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Friday, September 9, 2011

Sugar Coma.


Oh man.

In case you didn’t know, the Darling’s happen to be pros when it comes to sugar. We got that department covered in a ridiculous kind of way…always.

Tomorrow is Cale’s birthday party (his birthday is on the 18th though) and I may have gone a little over board…but I think that’s just fine!

I can’t bake and have all these goodies around without tasting it all…

Oh man.

I’m somewhat of a sugar addict. I’m working on this though…just maybe not hard enough.

We’re excited for the party tomorrow! Mama and I were in the kitchen making desserts like crazy tonight. Cale came in for a bit and helped which was fun!

Rewinding to yesterday…

First, thank you ALL of you that prayed for us! Yesterday and today were the two best days we’ve had in several days! Today was the BEST!

I figured out why Cale might have been having such a hard time this last week. I didn’t even put it together until this evening while I was talking with Mama. Not sure why I didn’t automatically think about it…

So, all week Cale has been complaining about his right eye. Every now and then he will say that his eye is bothering him and then with a couple eye drops it’ll be fine. That happened last weekend that it started bothering him and then I would do the drops. At first it was helping for a while and then I would add more drops when it started hurting again. On Wednesday it started hurting him real bad. He wasn’t able to do much of his therapy and it hurt just to open his eye. The therapist said yesterday that I needed to get it looked at. I called his doc and he had me call the optometrist. We were able to get his eye looked at and it was such a good thing!

I had been looking in his eye often and never saw anything. He would tell me constantly that it hurt, and I would tell him that I was sorry but there was nothing in it. Well, he actually had a piece of metal in it!! They were able to get it out but it left a scratch. We have some different eye drops now and things seem to feel much better. I’m thinking that getting the metal out of his eye might have been part of the reason he had such a great day! Haha!

I also had three different really great phone calls today. I don’t usually get to spend much time on the phone, one reason because I don’t like it, but also because Cale doesn’t like when I’m talking on it and it’s hard to find the time. Somehow the day worked out and allowed me to have great conversations with three different people that I love! They were encouraging calls and just what I needed!

Cale had speech today and Doreen said it was a great session. When I asked Cale what he did, he was able to tell me about some of it with just a little bit of help. Doreen commented on how his memory is improving!

Some randoms from the last couple days…

After the eye doctor found the metal in Cale’s eye, she went to get help to remove it. Cale asked me if he could see it and I told him he was going to have to ask her. He said his question and asked me if that was the right way to ask it. When she came back in the room a minute later, she was talking at first and then Cale said, “I have a question.” She asked what it was and then he asked to see the metal when it was out of his eye! He had remembered that he wanted to ask her something AND remembered the question!

Last night when we were lying in bed cuddled up, Cale says to me, “I have to tell you something. It’s not breaking news.” The second part took a couple tries for me to understand and by the time I figured it out he had forgotten what he was going to tell me! I would have loved to hear what he had to say!

Almost daily Cale asks me where we live. Every time I tell him where, he gets so excited!

TWO goals down!! He went the whole day without his cane! It was the perfect day because he didn’t leave the house at all. It’s really hard for him outside of the house, but inside I think he’s ready to not use it! Tomorrow we’re going to try for day 2!

At one point today I asked Cale if he was hungry. He asked me what he could have to eat. I asked if he wanted a banana and he thought it was a great thing to offer. When I handed him it, he then said, “now the question is, how do I open this?” The way he said it was hilarious and cracked me up! I told him he needed to figure it out and he did, all by himself! :)

We both needed this good day! It’s been one of those long weeks, but today…today was so good!


  1. Thank Father for good days. I know there will be many more, and that they continually be coming closer together. I love you, and continue to trust Father for you. Marion

  2. Kathy Beckett9/10/11, 8:04 AM

    I'm so glad you had such a wonderful day and I'm really glad Cale got that piece of metal out of his eye!! Poor guy...that would definitely make me grumpy! I hope you have a terrific Birthday Party Day and enjoy all your yummy sweets. Love,


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