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Friday, May 13, 2011

Work Day

I was talking with Cale tonight about a few things. We started a discussion and then Cale asks me, “Do I have a period?” “No” I answered with a quizzical look. “Boys don’t have a period, only girls.” Cale then replies with, “Yay!! Boys win and girls lose!”

Haha! Oh man! He makes me laugh with all these things he says!

Today was work day. Mark was over again and helped me get A LOT of stuff done. I’m going to feel so much better going to Seattle, with all these random jobs done.


I have some really exciting news! I’ve been dying to share with all of you. I booked a trip yesterday for Cale and I to go on the KLOVE friends and family cruise! I’m so SO excited! Cale is too! We absolutely loved the cruise we went on before, so I know we’ll love it again. It’s not until February, so that gives lots of time for us to work on getting Cale strong and physically able to enjoy it. Helps give some new goals!

This evening we had breakfast for dinner at Cale’s mom’s house. It was yummy! After some visiting, Cale and I came home. My mom is at a friend’s house tonight, so I was joking wondering if it says anything about us that my mom is out later on a Friday night then we are! ;)

Happy Friday Night!


  1. I agree with Caleb!!!!!! :) How exciting a cruise - We are thinking of the KLOVE in 2013 we shall see ... Trace will be 13 by then - So let me know how it is and what you thought was the best feature!!!! Happy Saturday Morning !! ((())) love ya !!!!

  2. YUP!! It does say something about you, You like being home. I am so excited about the cruise. I will deffinately trust Father for Cale's strength and ability, so he can truly enjoy the trip. It's just like Father to give you something so much fun to look forward to. I love you, Marion

  3. Hey Kathleen & Cale,
    This is Julie Hales again. That's fantastic that you are going to be able to go on the K-Love cruise! Since you are going, it stands to reason that you listen to K-Love, so you probably already know about the competition they have at the moment, to share your story of how you have had to lean on God's strength & possibly win a free concert at your church. Just in case you didn't know about it, you can find out more info on the K-Love website. I just thought it would be a great way to raise funds to help with Cale's journey. Also wanted to let you know that we are still reading & praying! Love, The Hales Family :D

  4. Kathleen, I am so glad I can connect with Cale and you. I would always read about Ben on Katie's blog and then immediately read about Cale. I am so anxious to read back through what has been happening with both of you since you transitioned to Washington. Fondly, Sharon Broeker, Katie's aunt

  5. Too funny, Angie and I had talked about going on that one. Wouldn't that have been a riot to meet up there!!! Well, we aren't but YOU are so I'm excited for you guys.

    Love,Greg & Julie


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