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Friday, October 14, 2011

Catching up and a hoodie kind of day...

Oh man…

It’s another one of those times that I stare at the computer screen wondering where to even start. I think to be able to get as much out as I can remember and without taking up hours of your time, I’m going to pile together all sorts of random moments and hope that you enjoy reading and our blessed in some way! :)

On Friday when we had lunch with Melissa (last post), we had already been running late and then still had to stop for gas. While I was pumping, Melissa had called to see if we were on our way, when I got back in the car, Cale told me the whole conversation! It was a short conversation, but how awesome that he was able to retain it and share it! I had a hard time not laughing just because of how he said it all and how he was disgruntled that she didn’t say good bye and just hung up. He even called her right back after he told me about the conversation and asked her why she didn’t say bye! Haha!

Another time that he completely surprised me with verbalness (my word) was Sunday night. We met some of our good friends at Mc Donalds after an already busy day. Like always, there was a lot of talking and sharing of stories and Cale just isn’t a fan. Side note-I realized that him not loving sitting and talking for long periods of time and his love for playing card/board games is not far off from before his injury. He would tolerate the talking before, but I think we’re getting there! Anyways…we had to break out crazy 8’s. This was the second time that night, but this time when he explained it to our friends, he blew me away! He described different situations of what would happen if he laid a card down and then she laid another. It was awesome! He did get stuck a few times and needed help, but for the most part I just sat behind him with my mouth hanging open in surprise!

We did leave room for silly pictures before scooting out…

Right before that visit with Darryl and Katie, we had been visiting with our small group from NY. While we were in NY after the group started, we fell in love with our group! At the time that it first started, we were going through a parenting study. We weren’t parents yet of course, but we still wanted to learn all that we could and gain wisdom. One of the nights (Thursdsay before Thanksgiving in 2008 to be exact) on our drive home, Caleb said, “I’m ready to be a dad.” Now, we had both really wanted kids before that, but as much as I was ready and waiting (sometimes not-so-patiently) he wasn’t to the point that he felt completely ready. When those words came, my heart was doing the Tango…

The sad part was that he was deploying a little over a month later, so it wasn’t time for the Tango, maybe the Waltz. With all that happened in our hearts and the way that we came to grow together as a small group, we became family. Now being back, I was told about how large the group has grown and all that’s happening with it, exciting! I also was able to share a little about the small group we started here and I have hopes for the same family-like bond! :)

Here we are with the (amazing) leaders of the group on the right and one of the couples on the left…

The weather during our whole visit was so beautiful! I’d even say, perfect! We were definitely blessed! Tony and Hannah had something going on at the church that morning, so Cale and I took advantage and slept in! I actually decided to get up and take advantage of the quietness and let the Boy sleep. This gave Rocko (their dog) and I a little bonding time, which may have led to a lot more respect and admiration for Hannah! He’s a wild one! After they were home, Tony and Caleb went for some guy time. When they came back they told us of how they walked in the mall like mummies…? Haha! The two of them being gone and Jaxon taking his nap gave the girlies some good talking time. It was long overdue! Once the guys came back we all headed outside and took some pictures! Hannah is another photographer friend! I have so many which may be a reason I love pictures so much…I just don’t have the skill! Well, along with a ton of fun, we ended up with great photos!

That night we wanted something special for dinner and decided on Texas Roadhouse because Cale loves steak. The downside is that the place is so loud and too much for a lot of people without a brain injury! We ended up getting ours to go and enjoyed it at home. After dinner, the four of us watched a movie and shortly after it was time for bed!

Backing up to Hannah and I sharing our hearts, I had been sharing a little about feeling discouraged that people aren’t reading the blog as much and that leads to maybe not praying for continued healing for Cale, and how I want so badly to be used for the Lord through this “story” of ours. It was nothing that I haven’t shared before, but, obviously still on my heart. I had also just shared it the night before with Julie. I have just been hearing a lot lately people saying they haven’t been reading. Even though I know people are still praying, the enemy is always looking for ways to attack, right? So, after this being on my heart, while we were standing in the parking lot of Texas Roadhouse trying to decide what our plans were going to be, a lady walks up and says that she has been reading the blog and praying for us! She also shared how encouraged she has been from reading the blog!! We had never met her before and I can’t even remember her name! In the few minutes we had with her, I wanted to hug her and tell her what a blessing she was over and over! It was perfect timing…the Lord gave me a few different gifts over the week just like this.

A couple more randoms…

One change I noticed the most in Caleb through the week was how he started talking more in sentences. It’s not always or consistent, but I’d say it’s happening often. It’s kind of entertaining to listen to because it surprises me and then fills me with so much joy! This leads to be laughing sometimes and him being confused as to what could possibly be so funny. We have fun! ;)

He jumps! One night Jaxon asked if he could jump and Cale said yes! Next thing I know, Hannah comes up stairs and says, “Your husband is jumping.” Uh? Sure enough, I went downstairs and asked and he did it! This is another reason why having kids is a great idea…they see no boundaries!

