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Friday, January 27, 2012

awesome! awesome! awesome! awesome! oh my goodness AWESOME night!

We must be willing to let go of the life we have planned, so as to have the life that is waiting for us. –Joseph Campbell

Oh my goodness! Oh my goodness! Tonight was awesome! I haven’t been able to get rid of this cheesy grin for the last couple of hours! Oh my goodness!

For several months (I think since September!) we’ve been trying to get an appointment with a Psychologist in our area. It’s been tricky because well, there’s not much available in our area and what is here we’ve heard not so great things about. The other part was to find one that understood TBI. Difficult…especially when only ONE in our area accepts our insurance. After tons of back and forth and correcting the doctor’s orders, we finally were able to get an appointment tonight because of a cancellation.

I was really nervous about the appointment! First, Cale doesn’t do well with a lot of talking, he doesn’t understand and recognize that anything is needed (most of the time), and any time anything with brain injury and the challenges Cale has is discussed, he gets really upset. I knew all of this was going to be present in our appointment. Hmm…

I’m not sure I can even fully explain how absolutely amazing the whole appointment turned out to be! Dr. L is genuine and I can tell he honestly cares. He’s very knowledgeable about the brain and all of its workings. He was able to break information about Cale’s injury down in ways that hasn’t been done before. He did wonderful with Cale and was able to keep him engaged the entire time (1.5 hours!!!!) and to top it all off…he loves the Lord! He even prayed with us before we left!

Ahhh!!!!!! As soon as I closed the door to the car, I let out a big squeal and literally for the next five minutes repeated, “Oh my goodness!” Cale was in total agreement and told the guy he liked him and would come back…uh. I’m not sure that has ever happened to anyone with any kind of medical field that has worked with him! Tonight was the first initial appointment and then we’ll start a couples counseling. On the way home Cale and I held hands and began to praise God for another way that He has provided in a way that is on such a higher level than we could have even thought of. We ended our prayer time with singing Amazing Grace at the top of our lungs.

This is the beginning to a wonderful new step in our journey; I can already feel it.

It’s been a week since I’ve posted. I’m not even sure how far back my memory can go. Cale kept doing/saying things that made us laugh and every time I would tell myself I needed to write it down, but would never actually do it! Shame on me!

After snow last week, this week has been sunshine and green grass. The snow is almost completely gone around here and the sun has been beautiful! I hear we’re supposed to be getting hit again soon. I know different parts of the country have been hit a bit harder than we did here (which is the norm) so we’re pretty blessed with getting to have a little bit of the fluffy white stuff, but not have to have too many losses because of it.

Conversation with Cale yesterday…

C: Are we related?
K: We're husband and wife
C: Oh really? Only that?
K: uh?

I’m pretty sure we wouldn’t want to be related any other way! ;) He’s so adorable when he thinks of these things. In the big picture, obviously it wouldn’t be a good thing, but in his mind it’s like extra points if we would have been! Haha!

I know there are many more things to write, but at this moment all the thoughts are in one giant pile kind of all tangled up. I’ll try to sort through and remind myself of the last week and let you more later…

Oh! One last thing…

Update on the Darling Project!

One of the ideas that will be happening in our area in April is a 5k run to raise funds! There are a few really great women that are the brains of the operation and we’ll be getting more details out to you later.

If you’ve got ideas to share, thoughts, or questions, feel free to share on the Facebook page!


  1. Love It! Praise God for another answer to prayer that was way better that we could ever hope or imagine (that's even scriptural)!!! God is so good to bring all of our needs together and provide for them in a way that only He can. Love the question about being related, and your sharing that in Cale's mind that is extra points...
    Can't wait to hear more news of the Run in April!

  2. Kathleen!!!! I am so PLEASED!! Father is GOOD!! Isn't it JUST LIKE HIM to give you such a wonderful Dr. at this juncture in your journey. I love you, Marion

  3. I am sooooooooooo praising God with you...that is AWESOME!!
    Emily Jordan


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