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Friday, June 24, 2011

his memory…

…is coming BACK!

Little by little and day by day my husband’s memory is finding its way!!!!!!!


We were on our way to radiation and Cale was saying that he wanted to go home. I asked him to describe home to me; explain what our house is like. I’ve done this before and he hasn’t been able to, but I keep trying. This time, Cale said, “When I walk in the front door, the living room is on the left; the kitchen is straight, and our bedroom is all the way down the hallway.” Ahhhhhh! YES! He actually used all of those words!!! Are you kidding me?! The fact that he was able to put those many words together was HUGE, but for those of you that have been in our home…did you read that?! He described it!!!! After that, I asked him to describe the backyard. He said, “When I walk out of the door I go on the porch. There is a table and a tree and a fence. It’s an open fence.” WOW!!! Can you believe it?

After he described that to me, I then told him that he blew my socks off! Cale thought that sounded funny, but said, “No way Jose!” I showed him my foot, which in fact had no socks, and then Cale said, “Whoa!” Haha!

After radiation, we were standing outside waiting for the car and Cale had one of the little 8oz Sprites from his appointment. He didn’t quite finish it by the time they pulled up with our car, so I took it from him so he could get in the car. I threw it away knowing that he wouldn’t remember anyways. Well...after getting in the car and messing with the GPS, Cale asked where it was! Crazy business! I also had to confess that yes indeed, I had thrown his precious drink away…oops!

While we were in Longview having dinner and getting to visit, there were a few things that surprised me that he remembered. Some things he’ll say that he remembers, but once asked he’s not able to say and then will say he doesn’t remember. With asking in a few different ways, I can usually figure out if he really does. I was pretty impressed with things that he was able to remember! VERY exciting!! One of the things that was interesting was Pastor Kirk had asked Cale if he remembered the accident. Cale said that he did and when I asked him to explain, he said that he was in an Army accident and said something about a jeep. I sat there for a minute unsure of what to say. He seemed very sure, so I didn’t want to make him feel dumb, but at the same time, I have to make sure he knows it didn’t happen while he was deployed. Later I talked to him on the way home about being a soldier and he said, “It makes me happy. I like it.”


We celebrated Cale being done with radiation. I just can’t stop thinking about how it’s over. It wasn’t easy, and the time didn’t go quickly, but now we can move on and do a silly dance while doing it!

On the way home, I asked Cale who we had been with the night before. He wasn’t able to say names but he did say, “Church guy.” :)

I feel like there was more, but I’m drawing a blank.


Yikes! Today was busy! It started off amazing right off the bat, because I woke up in our bed! Yeah! Then, the day started with unpacking, cleaning, and PT started today. Mostly we discussed schedule stuff and plans for treatment. In the workout room, we have two of those big ball things that have now become our seats when we play Crazy 8’s here. I think he still needs someone behind him for now, but this is going to help a TON with balance, control, stability, core strength, and more! I can’t say Cale was a big fan, but he did get to play cards while doing it! :)

After taking a look at equipment and figuring out the schedule, we took a walk to Starbucks. Usually while walking outside, its Cale’s cane in his left hand and then my hand in his right. He still needs a little more support while walking on uneven surfaces and when his legs are tired. Today, he walked ½ a block outside without my hand! And he made it all the way to Starbucks with my hand. We had our drinks inside and then walked back home. He only really scared his PT once while out…and he was totally confident! Haha!

I ran an errand this afternoon getting things ready for a BBQ tomorrow, and Cale stayed home with Mama. One of the things I picked up was flowers! I LOVE flowers, but with us leaving for Seattle, I didn’t plant any…but now we’re home! It was a happy buy! Then, as soon as I was home and unloaded stuff out of the car onto the living room floor, Mama, Cale and I left for dinner with Mama’s life together group. I love getting to visit and have dinner with people. So much fun!

Funny story…

So, last weekend while Cale was with his mom and Dennis, they asked Cale how he liked kayaking and if he enjoyed it. Cale said, “No I didn’t like it.” When they asked why he said, “Boats should have motors.” Haha! Oh my goodness!!! I laughed SO hard!! He actually did enjoy it, but his arms did get really tired, and I’m sure he would have much rather have been on a speedboat going fast!


Cale had gotten a little upset on the drive home tonight because his nose had started bleeding. Once we were home and had gotten out of the car, I asked if he was ok and he said, “No, I’m mad.” When I asked why he said because he was here. Then, he asked to go home; to his home and not mine.” Man. I was dreading those words. I do know though that he was tired and frustrated, so I’m praying it will pass and that he will go back to this being his home-it’s our home!


  1. OH MY GOODNESS!!! So excited that he is remembering ~ believing that this will continue and become stronger!!! So happy you are home - on my way to work - praying for you !!! LOVE YOU GUYS !!! Reenie((()))

  2. SO EXCITED that his memory seems to be improving... sad that it seems sporatic. It must be so difficult to live in a cloud of confusion like he does. We are really praying for the Lord to cut through that and let him see clearly. Love you guys...

  3. So glad you guys are home and have that behind you!

  4. I loved the story about the socks being blown off!! It was fun. Like you said, Cale was tired when he said he wanted to go to his home. I truly believe Father has His hand on Cale, and that his memory is going to be OKAY!! I love you and trust you to the One who holds yyou in the palm of His hand. Marion


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