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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

updates AND BIG news!!!!!!!!!!!!

I’m not quite sure how it happens, but every day speeds through and all of a sudden it’s been almost a week since I’ve posted anything! Yikes!

Let’s see, since I’ve last posted…

I had my dentist appointment. At Cale’s appointment Dr. L kept encouraging him to breathe through his nose. As I sat back in the chair I repeated to myself the very same words. My question is can any of you tell when you’re breathing through your nose?! With my mouth wide open and all these gadgets going in, I’m not sure when I’m breathing let alone if it’s coming through my nose. I was stumped the entire appointment. Not sure why this is the first time I’ve been so bothered with this ordeal before. Ha!

I had another phone call about all the transition “stuff” I feel even better after it! It’s all going to be a big change, but I know we’ll be provided for!

I found a really great tea shop (well, a friend had told me about it!) here in Kennewick. The lady that greeted me very sweetly also spent a good amount of time helping me choose several delicious flavors of tea. If you have time and love tea or know of someone who would enjoy some tea leaves…I think you should stop by the Badger Canyon Herb Company on Edison. Super tasty!

Not that I’m advertising for companies or anything, but I just thought maybe I’d share a couple of my favorites. So, the second place that I LOVE to go to is the Kennewick Coffee Co. in downtown Kennewick. I have actually been a little anti coffee lately. I’m not sure what made the switch; I think I just realized I only like it if it’s extremely sweet. And, I absolutely love Hazelnut creamer…guilty. Anyways, I’ve just been getting a steamer when I go to this adorable little shop and YUM! My two favorites are Bees Knees and Big Fat Cat. The young couple that own the shop also paint and have their art set up all over. Oh goodness. The place just makes me super happy! I look forward to the next tasty drink right after I finish one! You should try it next time your downtown on Kennewick Ave…or maybe find a reason to be down that way! ;o)

Moving on…

On Thursday while I was gung ho on the elliptical, it started to make a really loud noise and then got really bumpy and then the arm thing came off. Dangerous. I stopped and called the place that had delivered it. They showed up Friday morning to check it out and said that it looks to be a defective piece. Thankfully I found out today that it’s still under warranty so we don’t have to pay. The bad news is that it’s out until end of next week because they had to order a new piece. For some reason the workout equipment being down has meant the snack basket is available? Not sure. I’ve kind of attacked it the last few days…I’m pretty sure Cale won’t miss all the candy bars he’s had hidden in there! He’s pretty happy he doesn’t have to do it for a while!

In OT Cale has been working on his fine motor skills. It’s amazing to see how far he’s come, but I know still so frustrating when he can’t get his hands to work the way he’s trying to make them work. Teresa does an awesome job of adding in fun and creative ways to keep him interested and engaged.

Friday night my sister took me to Famous Dave’s for my birthday. My nephew works there and after the ice cream was brought out, a pink pig followed! I didn’t know at first that it was Mark so when I saw the pig coming my way I wanted to bolt. He behaved himself and didn’t embarrass me too much! If you notice my face is red in the picture! :o)

Saturday night we went to dinner with friends to celebrate mine and Joe’s birthday. It was fun and special. Do you remember all the posts and pictures of Joe and Beth? Well, they just recently became engaged. I cried…more than once. Oh. Dear. What can I say? I’m just a sap, but I’m pretty sure you already knew that about me. They asked Cale and I at dinner to be in their wedding, which is so sweet and again, so special! I’m super excited for them and we love them so much!

Last year shortly after coming home, we had gotten the news that we were going to have to be leaving again to Seattle. Many of you may remember how the news crushed me. I was so super bummed. All I wanted was to be home-NOT back in a hospital or having to do appointments every day. I struggled and vented and then finally decided I was going to have to make the best of it. Cale and I actually ended up having a great time and were able to do a lot. While we were back in Seattle, our church family was here at home doing life together groups. Every January and June anyone who wants to sign up will get put with a group and during the month they’ll meet together once a week. I remember it was one of the things that made me so upset to leave home again. We were going to miss out on the groups. Well, it’s January and guess what we’re getting to do? Yep! We started our first life together group on Sunday night. It really put in perspective for me the big picture and how at the time it was such a huge deal to miss them, BUT was it really a big deal? Here we are getting to be a part of them! Ours has already been a blast…part of the entertainment was Cale arm wrestling our Pastor! :o)

Facebook has the new page that is set up as a timeline. At first I thought it was dumb, but then after thinking about it, I tried it out to see if it would be easy to go back to before the accident. It totally is! This opened up a whole new world for my heart to enter in. It’s always bittersweet going back into a memory of a different life. I have to say it was almost cozy this time which may be a funny word, but I was able to look back to some of the things Cale had put on my page. One comment I found, I knew I needed to share…

“You are a buttface. But a cute buttface, and in spite of your buttface-ness, I love you.” –Cale

I don’t remember the story that went with this comment, but I know it was me being playful with my husband and him playing right back. Sweet memories!

