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Monday, July 25, 2011

A sweet surprise visitor!

My first youth pastor was an awesome man who took me deeper with the Lord and was a huge part of the women that I’ve turned out to be. He helped me learn things like just sitting and listening to God. As a child, that was not something that I had ever been taught. What a powerful discipline it’s turned out to be all these years later!

Well, his very sweet wife was in town and took the time to visit us! I loved getting to spend time with her and visit! We also had her come along for PT…go-karts!

We tried go-karts again with Cale to work on getting in and out. Last time it was a bit…um…well, it took a lot of us, but tonight he did great! Carly his PT cleared him to go without her, so we’re going to be making it a fairly routine thing! Cale absolutely loves it and last time we went, it was the first time since the accident that Cale actually loved something and didn’t feel less of himself for it. It's important for him to have that in his life right now. Tonight he wasn’t as aggressive and fast as last time, but he still had fun!

I opened our bedroom door and found our cat just hanging out :)


  1. Cats are cool. We had the most beautiful calico cat for 15 years. She spoiled me for having any other cat. Did I tell you about the last time we saw her. She sat for almost TWO hours watching the house, never to be seen again. It was like her goodbye. I am so thrilled you had such fun with your friend. It is cool she could do the go-cart thing with you guys. I love you, Marion

  2. LOL at the cat! Hilarious! SO GLAD to hear Cale is improving little by little even from day to day. I just pray for him and picture his sore brain getting healthier and healthier.

  3. I think you did tell me about that Marion, very neat!

    Maegan, isn't he? I was telling Cale last night that we have some pretty funny animals! haha!


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