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Sunday, October 2, 2011

Out of the field and back on the road!

Maybe the sunset I saw last night was just a well done masterpiece in the sky and that’s it. But, maybe it was a reminder from the Lord of His glory and how even when I’m unqualified, He is only asking me to be willing and then in my weakness, He is strength.

I was driving home last night from Spokane and literally gasped when I noticed the sky lit up with colors. My pitiful picture on my cell phone is far from the image my eyes captured. Sorry for the bug guts smeared across my window…

This moment of amazement was the introduction into a powerful and intimate prayer time. I can’t explain what change took place in my heart. I began to weep and cry out that I needed Jesus. I need Him in every part of my day. My life. In the picture you can see on the right where there’s a field on the side of the road. The field went on for miles to my left and right and as I started praying, I saw myself walking farther into the field and away from the road where I was supposed to be. I’m going to be honest and say that I have not been faithful at daily reading my Bible and spending quality time with the Lord recently. My heart was breaking as I confessed it openly in my prayer while realizing how far off the path I had allowed myself to get. It may have not been too far as of yesterday, but it wasn’t the direction I wanted to be going.

Anyways, my attention was grabbed and my focus is back on track!

As far as the conference went, it started with me being excited, around the middle of it I felt discouraged and by the end I was motivated. It was packed full of useful and needed information and I met some incredible people. The whole event was a blessing!

Included in the couple days was me walking into a room that wasn’t mine, getting lost, getting the water in the shower stuck, and spilling coffee on the nice white tablecloths. Hmm…

Now, I’m back with Cale…and I love it. I missed him like crazy! I had to control my speed on the way home and the closer I got to home. I was able to talk with him several times, but that is nothing like getting to see the smiles on his face, his eyes open wide, and feel his hugs. So good to be back with him.

As I’ve said before, during the sermon is often a really hard time for him. He’s not able to process the information as quick as it comes in, so he ends up shutting down a lot of the time. He’s also known for taking my shoe off and switching it with his moms shoe on her foot…anything for entertainment! Well, today our Pastor was talking about finances and the spiritual issues a lot of us face with that. Towards the end he made a comment about McDonalds. I watched as both of Cales eyes popped open and he quickly turned to me, “No McDonalds?” then turned to his mom , “that’s crazy!” He was appalled at the thought! Haha! Although that wasn’t exactly what our Pastor was saying, it was hilarious that Cale picked that out! Also impressive that he did hear it, this meant he was listening even if it was only partly!

Tonight while lying in bed, he grabbed my arm and stopped me from doing what I was busy with. I tried to pull away and he started laughing and then said, “You’re funny.” “Why?” I asked as I was still trying to pull away. He then replied, “You’re trying to get away. Nice try.” :)

Tonight I walked in the room after I was finished up with some things in the living room and found this…

Not sure how Cale got down there, but he was sure comfy enough to fall asleep! :)

I know I say this a lot, but Cale is different. There’s a new change in his speech and maturity. I’m sure it helped me leaving and coming back to see the changes and be more aware of them, but last night and tonight he’s…different. Praise God!


  1. Dear Kathleen,

    I am a teacher. I suggest that you encourage Cale to draw pictures (stick figures or whatever he wants) during church. Some learn best visually. Others cannot concentrate unless moving. My daughter insists that she listens better while doodling.

    Congratulations to Cale and to you on his great improvements!!! He went before gradually from mental age 4 to age 14. Perhaps he will arrive at age 24! :)


  2. I love to hear you say Cale is different. Father is so good...not just in what He does, but the fact that He loves us so much and does it out of that love. I like what Kathy said about doodling. I have known some counselors who doodle while listening to their clients. I have seen many parents give their children color pages to help them during service. I LOVE that picture of Cale and Basil. You are a special gift. I love you, Marion


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