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Saturday, September 17, 2011

San Diego Time!

Yesterday was crazy! It wouldn’t have been as crazy if I wasn’t so crazy myself, but everything worked out and I had a good time being a part of it!

Our Women’s ministry puts on a Spa night every year for women to come and be pampered. This was my first year being able to actually go. When I was home in 2009 while Cale was deployed I made dessert for the night, but then had to get to work. This year I made dessert and enjoyed the event! I had in my head (this is where I’m crazy) that I wanted the cupcakes I was making to taste really fresh. I also made a dessert for the silent auction and wanted them to be “fresh” as well. On normal days this might have been completely fine, except yesterday there were several things on my list that needed to get done including packing for our trip today! Yikes!

I started making the flowers that I topped the cupcakes with the other day. I went downstairs and dug into all of my old baking stuff that I haven’t touched since 2009. As I opened my tub that holds all the tools, the smell of sugar and gum paste filled memories to what feels like a whole different world. I told Rachel that it wasn’t a good or bad moment necessarily, it was just different. Thinking back to when baking filled my free time and frosting, flour, butter, and powdered sugar were common ingredients found all over the kitchen counter…a time that feels so long ago; a different life time. I feel like a totally different woman. It felt really good to create something again that even though I wasn’t sure about the taste, it at least looked pretty! :)Haha!

I spent all morning/afternoon in the kitchen baking while also trying to keep Cale entertained. I offered the idea of him helping multiple times, but he didn’t think that was such a great idea…haha! When I tasted one of the cupcakes, I thought the cake part tasted like pancake batter. With a slight panic I went to Cale to have him taste and told him what I thought it tasted like, his response was, “I don’t know, I don’t eat batter.” Uh…good point. ;)

I wasn’t able to give him much attention and he actually did really well finding things to do. He ended up taking a fairly long nap which helped pass his time. I had the mixer on at one point and when I turned it off, I heard the toilet flush, so I knew he was awake. A couple minutes later Cale came down the hall and told me that he had fallen! I hate those words and immediately I think about him hitting his head. When I asked, he was able to show me where he fell and as much as he could he explained what happened. My heart was beating super fast, but thankfully his arm was the only thing bumped.

Even though it stunk that he fell, a couple things were totally awesome about the situation; Cale was able to get back up all by himself, he still went to the bathroom, he came and told me, AND he remembered it and details about it!!!! These things are high functioning abilities! Just him being able to remember was such an exciting event all on its own and then on top was everything else. About an hour later I asked about it and he had absolutely no memory of it, so at least the part of him that had been shaken up about it was ok. :)

We also went to pick up his glasses which he is not a fan of. He has prescription in both his glasses and sunglasses. They are waiting to try the prism until he’s able to do some vision therapy with it. I’m not too sure yet how much the prescription has changed life for him, but hopefully after he adjusts it’ll be for the better!

I left Spa night about 8:15pm last night and still had not started packing! We had to leave our house this morning at 5am so that did not leave me much time to pack and sleep. If I was a guy it would have been a whole lot easier for sure! I didn’t spend too much time getting stuff figured out, so hopefully I have some items of clothing that actually go together and if not, I’ll just look artistic!

When I woke Cale up this morning, he gave me a grunt and I imagined that’s all that I was going to get. To my surprise, after mentioning that we were going on the plane to San Diego he started moving pretty quickly. He was a hoot before leaving the house. When he walked to where Mama and I were sitting at the table, I asked if he had put his deodorant on. As I was asking, I was also smoothing his hair so when he answered he said, “On my hair, no, on my armpits, yes.” This came of course with a grin from him. There were a few more things that I can’t remember, but he sure was making me laugh!

Something new has been happening today with Cale. He’s taking more of a…um…leader roll? I’m not sure how to describe it. It’s like, even with simple things, he’s telling me what to do. Friends, I’m a mess. I just am. I can try to do better and really control this woman that I am, but then I end up doing something that shows exactly who I am. It’s usually me saying/doing something at the wrong time. Unfortunately this happens a lot. Cale has always been so good about containing me and keeping me from walking right into someone/something, not knocking a rack of something over, catching things I’m dropping, preventing messes, and so many more things. Since his injury, well, those things just happen and it’s gotten even more obnoxious because he has become part of these really embarrassing Kathleen moments. It all makes life…fun.

So, today he’s been giving me direction again. Like I said, its simple things, like when I’m trying to talk to him and the person is talking on the intercom while sitting at the airport. He tells me to wait. Or like while standing on that belt thing (that gives you a ride through the airport) today, we were standing next to each other and there was a guy behind me that I didn’t know was there. Cale nudged me and told me to move over. It’s so comforting to see him step back into this role that he so sweetly had before. Very neat to see the “man” come out!

Speaking of man…

Cale is awesome. Just saying.

Hmm…more than awesome…no words.

I am so so, SO incredibly proud of him. He continues (daily!) to amaze me and show me how strong of a man he is. I’m so blessed to be his bride. When he’s given the easy way out, even in a situation that it makes complete sense for him to do so, he chooses to be brave.

