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Friday, January 13, 2012

Just a few things…

Mama is a ROCKstar. No joke. She has helped me organize like you’d never believe! I feel so much more relaxed without stacks of paper looming over my days. Also, there’s a closet downstairs that when we moved in was full of stuff; tools, paint, and I don’t even know what else. Every time we would look at it or talk about doing something about it, the project seemed too intimidating to do much more than just think about. Finally we went through everything and our downstairs is even organized! Mama did most of it on her own because I had so many other things going on this week. This is just a fraction of how much help she’s been lately.

Mama, thank you. For reals.

Do you remember me sharing about how we started “work” for Cale at our church with the attempt to help him feel more independent? Well, it has pretty much been decided that we’re going to put that on hold. The idea of him having a job and working is of course wonderful because it means progress, but setting up a fake job just doesn’t cut it. He’s unable to tolerate the demands of a real job even one that can be simplified, BUT he’s not dumb and was very easily able to catch on that it wasn’t real work. He was in the Army-a soldier! He understands work. So…there’s another way we can take the program that we’re going to try and see how it goes. I’ll update more about that when we know more!

I had put it out there for all of you to “like” the Facebook page for The Darling Project, but I think I may have done something wrong when I created the page? No idea. So…if you click HERE it will direct you to the site and then you can sign in and like it! There’s not much to update on there as of now because we’re at the very beginning, but the prayer is that eventually there will be lots happening and lots to update! :o)

Teresa said OT was great on Wednesday! She said his fine motor coordination and speed with his right hand is still improving but still significantly slower than his left. We’re not sure if he hasn’t been feeling good lately or if something is going on that we can’t figure out, but he’s had some sinus issues and his left eye is closing a lot more. He already has a hard time with his right eye staying open so with both closed…therapy is more difficult.

On Wednesday night he had PT. He’s only been getting it once a week for a while now because of his toleration level. His mom had come over to visit a little before and all of us were talking until I brought up that Carly was coming soon, but we still had time for a game. Cale asked me who Carly was and I told him she was his PT. He then said, “My babysitter?” His answer surprised me and I reassured him she wasn’t his babysitter, but then he quickly added, “Adult-sitter.” One thing that I’ve tried to be very guarded and protected about has been keeping from Cale his need to always have someone with him. He already thinks of himself so much as a little boy, I don’t want to add to that or bring him down! This distracted me and made my mind race, but quickly had to pull together so we could start our Skip-Bo game. This was a good thing to hear him point out on his own because it shows even more awareness but also so hard and sad to hear. His awareness is still in and out so much it’s hard to know in each minute where he’s at, but every glance into him becoming more aware is such a good sign!

He ended up having a fairly good session with Carly. I think he’s only doing about an hour at this point before he’s on overload, but hopefully we can get that boosted a little. Just about everything he does right now ends up being therapeutic in some form…even video games!

I wanted to also point out all the changes and “stuff” on the right side of the blog…

1) The button on the top right you can click if you want to join The Darling Project. It’s just full of information as far as who to contact. It also has the link for Facebook.

2) Then I have the button that you can click on to read the post that TJ did right after our accident explaining what happened. It also has some random info on us and a little note to all of you. :o)

3) Next is our contact info. I love, love, LOVE getting all of the emails and cards you send. I can’t always reply, but please know I read EVERY one and they make me smile!

4) Next is our button. If you have a blog and would like to share our blog on yours, this is a great way to do it! I actually have no idea how they work…but, I at least feel smarter with it ready to share with you! Haha!

5) The email was started for the prayer chain we had made to go around his room at the hospital. The idea was that when he started becoming more aware, he would have a visual of all the people praying for him. I have to tell you, I have continued to receive emails of people praying from all over and every time I check it out, I’m humbled in a way that I never understood before. There are literally people ALL over the world praying for us. This amazes me. Blows my mind. Thank you Jesus.

6) This is a button that you can click that has videos from throughout our journey. I love looking back and watching these from time to time. The healing and progress that has happened day by day in my husband is indescribable. God has richly blessed us!

7) There are two ways that you can follow us! This next button is through your Google account.

8) The second way is through your email. Just type in your email and click submit.

I know you probably already know about all the goodies on the side, but in case you never messed with any of it or didn’t notice the few changes, now you’ll know! :o)

Cale is in speech therapy right now. They’re at the table and I’m all cozy here on the couch getting to listen to them, but also have my legs kicked up on the couch tucked under a warm quilt.

Happy Friday!

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  1. Dear One, I remember Beth Moore saying for every two steps forward, we often take one step backward...yet we are still going forward. I love you and am always delighted to read your blog. I don't/won't do Facebook, so I get to catch up through the blog. I love the smiley face at the end. See, there are uses for fruit loops besides being yummy to eat. :) Tell your mom how wonderful I think she is. As a mom, I know I love getting to help my children. Right now I get to keep my two granddaughters while my daughter is resting from being very sick. :) Hugs, Marion


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