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Friday, June 17, 2011

In the land of yellow taxis!

3:30am is way too early. I give kudos to all of you that do it, and survive. I wouldn’t. When my alarm went off, I thought about throwing my phone across the room and going back to sleep. But then I remembered; I’m going to NYC!!!!

So, I got up and got ready. Sonny came to the hotel at 4am and after going over a few things I had forgotten to tell him last night, I was off. Woohoo! Theresa picked me up (she’s amazing!) and dropped me off with cookies! She didn’t send me off with just any cookie, she sent me off with peanut butter chocolate cookies!! Mmmm!

Right as I was going through security, I missed a call from a 1-800 number. Oh no. I listened to the voicemail that was letting me know my connecting flight was cancelled. Normally, even with saying that I was just going to trust in the Lord, my mind takes over and goes for a run. I go into the motion of needing to get everything figured out with the realization that MY plans have been changed.

This morning, I said out loud in the middle of the airport, “I trust You Jesus.” And that’s exactly what I did. I left it there and knew that He had set things in motion long before I was conceived. When I arrived at my gate, with a determined mind-set, I walked right up to the guy behind the counter and asked him for help. After getting my information, he looked up my flight and said nothing had been cancelled. Whew! Right after he said it though, I looked at him confused and questioned if he was sure. “Yes ma’am, I wouldn’t lie. I have no reason to lie to you. Nothing is cancelled.” It wasn't the friendliest response and I felt a little like my teacher had just gotten on me about something I had done wrong. I started to walk away and then he said, “wait.” Darn. Indeed, my flight had been cancelled. After some typing and searching, he let me know that possibly I could get on a standby at 4pm (when I was already supposed to be landing in NY). I’ll take it though! With that he added that he couldn’t promise that I would get out tonight.

Thoughts…sleep in airport, miss part of the conference, hmm…and then I said it again. “I trust You Jesus.”

The guy did a few more things and then said, “Take this, head over to gate 114. I rerouted you and they’re boarding now. You’ll get in about the same time.”
Praise God!!!!

While we were in the air and not too far from our destination, the pilot came over the speaker letting us know that traffic control wanted us to hold and not land…for 40 minutes. At that point, he was also letting us know that we may not be able to land where we had all been planning…

Again, I had to immediately check where my focus was at, “I trust You Jesus.”

We eventually were able to land, and out of all the planes that had been trying, only two landed! I’m so grateful my plane was one of them!

The WWP set up everything for the weekend; flights, meals, transportation-everything! Such a blessing! Well, since I was late, I had to figure out the shuttle stuff. I ended up landing at the airport a couple minutes after 5pm and didn’t get to the hotel until 7:30pm! Yikes! The great thing (even though it started to feel like I was never going to make it! Haha!) was that I was able to see so much of the city while driving to the hotel! I passed a few spots that I have very special fun memories from when I was with Cale on the surprise trip here. Things were going ok…

Until I got to the hotel. I could feel tears threatening at the surface. I’m exhausted from the couple hours of sleep and then a full day of travel. I was trying to hold it all together, but the lady behind, yet another desk, was telling me that she had no information on the group I was with! She pointed to the empty table where they had been set up, but that’s all she could tell me…uh?

I was able to get checked in and up to my room, but by that time I had a whole water work show! I walked in my room and said, “I need Mama!” so I called her and cried about how I was tired and hungry and lost! Haha! Oh boy. Thankfully, she always listens! :)

After a bit, I was able to lie on the bed and take a breath. “I trust You Jesus.” I called Mama back and was in the middle of thanking her for letting me cry to her when I received another call coming in. All is well and figured out now! :)


This is going to be a massively long post…bear with me.

One of the differences between Christians and the rest of the world is that at some point in our lives, we came to a point that we recognized that we’re not enough. We came to the foot of the cross telling Jesus how rotten and ugly our flesh is and that we truly believe that He was the ultimate sacrifice; enough to wipe out any mess ups that we had done and were ever going to do. He’s enough. We told Him that we needed Him and didn’t want to go another day without having Him as Lord of our life. It’s not always quite said like that, but that’s what it’s about. Accepting a free gift of grace and being justified.

Because of this heart transformation, we are then able to confidently trust that He is guiding us and paving the way through each day. Then, when things come up like: flight being cancelled, job loss, receive unwanted test results, a loved one dies, a car accident happens, or just stuck in traffic and late for a meeting-we can make the choice to trust God and make the decision to walk in the Spirit instead of the flesh.

It may not always go the way we want it to, but no matter what the circumstance is, we are different because we can respond with patience, grace, love, peace, and joy.

It’s a learning thing- and I for one am not always top of the class with this subject! But, when I do walk in fully trusting Him daily-He’s always faithful to cover me in a waterfall of peace…

This is not something that anyone can experience-this is one of the gifts to His children and that, is a free gift offered to the world.

Even through the tears and calls to our Mama’s we can be trusting Him. It made all the difference in the world for the day I’ve had-and I’m sure you’ve had many days that played out the same way…

To reap the full blessing of His promised peace-requires constant communication with Him; He’s the lifeline.

That was my day. :)

Cale’s day was like this…

This was him waving good morning to me :)

For OT, they went to Gameworks

Here's Speech (I think the Starbucks was with Speech?)

This was after radiation

and then...they went for milkshakes and fries for an afternoon treat! Also, they went to Sonny's parents house for steaks!!! Cale is a very HAPPY man! :)

So far, things are looking good (even with my little melt down! ha!)!

Two neat things:

1) Last night after finishing the blog and turning out the light, I knew it was going to take a while to fall asleep. Cale moved a little, so I took the chance and said, maybe a little too loudly, "Hey! You awake?!" Cale replied with a groan, "yeah."
Well, since he was already awake ;) I woke him up a little more! We had such a sweet time together, whispering how much we love each other in the darkness of the room. It was a moment to store in my treasure box!

2) When I was at the Seattle airport this morning, I was headed towards the tram thing and had a memory of when I forgot to lock the brakes on his wheelchair when we were flying to NC. I started laughing and got that warm fuzzy feeling in my tummy from happy memories and wishing he was with me. What made it extra special, was that it was a memory from after the accident. Almost everywhere I go, something reminds me of a time with him before the accident, but today, it wasn't was from now. Very cool!


  1. Tis so sweet to trust in Jesus. That's a favorite line in the song. I love you and am amazed at how well you did with the blog, being so tired, I mean. It was a joy to read. I needed to read your words tonight. I was feeling kind of in the mullygrubs. Hugs, Marion

  2. So happy you made it to NYC okay and that everything worked out.

    I am Muslim, and I am also saved by God's grace. It is amazing to know that there is something above ourselves. Totally needed.


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