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Thursday, June 23, 2011


I'm all out of energy, so this is going to be about the few basics and I'll have to catch up later...there is A LOT to share!

First, our Pastor from NY and his family are in Washington! On a whim, we decided to drive 2.5 hours to have dinner and visit with them last night! It was such a blessing! They are a special family, and Pastor Kirk has been a huge part of the man and woman that we are. Cale respected Pastor Kirk before the accident with the highest respect and I'm pretty sure he still does. It was great to get to catch up with them while they spoiled us with pizza and ice cream!!! :) We stayed out really late, but it was so worth it!

Love them.

Cale has completed radiation!!!!! I am SO proud of him and how he finished with such a great attitude! He had some rough moments, but for the most part, he had a good attitude the whole time we were there AND he worked so hard with therapy on top of feeling awful! His eyes within the last week have been hurting and goopy, his nose still irritated, and the breakdown of his palette are all side effects I'm praying will heal quickly!

He's done and they gave him an award for best patient! :)

Since he's done with radiation...that means...WE'RE HOME!!!!!!!!!! Yay! On the way home, we made the decision that we would like to make it to at least 2 months of being home before taking off for another month! Yikes! It feels so gooooood to be home, and so far it's "home" for Cale...this is HUGE!

We have stuff everywhere, a very large stack of mail to sort, and we also had a package waiting for us. Do you remember when I had written just a few weeks ago a conversation between Cale and I that went like this: K: "I love you like women love chocolate" C: "I love you like people love penguins"

Well, a lady that has become very special to us that has been reading the blog sent us a little penguin and some chocolate!! This was REALLY sweet! I set it up right away...where the penguin will stay, but I can't promise anything about the chocolate... ;)

Two last things...first, it has been so comforting this week that any time during the day, I know that someone is praying for Cale. Thank you. Thank you for giving of your time and of your life to bless us with your prayers! Second, Cale's memory has gotten SO much better! I have a few stories that blew my socks off and I know they will yours too!



  1. I think the best thing you wrote, was Cale thinking he was HOME. I am thrilled. Did I read it right? Are you going on a trip in two months, or is that just the way you were talking? I love you and continue to trust Father for you and Cale, Marion

  2. So encouraged by the memory improvements !!! So glad that you got to see Kirk and Carolyn!!! I love the penguin- thinking Marion had a hand in that one??? Did I guess right ;) ? You should be getting another package soon - really surpirsed it wasn't there :( but it will be :) Glad you are home safe and sound!!!! YES - I will pray for a long stay at home - !!!! love you guys praying for you both !!! Reenie ((()))

  3. Marion: No trips planned! Well, a quick one next month for a weekend, but I was just saying it would be nice to be at home for at least 2 months! :)
    Reenie: Yep! You guessed right! She's a sweetie! I wish you two could meet! I haven't been to the post office yet, so it may already be there...I'll get to checkin'! :)


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