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Saturday, June 4, 2011

PLEASE be praying!!!

Cale and I were so excited. We think we actually found a church! I was sitting next to him trying to focus on worship, but I couldn’t stop looking around wondering if all these people that were gathered in this little church building, in a town we couldn’t even pronounce, were going to be our new church family. We had just moved to NY and had already found out that he would be deploying in less than 2 months. My heart was aching deep inside, but I knew and felt so strongly that I needed to stay at Ft. Drum rather than go back to Washington. It didn’t make any sense when I said it out loud, but both of us felt so much peace. I wondered if anyone in that room would become a friend…would they like me here?

After church, one of the ladies came up to me and introduced herself. It was so exciting and she was really sweet! She invited us over for lunch the following week, and said something about when we call; her husband owned a logging business. I didn’t pay attention to details, but I remember leaving that Sunday with the biggest smile! I’ve already found a friend!

When the Sunday rolled around that we were actually able to have lunch with this new family, instantly I knew we were going to become close. She and I chatted about so many different things, and as much as I was missing home and my mom, she made me feel so welcomed and loved. Her husband and Cale both took a snooze on the couch during our visit…guys! Haha!

Shortly after, Cale left and I went to my brothers in NC for a couple weeks. When I returned, my first night in NY alone, I stayed with that family. That was the beginning of a very beautiful sweet loving friendship with all of them. This family became our NY family. Whether Cale was deployed or home, we did holidays with them, and had several game nights. I went to Africa with one of her daughters and even one year they included me in their family picture!

I remember shortly before Cale and I left NY for good, I had talked with him about how special this family had become and how we were going to have to make sure that we came back to visit as much as we could just so I could see them! The thought of not seeing them for several years brought tears to my eyes, and I hated the idea. Cale agreed and we talked about the church that what felt like so long ago, had become so important to us, and had shared in helping us grow into the man and woman we had become.

Tonight I found out that the woman all those years ago, who made me feel so special and loved; who her and her family fully opened their arms to us, was diagnosed with cancer.

I found out a little over an hour ago, and I can’t think of much of anything else. My heart is so sad. I don’t think it helps that we’re staying in a facility that is for patients with cancer and I take Cale to radiation, where I’m surrounded by people with cancer…

But, it also doesn’t help that this woman is my NY mom. I love her so much and she has so willing invested into my life as a woman and a wife. She has poured so much wisdom into me and has covered me in the power of prayer.

I’m asking tonight that you would join me and so many others in praying for her, praying for her family, and praying for wisdom for the treatment team. I haven’t talked with her yet, so I’m unsure of details, but I do know it’s not easy to here from doctor’s news that is less than exciting. I’ve also seen the Lord’s hand in a real and tangible way in my husband’s life. I’m not walking the scary road of cancer with Cale, so I can’t say I know how her and her family is feeling. I just know…well, I just know they need prayer!

Thank you. Thank you in advance for standing with us and praying for healing! You all are a blessing!

I just can’t get myself to write about today, so I’ll have lots to write about tomorrow!

"We're not necessarily doubting that God will do the best for us; we are wondering how painful the best will turn out to be." -C.S. Lewis


  1. My prayers are with her and all her family

    Casey Q

  2. Kathleen,
    I am praying and have posted it in my daily update on Jonathan.
    Pray for my brother, Jim, too. He has stage 4 cancer and they just found out a month ago. He has from 4 months to years to live depending if the chemo works. Of course, it is a huge shock. Pray that most of all he will be touched and know the Lord.
    Thanks you all who read this,

  3. Just as she invested many hours of wisdom and friendship into you earlier, so this friend will have been receiving from you and Cale. Earlier, she was teaching you about the person you are to become and how a wife should be. Now, through all your trials, you have showed her that is possible to be real, to be scared, and yet to be strong in the Lord through all the trials that you and Cale have had to go through. That friendship has already taken you both ways on that street, but it will continue as both of you glean wisdom and strength from one another.
    My prayers are with all of you, knowing that the Lord has a marvelous plan in all of this.


  4. That's OKAY to be focased on just the prayer request. Yes!! I will pray for the family. I will/do trust Father to touch the family in a special way. I continue to trust Father to touch you in a special waay too. I love you, Marion

  5. How does this not surprise me that the first one to reach out to me when I first went to DePauville was also the first one to reach out to you? She is a marvelous woman of God just as you are my darling girl and somehow during this I believe (we as Christians believe) in Gods purpose,plan and outcome for our lives and know that He will bring us and both of my dear friends thru this..How we love you both...Blessings pour out on you for spending your daily blog to ask for prayers for our dear friend.
    Jean and Charlie

  6. Kathleen ~ Wow !!!! They welcomed us too - and then we found out we were going to be neighbors!!!! Love and prayers are for certain going out to her and her family!!!! (and to you the daughter that isn't from her womb, but her spirit!!!!! ) I have been out of town and need to read up on your blog - but I wanted to respond to this one right away because we are also believing that God's favor will be all over this and his healing hands will be all over her and Caleb !!!!! Love you girl!!!! We will be loving on her for sure !!!!! ((())) Reenie !

  7. I am praying for your NY mom,

  8. She taught me how to drive... I lived with their family for a time when I was a teen. As a kid, when we visited them, all us kids would sled down the pile of wood chips :) I am praying as well, and praying for you because of the ache you feel for them.

  9. Reading all the comments it sounds like she is an amazing woman. She along with her family are in my prayers.

  10. Oh, my heart is overwhelmed by all this! It brings tears to my eyes! You guys are all so sweet to pray for me and say such wonderful things. Jesus is my example and let Him receive all the glory for He has been my rock and my strength. Kathleen, I do love you and miss being able to hug you! I do plan on getting out there for a visit one day and, of course, you are welcome here any time. Love you two!! Kathleen's NY Mom:)


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