Yesterday after he fell, I gave him the cane to use if he wanted it. I thought he would definitely use it, but instead he said no. I asked if he was being brave and he said, “yes!”

I had called the other day making arrangements for the airport and getting to our gates. When we landed in Salt Lake, the guy came with the wheelchair for Cale and to get us to our gate, which was a good distance away. Cale told him he didn’t need it. I was at first a little nervous because the guy had already said it was kind of far and I knew Cale was already tired from lack of sleep. I also didn’t want to push him so much that he would crash and have a meltdown once at the sports clinic. He was very determined and said, “I want to do it.” How could I say no? So, he walked…ALL the way AND did an escalator which we haven’t done since we were in Seattle with his OT. The last time he did them it was still a challenge and he wasn’t ready to give it a try with just me and no therapist. The opportunity presented itself and although my heart raced and I was shaky afterwards, he aced it.

I’m SO proud of him!!!! Did I say that yet?!

He could have just as easily taken a ride on the wheelchair and that would have been just fine. That was a super long walk for him and not only did he do it, but he did it so well! With the help of the cane and putting quite a bit of weight on my arm, he made it and kept going through the day strong! ! Determination baby!

Once we arrived at our hotel and walked around with our mouths hanging open (well, that might have just been me…Cale’s polished enough to keep his closed…) and eyes opened wide in amazement of this super nice hotel, we went to our room and crashed. Somehow we ended up with one of the best located rooms…yay! The view is beautiful and we have a nice balcony to sit on and enjoy it all!

A few hours later we woke up right in time for dinner! It was a bit of a walk to the restaurant that we went to outside, but so yummy! Sitting in the pool area is like a trip to the tropics…who doesn’t like that?! We’re being spoiled for sure!

During dinner we met another couple who has been to a sports clinic before. She kind of filled me in on the week briefly and pointed out that towards the end the guys are exhausted! I can imagine after looking at the schedule. Each day we get up early and have an event. Depending on the day it’ll be surfing, track and field, cycling, sailing, and kayaking. Cale was put on a team today…GO Titans!

Tomorrow is Cale’s birthday. Every time he hears or sees the date he gets really excited and says, "Hey! Yay! It's my birthday tomorrow!" Tomorrow is going to be fun with him realizing it’s his birthday all day long! Heehee!

Internet is really expensive here and every 24 hours we have to pay again, so I’m not sure how often I’ll be getting on to update through the week. We’ll be getting LOTS of pictures though!


  1. Kathleen, those cupcakes were AMAZING. I saved it for last because it was so pretty (I can't believe you made the flowers too!) and I was kind of worried that I was going to be too full by time I got to it. :) But as soon as I took a bite, there was no turning back! It was so light and airy and YUMMY! You're a rockstar!

  2. Oops, forgot to sign my name. ;) This is Bonnie Bennett btw.

  3. I am so very proud of Cale. I really miss you both and can't wait for you to come back home, but I am praying that this will be an amazing week for Cale! Have fun you two and enjoy his birthday to the fullest!

  4. My Salome took a cake decorating class. She loves seeing new ideas for cupcakes. Those flowers are cute. I am so delighted to hear how Cale is doing. It does feel good to have our men take care of us. You look good in that pink shirt. The sports clinic sounds amazing. I look forward to hearing how Cale too, for that matter. I love you, Marion HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! Cale.

  5. The cup cakes look so yummy and Cale looks so handsome with his new glasses. I hope you guys have a great week. Take care, Jean

  6. You're amazing, Kathleen! You have a full plate of work and still find time to make "delicious pretties" for everyone to enjoy! Hope your week at camp is an amazing adventure, and the changes in Cale continue to flow! God is completing a mighty work. Happy Birthday to Cale, and blessings to you both! Have a great week...

  7. You, my dear, are absolutely amazing. Every time I read your blog, I'm reminded of how much work the caretaker role can be, and I'm thankful all over again that Hubs has taken such wonderful care of me since my injury.

    I don't know a lot about how Cale is on a cognitive level, but I can tell you that, at least for me, resisting the urge to take the easy route (i.e., wheelchair instead of walking, independent walking as opposed to using cane, etc.) is very difficult. I've had many falls (I think 15 in the last two years?) and it's so difficult to get past the "I'm going to fall again" mindset.

    I'm just in awe of the love that is so obvious between the two of you. You are a shining example of "for better or worse, in sickness and in health."

    Praying for you both. Enjoy your week!

  8. I was sharing some blog posts with a friend and I wrote, "I love, in a sense, how Kathleen seamlessly rolls from the mundane to the profound. She reminds me that there's no division between the sacred and secular. I really appreciate Cale and Kathleen with a very special place in my heart." And I meant it in full.

    Just letting you guys know I'm still here, still reading, still praying, and loving you and your families! :D

    I've been pretty sick with some health issues, so I am in bed a lot during the day and sleeping. But I'm still reading even though I haven't commented much. :)

    <3 (that's supposed to be a heart!)

    Sarah Bosse


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