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Saturday, September 10, 2011

Birthday Party!

The party was a blast thanks to everyone that came and shared the day with us! I was talking to Cale about the party this morning and how we were celebrating how far he has come and the miracle that he is. We also talked about how last year he was in the hospital and the year before that he was deployed to Afghanistan, so this birthday was extra special since it was at home!

Of course, next week on his actual birthday we won’t be home…but at least that’s where the celebration was! :)

It was a pretty busy day with starting out getting the last minute details finished up and then decorating. Over the last month I’ve been slowly collecting items from all over…online, thrift stores, things we already had, homemade stuff…lots of randoms. I was a little nervous last night wondering if all the things I had gathered up were going to come together and from what everyone said, they did!

Cale had therapy this morning before the party. His RS came at 10am and then at 11 his OT came. They did a co-treat to the dog shelter and got Cale out of the house so that I could attack what needed to be done. It helped having something for him to do because he was not impressed at all with setting stuff up! Haha!

There was a good turnout at the party and I think everyone enjoyed themselves. It was hot hot HOT, but we had some great troopers that stuck it out and stayed anyways! Here are a couple (a lot of) pictures and more will be coming!

Not only were we celebrating Cale’s 25th birthday, but also that today was his second day without using his cane! In fact, it was a prop during pictures! I like it a lot more as a prop!

After the party we went to dinner with a few people. Cale wanted to go out and get a big ol’ steak! It was fun and everyone stuffed themselves. There was a moment at the table when tears filled my eyes and I just wanted to bottle the moment up and save it for later. I had been talking to Cale about something and he took the discussion and became a part of it. He was making up a conversation that he would have if a situation came up. It’s hard to describe the moment without being able to hear it! It was just really neat and one I’m gonna treasure.

Three COOL things…

After I brought Cale’s ice cream with the candle and he blew it out, I asked him how old he was. He struggled at first, but I knew he had it! I hinted with saying, “twenty” and then he was able to get out, “twenty-four” Without thinking I quickly added that he was 24 but now 25, then I caught myself because he actually is still 24! He had it right and I was the confused one!

Tonight while waiting for our table I asked Cale if he remembered what his mom had gotten him for his birthday. I specifically asked about that gift because she had gotten him a Red Wings shirt with Darling written across the back. He was so happy about it! Without any cues he told me that she had gotten him a hockey shirt! So exciting!!!!

While I was helping get him ready this morning for therapy, Cale was asking me what country we live in and what state. Normally he’ll just ask, but this time he was giving me cues! Also, I asked him a question earlier and he was having trouble thinking of the answer. Instead of just give up like his first reaction would be, he asked me to tell him the first part of the word! He’s asking for cues! I feel like that’s kind of a big deal…!

Yay for birthday parties, ice cream, root beer floats, fun pictures, friends, silly string, dinner out, and cuddle time!

p.s. my cuddle time comment was about Cale and I getting to cuddle as I typed...not of Mike and Cale in the picture above. ;)

Oooh! AND, did you know that today's date is 09-10-11? Pretty cool day to have a party!

One last thing... (or maybe I'll just keep going?) It was extremely special to look around at all the people that showed up today and for a few minutes stand back and be able to thank the Lord for the gift of it. It's a miracle...Cale is a miracle!


  1. I love the pictures!! they look like a great time! And I love the pictures of my handsome nephew with a skirt on his head LOL Love the picture of Mike and Cale together too!!!

    What a great celebration!!

    Mike and Rachel's Aunt

  2. I like the 09-10-11 day for the party. That's pretty cool. It looks like a LOT of fun....but then, the Darlings know how to have fun. I love you, Marion Many blessings on your trips.


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