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Monday, September 19, 2011

Birthday and Surfing!

At 1:00am on Saturday night (or I guess Sunday morning...), I felt Cale roll over and suddenly my eyes popped open; I quickly grabbed my cell phone to check the time. The alarm had not gone off, but for some reason I had in my head that I slept in and had to hurry to get ready. I was about to bounce (or fall) out of bed to get in the shower before everything came together…it was one in the morning! With a big sigh I said, “thank goodness!” which then Cale responded with, “huh?” followed by him rolling over again most likely trying to escape the crazy woman next to him!

First on the agenda yesterday was a trip to Naval Base Point Loma for the opening ceremony for the clinic. Before boarding the bus, Cale’s coach had written all the names of the team down and selected Cale to draw a name because it was his birthday. Whatever name was chosen, that person was going to be the one to walk in the ceremony and be given the team flag. Right before Cale drew, one of the other guys shouted, “He’s going to draw his name!” Cale pulled out the little paper, pulled back the fold and then he shouted, “Caleb!” This of course made him smile so big! He thought it was so neat to have grabbed his name even though he had no idea what it was for.

Here’s us right after getting the flag from Secretary Shinseki of Veterans Affairs

Look at my face…what am I doing? Haha!

The ceremony wasn’t Cale’s most favorite thing. We ate lunch there and with all the talking, it became too much for him. In fact, he didn’t touch his lunch plate and it was steak! He started to shut down, but then it was time for him to get the flag which gave him a boost!

We left the ceremony and went back to the hotel for Cale to rest. I thought it was going to be a quick nap because he was supposed to get a visit from TJ his friend, but he ended up napping for a few hours because TJ came later than planned. He is so tired already and the week hasn’t even started! Rest on his birthday was needed!

After the both of us had some chill time, we had dinner with TJ! It was really exciting for Cale to see his friend and very special. After we finished eating the waitress came with ice cream and a candle and we all sang Happy Birthday. The last time they’ve seen each other was Christmas! I wish that we would have had more time to actually do something, but that’s alright. We had to get to bed because this morning came early!

At 6:45 am we met with the team and then loaded on a bus to the beach where Cale went…SURFING!!!!!!! It was so cool! On the ride there, Cale was in a grumpy mood and saying he wanted to go home. I even sent a text to the coaches giving them a heads up. Once there, he seemed to get a little more excited but was still saying he didn’t want to do it. I asked if he would give it a try and do it for me. After he was dressed and ready to go, there was no turning back! At this point he had a smile on his face!

He had some awesome instructors that worked so well with him and did a great job of encouraging him along the way. The whole time he had a HUGE smile and right after he seemed so pumped!

We had to bundle him up in between it being his turn to go out. He was freezing! We covered him in blankets and he was still shivering!

I can’t even believe it. He did it! He surfed!!! I did ask one of the instructors if we needed to worry about sharks since we just watched Soul Surfer a few weeks ago…uh?! Haha! She reassured me we did not have to worry!

Chilling on the beach waiting for his second turn!

The first half of the day he went out twice before lunch and that about did him in. Right after he was done eating I found an empty tent and this is what happened…a much needed rest!

He was done after that and decided not to join in the last few times in the water. I am so proud of him for doing it that I didn’t mind him wanting to sit out! He has been really scared of water lately so he really didn’t want to do it, but he did. He fell off the board and went under one time each time out. When I watched him go under, I cringed thinking he was going to be done and be angry, rather he got back on the board and kept going! Awesome! He’s awesome!

This is his team and all of the coaches,instructors, and volunteers

Such a fun day together! :)Maybe one day he'll be able to surf again and stand!

Tomorrow is coming even earlier…we’re calling for room service or pizza; something that will come to us!


  1. I am jealous I would have loved to be there to watch them all surf! And to try surfing myself LOL Happy Birthday Cale~~~

    Casey Q

  2. I hope it was pepperoni and pineapple pizza!!! I am so proud of Cale. I never learned to swim, so I would be very frightend of the water. You know, I kind of think the instructors more than understood where Cale was coming from. They are a gift from Father, and He only gives the very best. I love you, Marion


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