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Thursday, September 1, 2011

On the go!

It has been one of those really good full days.

I have eaten chocolate.

I have laughed.

I have smiled a lot.

I feel like a day with just those three things involved makes it a great day…doesn’t it?!

Cale has been waking up between 3:30-4am and staying awake for around an hour. I’m not sure where this sudden spurt has come from…and I can’t say I’m a fan. In fact, I can say that I’m not a fan! Thankfully he does end up going back to sleep and all is well, except for mornings like today when he has to get up early.

He had speech at 9am, which for being the therapy that works his brain the most, that’s early! I took advantage of the time he was in the session and had a chance to visit another friend! Two friends in two days! Bonus! :) I was able to meet her daughter and get caught up with all that has been going on in her life. When we got back to the house, Doreen said that Cale had a great session! She said that she saw improvement in his short term memory!!!! That’s terrific!

Right after his session, we had to run to the vision clinic to try on glasses. We were going to do it after his last appointment, but Cale was far past done by the time the appointment ended. My friend and her daughter ended up joining us and I think we were successful in picking out a cool pair of glasses. As soon as we get them in a couple weeks, we’ll post pictures so you can see them! Well, I guess if he starts wearing them, you’ll be seeing lots of him wearing them!

As soon as we were done with choosing a pair, we came back home and had just a short time before the next therapist came. We said good bye to my friend and after talking with the psych for a bit, I left the two of them to play the Xbox and I went to our neighbors for a visit…3 friends in two days?! Whoa.

I have to say, I have enjoyed so much all three visits! I have some pretty wonderful people in my life…

When I got back home, I found Jamie and Cale playing his NHL game! He has had this game since January and has not been able to play it. He was determined for me to get the new game, but once we opened it up full of excitement, it was a dud. Cale could not figure out the buttons and make his fingers do what he wanted them to. Every now and then we pull it back out and every time it ends in disappointment. Not today though! He played a whole game with her and she said he won!! This shows improvement!! He also had a blast playing rather than feeling like he’s no good anymore.

After hearing how well everything went, she left and so did we! There was a book signing that we wanted to get to at the bookstore. We walked in and saw the table but it was empty. I was thinking we had a few minutes so we were going to check out some books, until over the intercom they announced we were actually 2 hours early! Ok…back in the car we went!

Once home, again after a short time, Sonny came over to do drumming with Cale. At this point, Cale had been busy since he had woken up and had not been able to rest. Mama and I were talking over some things and looking stuff up while they were in the living room. I overheard Sonny finishing up and when he was going over everything with me he said that Cale did awesome! He said that 3 weeks ago he tried something with Cale, but it was a no go. Cale’s coordination just wasn’t there yet. He tried again tonight and Cale mastered it!!!!!!!! More improvement!!! Also, Cale hasn’t had the most enthusiastic attitude about drumming because it is a challenge, but even with that I’m starting to see him enjoy it more and more.

Sonny left, we grabbed dinner, and then we were gone to the book store again! Still on the go! While Cale was still in the hospital, I had been sent a book by a guy that was from here and had been injured in Iraq. I had already started the adventure of writing my book, so I was really interested to read his. Two things had stuck out to me, one of them was that the last time he saw his wifes face (he’s now blind) was March 17, 2005-That’s the day Cale and I got married. Second, I was reading this while we were still at Palo Alto...and he was also there at one point.

Tonight he and his wife were back in town doing a book signing, so I wanted to go meet them. Cale’s aunt had given us a signed copy already, so I didn’t need that, but I was hoping that even though they are “famous” I could exchange emails and maybe talk with them more later. It was really funny because on the way to the mall, I suddenly was really nervous to meet them! I have no idea why, but I sure was! It didn’t go away either! When we walked in the bookstore I could see them through the window and it looked like there were a lot of people! This made me even more nervous! Haha! We stood in line and met a couple really sweet people. When it was our turn to meet them, we walked up together and I talked…babbled…said “uh” a lot. Finally Mama came over and helped me along a little. It didn’t go quite as I had imagined, but it was neat to meet them. Cale was happy because he was also in the Army. :)

Here’s their website…

When we left, want to know what pathetic thought ran through my head? I even voiced it to Mama which is when I realized how ridiculous the statement sounded outside of my little basket of thoughts.

“They look like people that have a book. I don’t.”

They are polished and put together. They seem well controlled and well mannered…very much not me. I’m all over the place (including my hair). People that have books are sophisticated and have everything in the right spot when they get dressed in the morning.



