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Sunday, August 14, 2011

Beautiful Things

Cale came back about 11:15 last night with a huge smile spread across his face. He had a blast at the races! Before he left, I had told him that I was going to expect a really big fat kiss when he came home. He immediately replied, “Like this?” and then proceeded to give me a very big sweet kiss. I told him that’s exactly what I was wanting. Well, after he was home and inside, I motioned for him to come to me and with a grin he said, “Oh yeah! I like this!” and then came to me giving me my big fat kiss! He remembered!!!! It was so exciting because I hadn’t said anything more about it! Not to mention I enjoyed it! ;)

He was also very wound up until about 12:30am! We were saying Happy Sunday while falling asleep :)

I liked him being wound up because we were able to have some awesome discussions. I really can’t describe all the changes that have been taking place other than its incredible. It’s amazing; simply amazing. He’s been talking and putting his thoughts into words so much the last week. It blesses my heart listening to him and being able to talk with him.

Last night was, I would say the closest to feeling like pre-accident that we’ve had yet. We were yet again talking about having a baby and what that would look like. I talked with him about how I might get really sick at first and then he’d have to take care of me if I was throwing up. He said, “I’m not sure I’m ready to do that. I’m not ready to have you throw up on me.” Haha! I did say that I would try my hardest not to throw up on him…:)We also laughed and he asked questions. It felt so good!

Man. It’s just so crazy. I wish I could somehow capture all these moments on video so that you could see and be a part of it. I guess that just means ya’ll are going to have to come hang out with us!

After church today, we had lunch with Theresa are old AW2 and her boyfriend. They’re heading to England soon, so this was goodbye. I honestly had to hold back tears! I have grown to love and really respect her. It’s going to be sad when we have to make our trips to Seattle and won’t be able to call and meet up with her for lunch or just coffee. I’m really excited for her though and I know she has a super great opportunity ahead.

Not too long after that, we went to Cale’s moms house and had Mike and Rachel over to swim! They came to town for the weekend and even though this morning started out cold, it ended up being perfect for swimming! We also met up with Joe and Beth after and had some evening fun with all of us. It was so great to spend time with all of them! With summer so busy, we haven’t gotten to see much of their faces…had so much fun!

Cale and Rachel having a noodle war!

He held this baby bird for a really long time. He was pooped on twice, but didn't seem to mind!

Mike and Cale were having fun with spoons...

Joe&Beth :)

All of us!

Now we’re tired.

You’ve all read how I love how God has taken something (the accident) so ugly and sad, and turned it into something so beautiful. This thought constantly makes me smile and blows my socks off. Today a song was shared with me that was exactly about that very thing…awesome. I totally love it!


  1. It's so impressive how much longer he seems to be remembering things. I just pray he keeps going, going, going, until his memory is even better than yours! As a side note, I tell Brian the same thing - that if we have a baby I might get really sick at first and he'll have to take care of me - and he says the same thing as Cale. I'm not sure he's ready for that either. : )

  2. Maegan: I know! Isn't it SO great?! It's still very in and out right now, but one day his memory will be constant! Aww, I'm excited for you guys to have a baby one day! Maybe we'll both be so blessed and have no sickness! Our husbands would love that! haha! ;)

  3. L-O-V-E Gungor and especially that song!!! Also, SO sad that we didn't get to see you at Vernon and Karen's :( won't be long and we can see your face LOTS and LOTS!!! :D Love you!!

  4. Marilyn: I know! I was so sad, but you're right, soon we'll see your faces lots! :) Can't wait! And, I love that song too! SO much!

  5. What a delight to have such good friends. I am glad you are my friend. YAY, about Cale's memory. Oh, I didn't have morning sickness with either of my 5 children...just a little queasy stomach. Anyway, I never threw up. So there is hope for you. I love you, Marion


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