he had to say.

He replied that he thinks about God. “What about God?” I asked hoping for more. “How to help him” he said. “Help him do what?” I was still trying to get more out of him! “Everything.” He answered still not giving me enough detail that satisfied. “What’s everything?” I asked for more detail and then his response blew my socks off, “to save people.”

Friends, the love of my life has been through so much and continues to be in and out of a whirlwind of confusion (kind of like his wife!), but do you see what’s on his heart?

Every night when we pray together, we pray that the Lord would use our marriage, our story, and our lives to further the kingdom and be used for God’s glory. I love that even when it’s not in a moment of us talking about that, it was on his heart. Amen!

While Cale started to fall asleep tonight, I was thinking about how special all the little things are. We live in a culture that is always on the go and have lives full of “stuff”, and how often do we forget the little things in life? The sweet precious moments that are like sweet tender kisses from the Lord?

Little things and big things alike are so wonderful! Cale being able to talk when for so long since he wasn’t making any noise, I was told that it’s a good chance that it wasn’t going to happen. He’s eating anything he wants (even though he doesn’t want to eat anything), when I had sat in a meeting where it was specifically discussed that I may need to get used to eating in front of Cale even though he had to use his feeding tube only. It’s a pretty good chance eating through his mouth his just not in the cards for him. He’s walking! This was a biggie because of his balance issues! He still has them, but he’s managed to conquer each battle he faced!

And then the little things…oh there are so many! The times that we have at night getting to lay in bed and talk again, the smiles that he gives me, the times that he wraps me in his arms for a good hug, the times that I get to listen to him pray, getting to walk and feel my hand in his, and getting to hear him worship in church with me.

I’m so very blessed! The piles of things that need to get done-that are calling my name; are so very meaningless in the moments of even the sweet little things.

If Cale and I were pigs, this would be us :)


  1. I loved reading your blog this morning. Thank you. Say, the pigs are cute,but which one is Cale and which one is Kathleen!?!!! Hugs, Marion I WHOLEHEARTEDLY AGREE, it's the little tings that make the day.

  2. This is too funny - The PIG picture is the same one my mother-in - love had in her house for years - it had a cation under it about marraige. (can't remember what it said thoe- :(
    Enjoy the little things they are small, but like shiney pebbles on a walk through a dark wood, they illuminate the way, until we can see the Big bright sun again!!!! Love you Kathleen ((())) Hugs girl !!! Hope you are having a blessed day !!!!!

  3. I made it in the blog! haha, I just had to be cheesy for a second.

    I just wanted to tell you that the pig picture reminds me of all the times you wanted to have a pig for a pet ... (maybe you still do one day), but it definitely made me smile.

    Thanks for all the smiles and for what a great example of living out your faith you and Cale are to me and have always been.I love you guys so much more than you know!

    In Christ, Zita

  4. Hannah Hayner5/26/11, 10:42 AM

    just have to say, WOW, what he said was powerful! the fact that it's what he thinks about, man! we can all learn from that!


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