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Saturday, October 22, 2011

pumpkin patch with no pumpkin pictures?

On Thursday we went to the Pumpkin Patch with our friends Sarah and her son Deacon. Cale wasn't in the best mood before we left the house and kind of stayed grumpy through the first part of it. He wasn't at all pleased with the idea of walking around and picking out pumpkins.

We did pet a reindeer...

and some goats...

we saw a couple really cute pigs that I wanted to take home...

and some soft cows...

There was a lot of hay...

We had fun with our friends...

and even though I took forever (in his mind) to pick out pumpkins, he still loves me! :)

We did get ice cream afterwards which was really tasty! That cheered Cale up and the rest of the time he was in a much better mood. After all the walking during the day, he still had PT that night!

He played hockey in the drive way...

On Friday he drove again in the park. He hasn't driven in several weeks and this time we thought he should try our car. Well, the grumpiness continued so driving was an adventure. His OT always amazes me at how calm she stays and how confident she is in his abilities. I was in the back seat with sweaty palms and a racing heart. We had a friend from church join us...I was a bit nervous for her too! I talked with his OT afterwards and she said he actually did better than the last time and his behavior is what got in the way. He was hitting the gas petal at times that should have been the break, but he seemed very much aware and purposeful in how he was reacting. At one point that I thought he was going to hit the side cement I said, "Caleb" well, that wasn't the best thing because that just lit the fire of frustration.

He was able to stay in the lines a lot better and when he was actually trying to drive good, he kept checking his speed. I think I just decided that the driving is going to need to be a thing he does with the therapist and I'm just going to have to be told how it went. I think with his anger and frustration bursts and my nerves, well, it's not a good recipe for pleasantville!

Friday night he had speech therapy and I went to church and spent time with a group of awesome women. A few of the women had gotten 900lbs of apples and we all set up station for the canning process! There were peelers, choppers, stirrers, mashers, washers, um...and other jobs that went along with it. My favorite part was getting to hear all the tips these ladies had to share! I felt like I needed a notebook to write everything down they were sharing. I ended up cutting my thumb and burning my arm, but other than that it was a injury-free night! :)

This morning Cale had another speech session. I listened to part of it while they were working on some word finding. I'm so proud of him and so thankful that even though he thinks it's all dumb and doesn't understand why he needs therapy, he does it. He (usually) always does it.

We also spent time with Sonny and Emily our neighbors. Sonny hung out with Cale for about an hour for some guy time and I hung out with Emily for some girl time! I'd say that was a perfect idea! :) Later on, we also spent time with Mike and Rachel! We had a blast with them like always!

Tonight he was a bit upset...the Red Wings lost their game. Not a good game! Maybe the next game will be better? I hope so!

Thank you for praying for me...for us! I am so blessed to have a whole bunch of people all over the world praying! Please keep it up!


  1. Salome took her girls to the Pumpkin Patch here in Olympia. They, too, enjoyed the petting zoo. There were some rides as well. You know, Kathleen, it's OKAY to just let Caleb drive with the therapist and hear how it went. That's kind of like moms who just let their kids do an activity and here how it went. It works well. I love you and continue to trust Father for you and Caleb. Marion

  2. I have to say, I would never be able to get Brian to go to a pumpkin patch. Never, not now, not ever... maybe MAYBE if we have a child someday to take, but Cale was a darn good sport it sounds! Also, don't you know the cardinal rule of marriage is that you must never criticize your husband's driving? And the other rule is that they get to comment all they want when you're driving. HA!

    I also am jealous that you got to can apples with all those women! It sounds like a total blast! You crack me up that you injure yourself while cooking... I have a few scars that will never go away and I have a kitchen story for each one. :) I don't know how to can apples and I would love to have a group of people to walk me through it! Did you get to take some home?

    Love you guys!


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