We were out and about this evening taking food to a family in our church and when we returned this was sitting waiting for Cale…

He’s a happy man. Thank you whoever left this sweet (crazy!) gift for him! :o)

KEEP READING FOR BIG NEWS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Everything I’ve written so far tonight has been easy peasy, but what I’m about to write, I need you to know ahead of time that this is me stepping out in a way similar to Peter stepping out on the water. My heart has just started pounding and I’m seriously considering to just stop…

But, I’m just gonna press on and ask that you hang on with me and let me spill it all out. Here I go.

For those of you that don’t know, the house that we’re in right now belongs to our church and is only a temporary home. We knew this coming back to Kennewick, but that doesn’t mean that I’ve tried to let that little detail slip. There is a man in our church who is a Veteran and who also has a really big heart. He has decided that he wants to bless us by getting a mortgage-free home for us. We at this point have no idea what this is going to look like, whether it’s a foreclosure that gets fixed up, a building company, or building from ground up.

As you know, this is NOT a small project and honestly, Frank has been asking for months for me to put something on the blog about it. Some of you have maybe even talked with me about it and I’m sure when we had spoken, I didn’t have the best attitude about it. It’s been one of those things that I have literally cried over with Mama telling her that I don’t want to have to ask people to help us. I know so many people have already invested so much into our lives that getting a house is way too much. It’s definitely been a journey just in this idea…

After several weeks of praying specifically about this and after some very detailed and intense prayer times, I know that my biggest hold up of not wanting to start this project and put anything out there is because I have a fear of no response. I know that all of you have your own financial struggles-that’s reality. I also know that we are just people. There’s nothing we’ve done to deserve such a gift. I also know that even though I’ve seen the Lord work miracle after miracle in our lives and in others’ I’ve also been in the back of my mind thinking about how this project is too big for anyone to do, this thought was followed with “even for God” as hard as that is to admit.

Obviously I do know that NOTHING is too big for God. Not Cale’s brain injury, living a life of joy in the midst of a trial, OR getting us a home.

I had decided a few weeks ago that I was finally going to post. I still have been nervous and been asked a few people to be praying…silly huh?

I want you to know that in NO way by me putting all of this out there and telling you about the project that I expect you to all get involved. I’m letting you know this big deal of thing in our life and if you want to pray about how you can join, that would be awesome. With not knowing what God is going to turn this into, it’s hard to know what the need is. Frank has said that the first step is getting funding.

Do you know a creative way that you can be a part of this?
Is there a fundraiser or another way your church or a group you’re a part of can be involved?

The next part if it becomes a building or remodeling type of project is helpers.

Are you handy with tools?
Is there a team in your church or your family and friends that would love to serve in this way?

The big time need is prayer-always.

Is this something you would be willing to commit to pray for?
Would your church be willing to host a prayer night for this project? Friends? Family?

The contact person for The Darling Project is September Theriault. She was the amazingness behind getting this home ready for us and is ready to take on this next project! For anything she can’t answer, she will direct questions to Frank.

If you look on the right side of the blog, there’s a button to click to join The Darling Project with ALL the info! We also have a Facebook page that we would love to have you “like” and be able to stay updated and have a place to share your thoughts and ideas!

The last two days while doing my quiet time, it was about trust. Yesterday morning I read in my devotional, “Instead of trying to fight your fears, concentrate on trusting me (Jesus).” And then today one line was, “Rather than planning and evaluating, practice trusting and thanking me continually.” The Lord continues to amaze me in how He knows exactly what we need to hear and what each of our struggles are.

I’m stepping out on the water and choosing to trust.


  1. Oh, my Friend!! I am so excited about your NEWS. You know, to Father it isn't "news" at all, just part of the plan. He's so cool that way. I love you and continue to pray/trust for you and Cale. Please tell Joe and Beth congratulations for me. It (as you know) is a wonderous thing to be married to your best friend. HUGS, Marion

  2. The first step is usually the hardest. Good job. I believe you are being a very obedient child of God. We love you and Cale. And I'm looking forward to adding a few more splotches of Darling paint to my sweater. We're here for you however you might need us. Love, Bonnie. P.S. So glad you made it to Badger Canyon herb and tea. :) Isn't she the sweetest lady?

  3. Your guy's journey is a great one! I'm always soo glad to see how far Cale's come along and that he continues to do such an outstanding job with everything he's working on! I remember you talking about this big decision and it's something you obviously have spent a lot of thinking time and prayer on. I'm glad you're finally asking about it! I would love to see everyone, friends and family and all that support you come in on the project and help in whatever way we can. Every little bit helps! I would def. be willing to do hands on work too! That's always fun! I'll be keeping an eye out for any further notes and updates on the subject, but know you can also call me too! Luvs! Jazzy <3

  4. You were right -- WAY HUGE!! But what a blessing to you and Cale who have endured so many trials already, all while teaching us how to be more obedient! I'm in on the praying, and will definitely stay posted to hear how we can help along the way! God is bring the big guns out (sorry Cale, not talking about your muscles this time)...


  5. That IS huge news! And I can understand your fear. Brian and I will be in prayer for this. We love you!

  6. we off course will be in prayer and you will get every extra dollar we have my darling...We love you to pieces..Me!

  7. Wow...exciting news. I will be praying here in Sanford, NC!
    Emily Jordan


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