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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Good...uh, GREAT day!

Oh my jujubes!

Today has been full-FULL of good stuff! Kind of feels like a Thanksgiving dinner…loaded! :)

Before therapy today, I was playing Crazy 8’s with Cale as we waited for the therapists to get to the house. Everything was going good until all of a sudden Cale’s face changed and he seemed sad. When I asked him what was wrong, he said, “I’m not sick.” Hmm…”You’re right, you aren’t sick. What do you mean by that?” Cale said, “I’m treated badly.” When I asked again what he meant by that, he said, “I’m not sick” again. I was able to talk to him about how he is healthy, but his brain is hurt and how we’re not trying to make him feel dumb.

He was really having a hard time with it though. It was such a HUGE deal that while we were playing cards, he was able to have that deep of a thought process at the same time and was able to express himself!! We had a good talk and although he doesn’t remember it, I know that it was such a good sign to see it happen!

I’ve been really struggling with something that I want to share. It’s really hard not to compare with others situations in something like this, but it’s also not a good thing to do. Every TBI is different and every person is going to heal differently (I think this is something in general that we as people struggle with, right? Comparing ourselves; bodies, possessions, fame, etc.). One of the common things I hear of stories with people recovering from brain injury and gaining some kind of life back is the knowledge that something is not right and there is something to work towards.

As of now with Cale, there still isn’t that. For him, he doesn’t realize that he has been injured, his memories are all mixed up (still healing), and he doesn’t see anything to work towards. There is no reasoning with him, like there is with so many of the stories that I know or have heard of. This gets me in a stuck mind-set and I’m continually going to the Lord asking for this. Today in therapy, we had a conference call with the whole team to make sure we’re all on the same page and to check in to see how/if Cale is meeting goals.

During the conversations, the words “fabulous” and “amazing” were used! We were able to all talk about how Cale is making progress and how fantastic it is! Also, after therapy I had time to talk with his OT and Speech therapist and again we talked about how great he is doing!!! They pointed out a few things that is so encouraging for his recovery, like how he still has his sense of humor and how that intact is such a good sign. There were a few other things that were pointed out as well. Man! This was exactly what I needed to hear today! I love that there is so much going on inside of Cale’s brain that no one can see except for the Lord and steadily I’m able to witness daily miracles!

Speech has still been working with Cale on the ipad and left one for us to mess around with overnight. It’s a bit confusing for me, but so far Cale enjoys it! I think he still needs help quite a bit, but he did play part of a game of solitaire while I made him dinner.

In OT he made sandwiches and the first one he made was for him. His OT said he had a lot of trouble and needed help with each step and what to do for each step, but when he made the second one, she said it came so much easier and he was able to make it with few cues! Praise God! My nephew came over again today and had a snack out of both of them! :) Before he made them, he asked what I would like on one. I asked him what the choices were that he had bought yesterday and for the meats he needed help to remember, but when I asked what kind of cheese he said, “Provolone or cheddar?” He was able to remember without any help which two cheeses there were!!!!!! So exciting!

Sonny is our Worship leader at church and also our neighbor. He was the brave man that took on the weekend in Seattle with Cale while I flew to NYC. He’s a crazy blessing to us for that and for always mowing our lawn. He does it without being asked…every time! This evening, he also started teaching Cale the drums! This is going to be hard for Cale because he has to start at the very basics and it’s causing him to have to use both hands together and get them to do what his brain is telling them to do. He struggles in this area a lot, so this is gonna be some good work! I’m excited to see what comes out of it! Maybe one day he’ll be drumming at church! He just doesn’t love it yet…YET!

Some MORE really exciting news…

I’ve been waiting on a phone call for several weeks and waiting to find something out for even longer. I received the phone call tonight and was told that we are approved to go to San Diego in September for a Sports Clinic for Cale!!! They pay his way and are going to be paying for our hotel. I do need to pay for my flight and food for me while we’re there, but other than that it’s a green light to go!!! Eeeek! I’m so excited! After the phone call, I ran to the table where Cale was sitting and bounced on him! Hooray! This clinic is designed for all kinds of different summer sports which include surfing and cycling that are adaptive to what Cale needs. I feel so blessed and can’t stop smiling! Praying for big things during that time and from now until then as far as Cale’s strength abilities, balance, and tolerance!

A few other new things:

In the shower since Cale’s first post-accident shower, he has been extremely sensitive to water. He has hated every shower because of how it feels on his skin. I always have to get the water fairly cold for him to stand it, but then he’s freezing, so miserable. He wasn’t too keen on the idea of taking a bath either. Well, the last two showers I’ve given him, he hasn’t said anything about the water! He gets right in!

Also, today was the second time he was able to put his scrubbie away by himself!

This evening when he called his mom, he said, “Hi mom. How are you?” Aaaahhhh!!! Usually he only says “hi mom.” This is another HUGE deal! He initiated conversation without any cues!!!! Man oh man! The day just kept getting better!

And now these three remain: faith, hope and love. But the greatest of these is love. 1 Corinthians 13:13

While I was praying this morning for Cale, I began to pray that God would drench him in faith, hope, and love. I prayed that he would be drenched in faith that God is carrying us, holding us, and with us. He’s getting us through this every day. I prayed that Cale would be drenched in Hope that there is another side. Right now we’re in the midst of the weeds and stickers, but there is a beautiful garden that is covered in wild flowers and green grass (that was more a mental picture for me, as Cale doesn’t really care if there are wild flowers…)! And, I prayed that Cale would be drenched in his Father’s love. A love that reaches into the very depths of his being that he can only experience from God. It’s a love that not even I can supply for him.

I'm praying and expecting for some big things to come!


  1. Kathleen,

    I LOVE that Cale is thinking deep, I LOVE that he's remembering things longer, and I LOVE that you get to go to the Sports Camp in September! What a blessing it will be to both of you.

    I also love the mental picture about the prayers -- faith, hope and love. Those are pictures that we all pray for Cale and you.

    I have another picture for you... Have you ever looked through a camera when it's being extremely zoomed in, or when you have a pair of binoculars to zoomed way in? Has there been a time when you haven't really been able to tell what you're actually looking at? Sometimes it's easier to zoom back out and look at the big picture. I know you're noticing Cale's small victories, but are they not adding up to a big picture? It's what you're praying for, but maybe your focus is too close. Zoom your lens out a bit and look at the big picture -- you'll see a lot better where Cale's been and where he's going. Yes, it's taking awhile, but the big picture is so much clearer. God is doing an amazing work in Cale!

    Love and prayers to both of you!!!

  2. So many answers to prayer how are you still standing? I would be blown over hahaha !!! Can't say enough about Caleb~ Yahoooooooooo !!! The camp sounds great so happy for the both of you !!! Believing for greater God Winds coming your way put your sails up !!!! LOVE you guys praying for you !!!! ((()))Reenie

  3. Seeing what Father has done, I KNOW THERE ARE WONDEROUS THINGS IN STORE. I love you, Marion


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