Another time of surprise was Sunday after church Tony, Hannah, Cale, and Jaxon were all outside waiting for me to finish talking so we could all get home. Again Hannah comes to me with crazy news…”Your husband is walking on a ledge with Jaxon.” Uh? Haha! Again! So, there’s this ledge around the church that Jaxon was walking on. Cale decided to join him. I have no idea how he did it, I can’t even begin to think how it was possible, but he climbed right up! He has trouble with getting off and on the sidewalk, so how in the world did he climb a ledge that is like 4 times as high?! Crazy.

Monday was another day that Tony and Cale had guy time and Hannah and I had girl time. We also had some errands (fun errands!) to run. Monday evening was a baby shower for one of my friends who is expecting a little boy! I’m so excited for her! She actually hosted and put together her own shower just so that I could be a part of it while I was visiting. So sweet! That also meant more girl time because Cale went to hang out with all the guys. Sadly, I didn’t get one picture with Tigger! :(

Tuesday was supposed to be the day we went to Ft. Drum, but Cale was so tired and wouldn’t wake up! The baby shower was on post, so I tried pointing a few things out to him Monday night but he wasn’t interested at all. I wish the guys from his unit would have been there because I know he would have wanted to see them! They’re all deployed.

Since we didn’t go to Drum, we did get to visit our Pastor, his wife, and one of their daughters. Before we left Tony and Hannah’s, Cale played Crazy 8’s with Carolyn (the pastor’s wife). And then, after everything was packed up again, it was time to go to Charlie and Jean’s home. We stayed there Tuesday night and then Wednesday morning Charlie drove us to the airport. It was such a good night of visiting! Charlie and Jean made us a super tasty dinner and then Charlie and Caleb watched a baseball game on TV. Charlie said Cale was able to follow the game and call plays! Also, Tom and Julie stopped by to see us, which was a treat!

By the end of the night, I was exhausted and Cale was still wired! He eventually fell asleep and morning came too soon. We had three flights going back home and by the last flight neither of us could keep our eyes open! Our bed Wednesday night was glorious! Haha!

I had lots of plans and a list of things to get done yesterday, but instead we ended up being lazy and taking a nap. Caleb did have speech at 10am, so we didn’t get to sleep in too much, but right after it was back to lazy time. He was supposed to have PT last night, but that wasn’t going to happen. I couldn’t get myself going all day and he was wiped out.

Today Cale had OT and took Basil for a walk. I stayed back and watched out the window and then started laundry and still need to unpack, grocery shop, and he has therapy at 2!

One last thing that happened on the way home…

For almost 2 years, it’s been about Cale’s needs. From big stuff to little things, it’s what he needs and what will help him. I love him and am totally willing to continue to put him first and care for him as long as he needs. On one of our flights home, I walked with him to the bathroom. There was already someone in it and someone in line. The line was moving slow and I knew that he really needed to go, and in the midst of my thoughts, Cale turned to me and asked if I needed to go to the bathroom too. When I said I didn’t, he said, “Ok. If you did, I would let you go first.” He thought of my needs and was going to set his aside. This warmed my heart in ways that I can’t explain. Not just because it was about me, rather the tenderness from my husband thinking about his wife. It was a small thing, but so big to me. I almost went to the bathroom just to soak up the moment! The two people behind me were quite glad I didn’t have to go!

AND...we have been trying since March to get an Ipad through the VA or Army. When we came home Wednesday night there was one here waiting for us! If you know any good brain challenging games (simple), problem solving, or memory games, let us know! :)


  1. I understand the "Alone Feeling", and the does anyone remember me, kind of thoughts. It's funny, but I have kind of had them this last week. I love you and check your blog EVERYDAY!! I am so glad to catch up a little bit. Thank you. You are in my heart, and I continue to trust Father for you both. Marion

  2. I am still reading!!! I've subscribed through Google Reader so I get an update every time you post. Our family continues to pray for Cale!!!

    As far as iPad games ... Do a search for Luminosity. It should be a free App that you can download and upgrade later if you wish. My 8 year old son struggles with memory and his speech therapist recommended this app for brain training. In fact once you download it, it shows up as Brain Trainer.

    God Bless!!!

    Amber Lois

  3. Still reading and still amazed at the goodness of the Lord in your lives and how far he has brought Caleb.

  4. I too am still here! I read almost every day (but quickly catch up), I pray often as I'm led to, but I must also admit I'm a lurker!! I don't post often, but you two are always not far from the front of my thoughts. My own life has been one of much busy-ness serving others and helping them... because that's what the Lord has for me in this season of life. However, know that we are still out here, STILL praying, and still thinking of you often! God bless you both, fulfilling the desires of your heart, and healing for Cale inside and out!


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