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Saturday, October 15, 2011

Date Night!!!!

Yesterday with the help of the therapist, Cale planned a surprise date night for us! Can I just say that I have been waiting for the day that my man could take me on a date again? Maybe in the whole big picture that’s such a silly simple thing that doesn’t hold much thought, but it was there, sitting in my heart waiting…waiting to happen. It doesn’t matter at all that he needed help because that to me doesn’t hold much thought…it happened! He took me for a date and from what his therapist said, he did the planning!

They had left for therapy and were making all the plans. When they came back, Jamie wrote down the addresses of where we needed to be and at what times. Cale also had a gift bag and flowers! :)

Our first place to be was at 5pm, so after a quick picture, we were off!

I put the address in the GPS and followed along. I couldn’t stop smiling! Caleb was pretty tired at first, but as the night went on he started to wake up. He was holding the camera and snapped some pictures on our drive. I told him how excited I was and how special the night was, he then said, “I’m a man!” Hehe!

He liked the flowers in my hair…

Us! It was at a stop light so no worries ;) Cale does a good job snapping photos!

The first stop was dinner at Outback Steakhouse! We both ordered steak and I had no trouble eating my helping!

We couldn’t have a special date night without ordering dessert too! It was yummy!!!

The man of the night...

I also opened the gift while at dinner, Cale got me shoes and I love them! They’re a tad too small, so I’m hoping when we take them back they’ll have my size!

The shoes were great, but the card is what sent me overboard. The words were perfect and so sweet. It read…

I love our love story…
the ups,
the downs,
the twists
and turns,
the love
that keeps us
it all…
And I love
looking back
to the day
we met,
remembering all
the sweet moments
that are forever
in my heart.
I love knowing that time
has made us stronger
and brought us
even closer
And when I think
of tomorrow,
wondering what
our love story
will hold,
I know it will be
for I’ll be sharing it
with you.

Our next stop was to the movies! Towards the end of dinner Cale let me see the tickets. I had never heard of the movie and was nervous about going to see it, so I sent Mama a text to make sure it’s something I could sit through. With good reviews we decided it should be ok. Do you remember me talking about how new movies are hard for Cale to watch? He usually can’t sit through a movie that he hasn’t seen because he can’t follow it and process quick enough to understand what’s going on. In fact, the couple movies that we’ve gone to the theater to watch before have both gone, well, not so great. He gets bored and just wants to leave. Since he planned the date and picked the movie, I wanted to give it a try. He had no idea what the movie was about, but he did pick it. Not only did we have fun, it was the first movie that he was able to sit through and enjoy!! He even followed most of it!!! When the movie was over and the credits were going, he wouldn’t let us leave until they were all gone! We were the last one sitting in the theater and the guy had already started cleaning! Haha! Cale was dancing to the music and I watched in complete amusement.

It was such a great night! We had a blast with each other and I think he was so proud that he planned it! We even stayed up later than usual because he didn’t have therapy today so we were able to sleep in and be lazy (again!).

I sent Jamie a text telling her it was an awesome date and here was her reply…

Yay! He planned the whole thing. And it was his idea to get you shoes. I was shocked cuz I know how much he hates to shop, but he looked at all of them and chose those. He’s so cute, he gets so excited doing things for you :) even the flowers, he wanted daisies because he said they are your favorite. When we didn’t find those he said, “then we need pink ones!” so sweet! Glad you had fun!

Tonight is another Red Wings game! They’ve won the last three so they’re undefeated at this point! We both have our gear on and are excited for another game that we say they’re going to win! :)


  1. This is so awesome to read..More and more of Cale is coming out..How sweet...Charlie won't even go shoe shopping with me LOL...What a great guy...Glad his shirt looks like it fits him...Go Red Wings...We love you both...

  2. I am so happy for you. What fun that Cale thought the whole thing up. I love you and trust Father for each of you. Marion

  3. Let Cale know that im so proud of him for planning the whole thing. He never ceases to amaze me with how far hes come sis. love and miss you all very much

  4. So happy for you! I don't often leave messages but I follow your blog. His progress IS so amazing and YOU are SO amazing. I admire you so much. I hope and pray that todays is even better than yesterday!! And with each new day Cale continues to shine through!!!

  5. Brings a tear to my eyes...YOU usually do...:-) Well, you can't take all the is the Lord Jesus and His amazing ways displayed in your lives! Go Wings...same record at their 1996-97 season---the year they broke the Stanley Cup drought!

    The date looked! Did he eat his steak too?

    Julie B

  6. Hannah Hayner10/16/11, 6:24 PM

    eeeeeee!!!! sounds so so perfect! i'm so happy about all of it! so happy for you! i know how special this was for you. :) i like that he said, i'm a man! hehe! i liked the flowers in your hair too, and i like those shoes! yummy food too! and the movies, cool!!! what movie was it? love that you were the last ones in there having fun. :) sigh... i could easily cry if i think too much about it haha.


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