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Friday, January 20, 2012


The snow is beautiful! While shoveling the snow Wednesday morning, it brought back a kind of comfort of what was home for so long. We’ve been blessed with being able to stay warm in a home with heat, cuddled up, and playing lots of games!

There has been cocoa and Cribbage with Cale! We've played about 6 games of it in the last 3 days and I've only won one! He does need help, but what stands out more is how much each game takes out of him. There's a lot of adding involved and that causes his brain to have to work so hard. Good stuff! :o)

Some of our games have been so close! My points would get me to the last place before finish and then when Cale counted his points, he would win! Stinker!

Yesterday Mama and Cale played Kinect! We have tried this so many times with Cale, but because it’s so difficult to move around for him and he doesn’t understand why, it becomes a frustrating mess. I decided to get Mama involved so that I could help Cale with balance. Right as the game was starting, I received an important phone call and had to leave the room...while on the phone I kept walking back in the living room to watch and Cale was doing it without help! He wasn’t getting a great score, but at least he was trying and on his own! Towards the end, I think the last game he realized he had lost so then he kept saying it was a dumb game, BUT he did have fun before that! Mama was a great sport to do it with him!

We had two full days of being inside cuddled up, drinking cocoa, and playing games, but today we had to venture out! It was all by choice. I think we all needed it! We just went to the grocery store and picked up a few things. I hear the next couple days are supposed to warm up a little. Winter here is nothing like what we had in NY-that’s for sure! :o)

Tonight we watched the movie Courageous. Awesome movie! I love the idea of men making such a powerful commitment to the Lord. Very cool. As Mama and I watched the movie, Cale was kind of all over the place. He helped feed the animals and played with Basil. He was in the room for a little bit and played with my phone. The whole time I was wishing that he was at a place that he could watch and understand the concept of the movie and how great it was. I hope that one day he’ll get it; he’ll be able to grasp such amazing spiritual truths-I believe for it!

For now, I will continue to speak those truths into his life and pray over him to be the godly man, husband, and Father I know the Lord desires of him…same goes for me…the female version of that of course! ;o)

I'm pretty blessed to be married to the most Courageous man I know!


  1. I have been hiding in the background, but checking in on you two... and I agree, you are blessed, and you are married to a courageous man!
    Love hearing that someone is enjoying the visions of our beautiful snow, besides me. However, I've been out in it every day, delivering, picking up, visiting, shopping and even rescuing two daughters today stuck out in it! I must say, I LOVE snow, but I wish I was cuddled up with my husband, drinking cocoa and enjoying the view!!!
    God bless you two as you reach forward in faith for healing, wholeness and a new day.


  2. Ahhhh...that was a sweet blog. The snow is beautiful! Praying for you.
    Emily Jordan

  3. My Sweet Friend, We just got the power back (noon)!! YAY!!! It's been out since Thursday evening 7pm. It's been quite and adverture, and I have enjoyed it. I must say though, it's good to get back to "regular" living. Kathleen, I may be off here, BUT, I think our spirits are fed separately from our minds. I am quite sure Cale's spirit is getting some of these truths even though his mind can't quite compute it. Once they catch up to each other, well, there will be a powerhouse to catch up with. I love you, Marion


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