As we drove home, my thoughts led me to people in the Bible that the Lord used in mighty ways and they didn’t quite seem to have it all together and in the right place.

That could just be how I took all their stories though…

But somehow I don’t think so.

He is God who has it all together and who is perfect in every way. He isn’t all over the place and never scattered or frazzled. His thoughts aren’t all mixed up and jumbled and He doesn’t babble.

And, He is more than capable to use people like me who are all sorts of a mess.

I love that.

I love Him.

The day has been really busy and now me and my man are tucked in bed and ready to close our eyes for the night. Excited for another great day tomorrow!

Do you have any questions for us? Is there anything that I have forgotten to update about or have written about and just confused you? Email me any questions and I’ll try to get them all answered soon!


  1. So awesome that you and others are seeing great changes and strides in Cale! I love that that the changes are confirmed by others to you. Sorry the book signing didn't go as planned (wrong time in the paper?), the nerves and maybe not as personal as you'd have liked - but God will turn all these things into something wonderful. Isn't it amazing that those two things stuck out to you? Crazy! As for both of you, I think you're perfectly put togeter -- after all, God did it didn't he? Have a great day and keep on making strides.


  2. What a day! For you both! Go, go, go! Yay for all of Cale's success! He was soo great and that was sweet of him to show Jade how to play the drum, though she was just kind of distracted with the new surroundings! haha. She was soo tired when we left, but didn't want to sleep right away! We both ended up taking a nap at 2:30! I'm soo glad to find out you live soo close now! ;D And perhaps as soon as next week we can hangout again! I would love that! <3 P.s. That's cool about the book signing and the significance with the dates and places! I didn't know you were working on a book! Very cool! You just have soo much to share and give and I do enjoy reading your writing a lot! =D

  3. Sweet Kathleen, I don't liek to hear one of my favorite people dissing themselves...even slightly. YOU turned out just as Father planned. He was busting His buttons when He looked at you...telling everyone "Look, she turned out just as I planned. Isn't she something?!?!!" I am so pleased you had such a good day. LIke you, I think laughter, smiling and chocolate make any day a great day. :) I love you, Marion

  4. Kathleen, Tiffany Smiley here, Thank you for coming to the book signing. You touched my heart! The first thing I did this morning was check out your blog. You have an amazing spirit and I was humbled to be in your presence. I don't know if you could tell but I was fighting back tears because I was moved by your strength and I could tell that you were not only beautiful on the outside but the inside as well. Believe me a few short years ago my daily life felt like a mess everywhere I went. By the grace of God he raised us up and put our feet upon the rock!! I see that in you too. We may have seemed put together but if you were to hang out with us for a day you would see we are a hot mess!! God has given us everything we have. Don't listen to the enemy, he tells you lies and when he knows you have a story of faith, hope and love he will try to attack you even more. It was our honor to meet you and Cale yesterday. Please stay in contact, we would love to support you in any way we can. On a side note, we remember reading your story in the paper, we actually lived in NC and then came home for a visit and read your story in the paper. We are praying for you both! You are an amazing women and God is writing your story!!

  5. If I didn't admire Tiffany Smiley, I DO NOW!! She had the right words for you. By the way, YOU ARE AN AMAZING PERSON...Tiffany is right on about that. I love you, Marion

  6. I just love reading your blog. It's so very encouraging. I know that when I'm having a "down" day, I can read here. Cale's injury is much more severe than mine, yet you're always so bright & sunny.

    Thank you for making my day brighter.

  7. Terri: No problem about the time mix up! I'm so thankful you had let me know they were going to be there!
    Jazzy: He really liked seeing Jade! Maybe next time we can even do something with him if he's not in therapy...him and jade did seem to love the chicken nuggets! Heehee!
    Marion: I wasn't meaning to talk down on myself! I know that God made me just the way He wanted me's just not the same as others as far as "professionally" :) I'm learning more about the Lord and His glory everyday!
    Tiffany: You got on the blog! Thank you SO much for taking the time to look it up! I know you guys must be so busy. I will have an email your way soon...thank you for the encouragement! We loved getting to meet you and your husband, even though I was all over the place and couldn't get a straight thought out!
    Shari: thank you so much for reading and for your sweet words. I'm always so blessed to hear how the Lord is using our story!

  8. Not only can you write a book, but you can write a book that I know many people would be interested in reading. Don't get discouraged you have the skill and an interesting story to tell. This is coming from a complete stranger who has read your blog from the very start. Please keep on writing.


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