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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Soup, Pie, and Pumpkin pancakes...oh my!

Fall tastes and smells so good. Period.

Sunday we had gone to a park in Seattle and I was able to soak up the beautiful trees that were dressed with golden leaves.

Monday I was able to wear my rain boots which I love.

We had acorn squash for dinner last night.

I could smell and feel the crisp coolness this morning and evening.

Don’t even get me started on all the yummy smells!

I. love. fall.

Monday after getting home from Seattle, I was wiped out-to the extreme. I don’t like to say that Cale is a lot of work because first of all, I love that I’m the woman that gets to take care of him. Yes, I want him whole again, but I wouldn’t change being his wife for even a split second. I am honored to be the one to care for him. Secondly, I am reminded often that it could be a lot worse. One huge thing is that he doesn’t need his wheelchair all the time and that takes a load off! Even though his struggles are a lot more mentally than physically, it’s a blessing to have him so mobile!

It’s easy to think that since he’s not so bound physically that life is on the easier side, but it isn’t so! The mental side of the house can be draining and take so much strength and energy, it’s just in a different way. This has taken time for me to really realize and come to grips with.

So…after the long week/weekend, I needed a break from Cale…just a little time to catch my breath. It sounds horrible for me to say and type this, but it’s so true and even before the accident, we needed time apart-although it didn’t come often that we wanted it, it did come.

Tomorrow I leave for Spokane for a conference for a couple days and on Monday had been thinking that this weekend was perfect timing. I still think it is, but since Monday after Cale’s nap, it has been wonderful with him! We have been having a great time together and like I wrote yesterday, Cale’s humor is making me laugh constantly!!! He was always known for his silliness and being goofy and I see that coming back more and more every day. I love it! I enjoy being with him so much! At dinner tonight I was looking at him thinking about how much I’m going to miss him over the next couple days. The conference is going to be great…at least I’m hoping! :) It’s another writers conference so be praying for me!

This afternoon a few girls came to visit for a while. I love each one of them and each one has a special place in my heart. All three of them are on the edge of a new season in their lives; one is getting married in a few months, another is getting ready to move out of state for a job, and the other is getting ready to possibly start a new job here in town. It’s all so exciting!!! I was so blessed to have them over and catch up with some amazingness in human form! :)

Cale had PT tonight. Carly just came back from backpacking around Europe and we’ve missed her! Of course, we were missing for part of the time…haha! Cale wasn’t excited for PT in the slightest, but eventually we were able to get him on the elliptical. The goal was 10 minutes because he didn’t want to do anything, but he ended up topping the goal and did 13! He also did it with a resistance that he hadn’t tried yet! I noticed that so much in San Diego that even though he really didn’t want to do something, he did it and gave it his best! That’s my man!

We’re going to cuddle up and spend the night being together since I’ll be gone the next two nights. I’ve talked with Cale about me leaving and when I explained why I was going he said it was ok and it was good for me!

Didn’t I just get home?!



  1. My Dave and I have been married 33 years, and STILL enjoy some alone time. You know, the saying "absence makes the heart grow fonder"....well there's is truth to that. I am so excited for your conference. I will be blessed. Father has some wonderous jewels for you. Gosh, now I am getting excited for your book. I am going to get at least three copies, one for me and two for gifts...maybe beven four. I love you, Marion

  2. opps....I meant YOU will be blessed. Marion


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