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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Hello! to the new...

After opening my eyes yesterday morning, I checked my phone to see the time and also had a text waiting for me. It was from my friend Hannah, “I’m so excited for today! I feel like healing is on the air today for Caleb and he can just breathe it in! That God will just be working on him today; all through him! Jesus already paid the price! I kept getting goose bumps as I prayed for him!” Is that not the message to wake up to or what?!

I was pumped instantly and got out of bed with a little more bounce to my step. I had some good time with the Lord and one of the verses I read was 2 Corinthians 5:17-This means that anyone who belongs to Christ has become a new person. The old life is gone; a new life has begun! Before I read the verse, I had read out of the devotional I’m working my way through Jesus Calling. Part of it read:

Do not fear change, for I am making you a new creation, with old things passing away and new things continually on the horizon. When you cling to old ways and sameness, you resist My work within you. I want you to embrace all that I am doing in your life, finding your security in Me alone.

Let me try to describe what was happening…

It all begins with me getting super pumped from the text. I was ready to take on the day! Then, I read about not fearing change and not clinging to the “old ways and sameness” rather embrace the work that is being done right now.

I’m just about on the edge of the couch by this point. I’m already praying as I’m reading saying, “Yes! Yes Lord. I want to let go of what’s behind and with full force embrace the new!”

Then I read 2 Corinthians and have gone from the edge of the couch to standing. The picture of Cale’s old life had been left in the car and then Jesus was there walking with His arm around Cale; never leaving as Cale has battled his way through. He is a new creation. Even though this verse is talking very much about our spiritual condition, I felt a deep comfort from the words that Paul spoke, “The old life is gone; a new life has begun” Jesus is the bridge that we have to the new. Cale is able to still have life-and new life and because of what has been done, Jesus is walking with Cale along the way with the Holy Spirit!

I'm not sure that this is coming out the way that I mean for it to come out. Sorry if it doesn't quite make sense!

When I started praying, I was crying while at the same time praying with such boldness for Cale and this “new life.” I started praying for more healing and miracles and the word “today” kept coming out over and over. “Today! Today! Today!”

My prayer and worship time lingered on as I went about with sweeping and mopping. I couldn’t get today out of my mind. When I went back and read Hannah’s text, I noticed that she also had said “today” a couple times. Maybe that’s where it was coming from, I’m not sure, but I’d have to say that God did some good work in Cale yesterday! It may have not been all visible to the eye, but I’m choosing to believe it happened!

It actually was a great day too!

Right before the RS showed up, I had mentioned to him that it was almost therapy. He had been relaxing on our bed with Basil while I was looking for some paper work. His response to me was, “I’m feeling lazy.” Haha! Don’t we ALL have those days?! When Robin did get there, I reminded Cale what he wanted to tell her and he did. It ended up being perfect because he had an eye appointment at 1, so Robin wanted to make it a light session so that he wouldn’t be too worn out for vision therapy. They ended up playing Crazy 8’s the entire time! She did say that they had some good talking time. :)

For his appointment, the doctor worked on a lot more testing to see if prism is a good choice and what prescription is going to be best. It’s quite the challenge trying to get it right for him because if he’s using his right eye, they want that to continue, but to get his left eye forced to not neglect, then he ends up not using the right eye. I might have this a bit mixed up (this whole post seems to be all mixed up!), but hopefully you get the point. ;) His ophthalmologist is really amazing! We are so blessed to still have it covered for now!

This was the first part of the session when Teresa (his OT) stepped in to help. The picture was a little dark, but I thought it was such a good one!

This is with his left eye patched and forcing his right eye to work. Most times now he has both eyes opened unless he’s tired or it’s a stressful situation. Well, so far at all three appointments, he won’t keep his right eye open! She pulled out the good ol’ pirate patch.

Here’s Cale wearing some more funny glasses. I didn’t join this time, but I did get a great cheesy grin!

A few really cool things about yesterday…

1) I stopped at the store to pick up some groceries. He has gone with me the last few times and has been doing great! His tolerance is definitely built up from even just a couple weeks ago. It helps so much being able to take him along instead of find time that someone is here with him and I can go quickly. The trips are still quick, but they always have had to be when he’s along!
2) When we were at his appointment yesterday, it was the end and Cale had hit his point of no return. The doctor asked if he had any questions and rather than just say no, he said, “Yes, can I leave now?” That was such a big deal!! When she said yes he could go, he walked over to the door and left. While we finished discussing the plan, he stayed right by the door waiting. Awesome.
3) Do you remember me telling you about how I don’t realize it gets so hot in the house and Cale will usually be dripping with sweat before I think to turn the air on? Well, yesterday afternoon while he was playing cards with the RS he said, “Kathleen, I’m hot.” I turned on the air and he gave me a thumbs up! It’s a huge deal that he was able to express what he needed and remember my name all at the same time!
4) Last night after he took his nighttime meds, he said he didn’t fill good. When I asked him what was up, he said, “There are too many different things in my stomach.” Wow! He’s not normally able to describe whatever it is that is making him feel bad. He had just had two different glasses of stuff to drink, so I’m sure that was right! Again, it’s so HUGE for him to be able to express how he’s feeling or what his needs are!

