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Friday, July 22, 2011

Another great day? I think so!

I was sitting on the couch this morning cuddling with Basil and at 6:30am out walks my husband! Oh my! He was very awake and ready for the day, while I was still trying to wake up. Cale is normally a night owl and still is even though he stops being able to function between 8-9pm. He’ll make himself stay awake. This gave this morning a turn in a different direction than I was expecting, but it didn’t stop it from being great!

We first chilled for a bit and then decided to get ready for the day. Right now I give Cale a shower every other day and he showered yesterday. This meant I was going to have to shower and figure out something for him to do…ipad! Score! He played Solitaire while I washed up and then needed help towards the end. It helped me so much!

About 9:30 he started to shut down so I had him lay down for an hour before speech. He at first refused, but finally let me walk him to the bedroom and get everything set up for him. I love when Cale is tired and just waking up…it’s one of my favorite moments. I’ve always loved his face all scrunched as he’s trying to figure out what’s going on. He’s always incredibly sweet and gives this sweet smile when he knows it’s me. Well, I just love it. Today when I went into wake him, because of my camera on the nightstand, I was able to capture a really sweet moment with him.

Love these moments like Cale loves Mt. Dew!

With the nap out of the way, Cale was recharged and ready to go for speech. I stayed in the spare room and worked on a few things while they were at the table. Towards the end I joined in and was told by the therapist that he worked so hard! Yes! Cale even asked me to play the word game they had been playing. He, at that point, was already really tired and worn out so we just started it and then gave him a break!

On to the second nap of the day!

Confession: I feel very guilty when I read a magazine or watch a movie. I didn’t so much when Cale was inpatient in the beginning because I had more time to just sit. At nights I was alone so I would watch movies or read then, but once we were in CA, life just got really busy! It was busy in NC too, but I had more time on my own. Once in CA, Cale was suddenly more aware if I was in the room or not-and he didn’t like when not! Suddenly, I was dealing with even more paper work, calls, Cale, meetings, and tons more! I was getting up between 6-6:30am almost every morning and not getting to sleep until after 12am! A lot of the day was non-stop. Well, since we’ve been home, the business hasn’t really slowed down, it’s just a different busy. Cale still needs so much of my attention when he’s not in therapy and there’s a lot more “stuff” to get done like, going through all the paperwork that has sat for the last year and daily house chores.

So even now, if I have free time, I automatically go to all the stuff that still needs done: thank you cards written, phone calls to make, cleaning, filing…the list keeps going! With all that still needs my attention, I feel like it’s wasteful to sit and watch a whole movie without working on something at the same time or to read a magazine. When Cale was resting for the second time of the day, I knew there were things that needed to get done, but for part of the time I sat on the deck and soaked up some vitamin D and read a magazine. I read about 6 new things to do with an ice cube and which jeans are for what fit of body-and I enjoyed it so much! I didn’t stay there long, not because I didn’t want to, but because this white girl was going to be a lobster.

Anyways…not trying to make that sound like I was complaining, just letting all of you know I sat and relaxed! :)

When Cale woke up, it was time for therapy and tonight we went bowling! If you don’t remember the last time we went bowling CLICK HERE This time was a complete turnaround from the last! In fact, I would say it was AMAZING! It started with us first getting there. His therapist was talking with the lady behind the counter and then Cale turns to me and asks, “What size of shoes do I wear?” Oh my goodness! The fact that he was able to put together that we were going to need shoes and that he was going to need to know his size, AND ask me because he doesn’t know the information. Man! So then, we go to bowl. I had already told Jamie I wasn’t sure how it would go because of last time, but you know what? He did awesome! At first we had some trouble finding a ball because the 8 pounder had too small of finger holes and the 9 pounder was too heavy. Finally we found an 8 pounder that would work! He tried to be as independent as he could, and when he launched his first ball and sent it spiraling down the lane-I was shocked. Thankfully this time when the tears threatened, I was able to hold them back and not make such a scene…well, we all cheered pretty loudly! :)

We did have the bumpers up to help and I think because we didn’t make a big deal about them, Cale didn’t really notice. About the 4th frame, he started getting really tired and not able to do as well. His arm was shaking and he had a hard time keeping his eyes open. We took a break and filled him with dinner and then by the time he was done eating, we offered to leave, but Cale said we needed to finish the game! He finished and even got a strike!

I’m not sure there is a way to fully grasp and describe all the changes that have been taking place in him. He had such a great attitude during the game, cheered for all of us even when he didn’t do so well on his turn, told me I did a good job and that I “had it.” He has been coming up with so many more things on his own! It’s unbelievable! And, he did crazy good with the physical side of tonight. He was able to go down the stairs without me touching him at all and just used the railing, he carried his own ball even when I offered several times to do it for him, and he walked with the ball and sometimes without holding my hand! He also had really good control over the ball when he would release it…even though it freaked me out every time! Haha!

I prayed this morning specifically for “this can only be God” miracles today. I specifically asked the Lord to make today a day that when people hear about it, they can see the power of God…

Friends, the way he bowled today was nothing short of the hand of God.

No joke.

I’m simply amazed.

Here’s two videos of Mr. Strike himself! This was early on in the game…do you see how he’s moving?! Do you see him with that ball?! Aaaahhh!


  1. Wow so awesome yeah cale!!!! Brought tears to my eyes

    Casey q

  2. GO CALE! Awesome, Kathleen! What a wonderful thing to see progress - God's hand moving him along! I love hearing about good days for you guys. And the picture is SO sweet!

  3. Sounds like you were reading the latest Real Simple mag! I also read it and love that magezine! So interesting the different uses for an ice cube that I never thought of before :-) Cale looks like he is doing so well and that the Lord is doing great things through him! It looks like he really enjoyed bowling and you were able to listen to some good (and even encouraging) music while you bowled :-)

  4. Tenmarie: You're right! :) I was so interested in the ice cubes too! I want to try to use one the next time i do some plucking...ouch! haha! And, I music!
    Maegan: Thanks Maegan! I love the good days too!
    Casey: Tears were in my eyes too! Man...that stuff just gets me when he's doing SO great! I'm just so glad I didn't blubber like a baby this time in front of everyone! Heehee!

  5. Wow!!!! Thought the music was soo appropriate!!! You guys had a busy day and Caleb did awesome !!!! So encouraging to see this and to see how VERY far he has come!!!! Glad to know you take time to relax - occassionally ;) Love you guys !!! Have a great day !!!!!

  6. Thanks! I agree...he has come SO far!

  7. You know, my sweet Kathleen, just sitting and watching a movie, or reading something for fun is NOT WASTING TIME. Few people walk/rest in the art of relaxation any more. There was a time when JUST sittling on the front porch was the thing to do. Nowadays with so much technology, "just sitting" is a lost art. I love you. Tell Cale I am proud of him. He is doing well. I with you, rejoice in Father's miracles in Cale's healing. Marion

  8. Marion, I actually took a little time today to just sit outside and rest! It was great! :) I know those things are good and ok, it's just with so many other things calling my name during the short time Cale is busy in therapy or taking a nap makes it hard to just rest...trying to get better at it again! :)

  9. Dear Kathleen,
    Sooooooo GREAT to see Cale walking while holding a heavy bowling ball, and still keep his balance!
    So much improvement! : D
    Also, DO NOT feel guilty when you have some free time! We ALL need that! You would remain healthy if you continously devote all your time to serve another.
    Take care of yourself, my Friend!
    ALL my LOVE,
    Lorri C.

  10. OOPS!
    Meant to say you would NOT be healthy if you continously served another......
    I should have hit the "preview" button instead of the "post" button. : X
    Lorri C.


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