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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

are nuggets worth it?!

As many of you know, Dan Wheldon an Indy Race car driver died yesterday in a terrible racing accident. He had come to the VA while we were in Palo Alto. His wife and two boys need prayer along with the rest of his friends and family!

Here’s the post I had written when we had seen him…

Click here to read!

I thought I’d share the whole post because if you read it, it’s so encouraging to look back on that day and see where Cale was at…not talking! We still had fun though as I shared a moment of laughter we had shared.

Yesterday for therapy Cale walked Basil with his RS. She had one leash and Cale had another. This gave her the ability to be in control while also letting Cale have some of the control. It seemed to work nicely and she said it was better than the last walk they had done. While they took the walk, I stayed back and talked with the coordinator for his therapy about the direction we’re going and how we may be at a point that we need to switch things up again.

Cale has been having some difficulties lately in therapy. Well, for some of them it’s been for a while. He doesn’t want to do it. He thinks everything is dumb and doesn’t understand that it helps him. With refusing to do anything, well, that means it’s really hard to do therapy. Sound familiar? You might remember our therapy struggles before while inpatient. It’s such a tough place because he still needs it. It’s so beneficial and a huge blessing to even have it right now like we do. On the other hand, if he’s not making progress because he refuses, than where does that leave us? Although, as you’ve seen, there’s still progress even with a stubborn man. ;) We’ve bounced around a few ideas and will try some out and see how things go!

They also did a Dix-Hallpike test on him which he tested negative. At first he was willing and went along with it, but on the right side he did have a mild reaction and when that was said, it sent him into a bad mood instantly. He slammed his hand on the table and got off as quickly as he was able. The bad news is that he had gotten upset and that it wasn’t a “fixer” that we were hoping for. Obviously it wouldn’t have healed him and made everything perfect, but the thought of it helping out was there. Good news is that we were able to cross something off. At least we were able to give it a try!

I had a few errands to run once therapy was over. Cale seemed to have moved on from being angry, so off we went. It was also lunch time and after offering several different options for him, he refused to eat. I had made broccoli and cheddar soup and after I was done, and knowing I couldn’t get him to eat anything, I suggested McDonalds. I just recently put together a new budget for us much like what we had set up before the accident, but with changes. Before we were always really great about budgeting, but once we were in hospital life and everything had changed, it just didn’t apply like it once had. It was still somewhat there, but not like it once was. I had changed it up and started using a different format since we’ve been back home, but it wasn’t as detailed and set up like I need now. One of the things I kept from what we did before was giving each of us an amount that is for us to use on whatever we want. When we have a baby this will have to go away, but for now it gives good boundaries on spending. So, with my suggestion about getting McDonalds was followed with letting Cale know that it would come out of his “play” money. This made him think twice about getting it! He asked the amount he had and when we figured out about how much he would spend for food, he didn’t want it as much.

It only lasted about a minute though and he was back to being ok with spending it! Haha! Since there’s not anything that Cale really wants and enjoys right now anyways, it’s not a big deal to spend it on chicken nuggets! :)

One of our errands was to the post office. There was a package waiting for us with a really pretty quilt!! A very sweet lady in CA who had met us while at the VA spent her time making this beautiful quilt that is put together so perfectly! Just looking at it I can tell a lot of time and work went into it. As I read my Bible this morning I wrapped myself up in it and was so cozy!

Last night was our small group. One of the couples just had a baby, um…2 weeks ago? Maybe 3? Well, I’m sure you can guess who held the baby lots! Me! :) He is SO sweet and made me smile…a lot. I was looking around our living room last night while we were discussing the topic and thought about how incredibly blessed we are and how different our life is now from last year. We’re home! And we’re able to open up our home for bible study! This was also one of the times I was holding the baby and thinking about how amazing it is that the thought of a baby is actually a thought and possibility! Praise God!

Speaking of babies…

My brother and sister-in-law had a baby yesterday! Kaya weighed 6lbs 7oz. I can’t wait to meet her!

Today Cale had OT and one of the changes we’re going to try with PT and OT is to push him a little and do more formal type therapy. Today Teresa did some testing with him trying to see where he’s at with his right hand, left hand, and some visual discrimination. It was another time that I wondered how he was going to take it, especially since he had just had therapy with his RS and had entered into grumpiness right before she left. He did great though! He even beat me at his hand strength (his strong and weak hand! ).

Hand strength -take notice of his facial expressions ;)…


Visual discrimination…

Dexterity/visual perception…

We also started a chore list! The therapist suggested we come up with three things that Cale can help do around the house that are his responsibility and also write down some of mine. That way he can see that he has less than me and how much it helps me for him to take some jobs. This was at first tricky because I can get him to help me (me helping him), but doing things independently doesn’t come as easy. After some creativity we came up with him being able to give Basil water, sweep the living room, and clearing the table. He still needed a little help with sweeping, but he actually did a really great job!

A few things to be praying for…

1) Cale’s mood, tolerance level, frustration, anger, endurance.
2) Small Group-I think it’s going to be like Bingo where he starts out with a couple minutes and will work his way to enjoying it the whole time. Right now it’s still hard for him.
3) A guy friend/mentor/example for him. He really needs a guy that loves Jesus and can be a friend to him and an example of a godly man. I’ve been praying for this kind of guy that has “time” for him and can come along side him for so long.
4) And of course more healing and progress!


  1. I have one of those find it things here at my house. They are kind of fun. You know, I KNOW there are quite a few more things for your list you didn't write for lack of room. Bless you and Bless you for all the creativity in helping Cale. Father is good. I love you and continue to trust Father for you and for Cale. I will especially trust Fathet for a special guy friend for Cale. Marion

  2. Hey girly. Just wanted to encourage you to keep fighting the good fight. In this world so much can be taken from us but there are things that no one can take unless we willing hand them over. Love, peace, joy, courage, and even laughter. They are all ours for the taking! Set our minds on eternity, cause man it is going to be so awesome!!! We as believers always have to remember that we stand in victory, it is already ours!I know you already know all this, hopefully it ignites an even deeper fire within in you to stand in that beautiful victory bought by our Precious Savior's blood. Love ya:)

  3. Hey, congratulations on your new niece! She's beautiful!

    We will be praying that Cale finds encouragement to keep pushing in therapy. What a tough situation that is... but God can speak to his heart in a way no one else can. You are a wonderful trooper, "Girl". (Haha.)

  4. Love the concentration faces:) He looks like he's working hard.
    Congrats on the new baby, too!

  5. Oh what a darling ( no pun intended) new baby. You can look at your new family member and see the hope for your future.We will be praying for all the things you asked for and more sweetheart..Keep fighting the good fight..We love you.And remember you have lots of people behind you in prayer..


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