Today for OT we went to the animal shelter. Cale went with his speech and OT last week, but I didn’t go with. I was set to go today though! Cale walked a lab mix puppy named Brindy. We gave him the leash and took his cane. Even with all of her pulling, he was able to (for the most part!) keep her with him AND keep his balance! Once we were home, the OT even said that he walked almost double what he was able to do the last time! After the walk, we took Brindy back inside and then walked around looking at all the other animals. Cale was tired afterwards, but he was able to keep going!

After getting home from OT Cale said almost right away that he was tired and asked where the bed was!

Tonight was PT and we weren’t quite sure what to do. I was racking my brain and Carley had also been thinking hard. It ended up being Cale who made the final decision. Cale jumped on the elliptical and I rode the bike. The goal tonight was 20 minutes which was 5 more than what he’s been able to do so far. Not only did he do 20 minutes, but he also did 5 more on top of that!! He did 25 minutes!!! Of course, because he kept going meant I had to also! Yikes!

He worked so hard! We have the bike facing the mirrors so when Cale is on it he can see how he leans to the left. I kept watching his face and could tell he was really trying his hardest. He finally stopped and said he was done.


I told him he set a new record and got high score. He asked what he gets for doing that! ;)

Please be praying for…

1) Cale’s appetite. Not only is it really hard to get him to eat anything healthy, he’s not eating hardly anything at all! Even junk food! Last night we had been given some good size homegrown tomatoes (Oh so good!) and tonight we had grilled tomatoes with lemon and oregano. It was super tasty! Cale had just the tomato and after that said he was full. I’m still trying to figure out what this guy will eat!! It’s so off and on and inconsistent!
2) For continued progress with the troubling cognitive stuff. It’s just tough stuff! We’ve been making some great gains…so exciting and I don’t want it to stop!
3) New pathways! We want his brain working and causing itself to find new pathways to relearn. What’s the best ways to get him to engage? What are the things that are getting his brain stimulated? What is it that gets the memory fired up?
4) His physical strength would continue! He’s so mobile and is able to do so much, but it seems he still has a lot up against him.
5) Endurance-right now everything he does still takes so much out of him. Just being around people and listening to talking wipes him out.
6) Awareness-it’s coming more and more every day! This is really good, but along with the good comes several more twist and turns in the journey…
7) Memory! Cale's brain injury affected his long term and short term. Things from the past are scattered and confusing and his ability to make new memory has been a challenge. We've seen progress in both (PRAISE GOD!) and I know we haven't seen the end of it!
8) Cale would be able to have his own relationship with the Lord and not just through me. That God would grow him, strengthen him, and raise him up to me the godly man that he was created to be.

Thank you for praying!!

Every day I learn of someone else that has a blog! I just really had no idea before this one was started what they even were!! Now I know that there are a lot of blogs out there that are probably full of a lot more exciting things then the day to day stuff of our life. Thank you so much for taking your time (and I know we’re all busy!) to read about us; to care enough to know what the details of our lives are. It’s a blessing. I don’t ever count it as a small thing when I hear that you read. It has honestly been such a vital chunk of encouragement every step through this. Thank you. Thank you so much.

Just one more cool thing to add, do you see the picture above? Cale helped me do it! Totally! In fact, he took the pictures, chose the edit colors, chose the words to say and even where to place them! He did almost the entire thing!!! That is pretty stinkin’ awesome if you ask me! Just saying…


  1. Praise, and then prayer... definitely, definitely, definitely!!! Love to hear the triumphs, but also want to hear specific prayers that we can help with. The changes are awesome, and I too believe Cale's progress is far from over. Balance, vision, word finding, strength & endurance, cognitive reparation and rebuilding... the Lord God has them all under control "for the new" Cale! Amen.


  2. Amen Amen Amen!!!!So very excited for Caleb!!!! God is Good and His mercies endure forever and ever! Love the pictures, Caleb did a great job! He is doing a great job on everything he touches lately! GO CALEB!!!! Praying for continued healing in all areas for Caleb and for you days upon days of encouragement - That God would shower you each day with the word he has spoken -over Caleb, that you would see it in new ways -Soooo very happy for you both !!! Love to you as you continue on this journey! ((())) warm and fuzzy for you both ! Reenie

  3. Did yourealize we are always in today. So, that means Father is always doing His yesterday or tomorrow. :) Isn't that a news flash!!!!!! Kathleen, I wish I could see the end picture for you. I just KNOW Father does, and that He's delighted in the result. As for so many blogs, and reading about your daily life, it is one of the JOYS of my daily life. I love you, Marion

  4. Thank you ladies for all the prayer and encouragement!!


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