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Saturday, August 13, 2011

weekend happenings...


I had a glorious time of worship while doing my devotions. After I wrapped it up and started cleaning up stuff, I kept the music going on my ipod. For some reason it was just extra powerful! I didn’t even want to wake Cale up because that meant I’d have to take the headphones off.

The morning had gone so wonderful and I knew waking him up was going to be a little tough. We had swim again which meant that I was going to have a grumpy Boy.

It’s so hard not to get frustrated with him and react in an annoyed manner when we have the very same struggles/conversations over and over. Of course, for him it’s the first time…I really have to catch myself and work on my attitude in these situations. I know that I can’t be perfect all the time, but it’s not about me being able to hold everything together; it’s about loving Cale and putting myself in a place that I can look at him and love him through God’s eyes; the way that God loves him.

It’s hard for me to understand and put myself in his shoes because I remember a conversation from an hour ago. I remember that we have things on the schedule (I sometimes mess the times up…). I remember if I had eaten that day or if I had talked to someone. He forgets it all.

Before I started down the hall I prayed that God would help me. I prayed that the attitude I would have; the words I would say, and the way I would react would reflect Him and that I would love Cale and see Him as Christ does.

When I did wake him up, his first words were, “the day is ruined.” Haha! I prayed with him and even though he wasn’t super excited, we managed to get him ready for the day. He was suddenly very unimpressed about going to swim class. He said it was dumb and he didn’t know those people. While there, I thought we were going to have a couple explosions, but he made it through the whole class. I’m not sure what Monday we’ll bring…!

After class, the rest of the day was much smoother. We actually had a great day together. He had a speech session that I sat in on. Here is some of what he worked on…

The speech therapist asked him to name some things-

3 holidays:

Name 4 presidents:
1)Bill Clinton
2)George Bush
3)(with cue) George Washington
4)(with cue) Abraham Lincoln

A country in Europe:

3 rides at an amusement park:
1)Merry Go Round
2)Wheel of Fortune
3)Gave motions for roller coaster and Doreen guessed it

3 fruits:
3)Popcorn (When Doreen asked him if popcorn was a fruit he said, “In some places” :))

4 pieces of furniture:

4 boys names:

3 occupations:
1)Tester (he said people test things)
2)User (he said he’s a user…uh?Haha!)
3)Winner (he said it’s a good job to have!)

4 drinks:
1)Mt. Dew
2)Dr. Pepper

He did so good being able to name things! There were some that I didn't write down that he wasn't able to get. Most of them he at least gave some kind of guess!

Right after speech, Cale was super tired. He went to the room to take a nap and a special visitor stopped by. She’s one of my friends from all the way back in 5th grade and she now has 2 sweet kiddos. The youngest is 5 months. She didn’t want to be out of her Mama’s arms, but she did let me feed her…and I loved it. Major. It felt so right, so natural, so woooonderful!

Last night I went to the women’s craft night that a bunch of ladies at church put on. I had a project that I don’t have much time for and enjoyed so much getting to hang out with all of them! It was full of heart sharing, laughter, and crafts! :) I ended up staying way longer than I had planned and only left when I did because I had received a text at 11:30 from Emily that Cale was still awake because he was waiting for me to get home! By the time I did get home, the light was on and he had fallen asleep fully dressed and in a very weird position. I will never get tired of crawling in bed next to him and cuddling up to drift away to dreams. It’s a true treasure that I get to do that with him for the rest of our lives. I love him so much.

Today he had psych and we went to the Humane Society. We’ve wanted to go and see about volunteer information. After today I think we’ll just have to go a lot and build his tolerance and endurance. We left because he was tired and shortly after we were home, he said, “bed.” I decided since we didn’t have anything else on the agenda to cuddle up next to him, and of course Basil had to join us! I found myself at 3pm today next to my sleeping Boy and Basil. :) It was so sweet and one of those picture perfect moments.

This evening Cale left to have guy time and went to watch some car races. He was really excited when he woke up and I told him where he was going and with who. He even asked if his hair looked ok! I gave him the camera to take lots of pictures. I said, “You can’t lose it ok?” and his reply was, “I try really hard not to.” Awww! Haha! I just love him and love that he’s talking so much more!

Mama and I had some girl time…uh…grocery shopping! We also had a movie to watch, but when we put it in, it was in German!

So…that was a no go.

I’ve been working on details for Cale’s birthday party coming up. I’ve been sharing things with him even though I know he doesn’t care what bowls I use or what the spoons look like, but I love so much getting to share it all with him. He’s being really sweet about it too. I’m excited!

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  1. The baby looks so right in your arms, too. I am looking forward to the time Father has prepared for you. Cale really seems to have done well with naming things. I am glad. I love you, Marion


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