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Saturday, February 11, 2012

Cruise Update- part 1

Wow! What a trip! My man is a machine! Haha! He took on whatever challenge came his way!

We had a blast! From the first moment of waking up with the excitement of the week ahead, we knew it was it going to be a great trip. We flew out on Saturday morning and it was supposed to be an early flight (really early!), but Friday night we received a call that our first flight had been cancelled due to severe fog in our area. Mama had already spent hours on the phone dealing with a mix up of our tickets and the call led to another couple hours…and more time on Saturday!

Finally we were in the air around 11am. I have to say it was much better than it being at 5am! The mix up with our first fight was a chain reaction to the rest of our flights, but we eventually made it to our hotel and all hit the mattress! Cale was amazing during the long day. For me flight after flight and airport layover after layover, all the walking, sitting, waiting, talking, noise, and all the other stuff that goes on is a lot for me in one day and can be extremely draining. For Cale, it’s multiplied and then doubled. Every little thing, including a breeze or light is added stimulation. His brain is trying to process all that it’s taking in, but isn’t able to because there is so much. After a short time, Cale goes into overload and this is when his brain no longer can process even his emotions. His reactions to even simple situations that normally we would be able to process realizing the simplicity, comes out as anger and he dramatically overreacts without knowing it.

That was a little side info to help you more understand what every moment is like being outside of our home, his “safe place” which sometimes can still be too much. Going back to all the flights, I bet you can only imagine all that he goes through. Praise God that he has come so far in his recovery that he’s able to tolerate longer periods without any kind of tantrum episodes! They still come and we’ve had a few, but nothing like before!

So, the airport was just a slice of what he had to deal with and conquer! It was just the beginning of a week that had little time for quiet and calm! Since this was a 5 day cruise, all three days that we had on board for a full day were spent on excursions and other activities on board. Before when we had gone we had 2 full days at sea so we had plenty of time to just relax, this time it was go go go! The first two days on board, I was walking around in complete amazement! Cale was doing things that he hasn’t been able to do since before the accident and doing them so confidently! I don’t even know how to list everything he did! I’m so proud of him!

By the third day I could really notice the fatigue showing up more often than the first few days, but he would have moments and be able to snap out of them and have fun for a bit. I just can’t say enough how completely amazing it was to watch him!

Before we were even on the cruise ship, the Lord had already begun a work in an area of our lives that I’ve been struggling with. It brought a refreshing breath to our marriage sparked a newness that was deeply needed. I love that without even saying anything about this need and wanting anything to happen from this trip, God already knew we needed this. He already had everything in the workings and all set up. I love that about Him. I love that He always knows our every need and His perfect timing never falls short of our needs. If that was the only thing out of the trip it would have been totally worth all the time, money and energy that had been invested in it. A surprise blessing!

Even though that one thing would have been enough, there is so many more wonderful lovely treasured moments that unfolded and I can’t wait to share with you! For now, this will be all. Internet has been very limited so I thought I’d go ahead and give ya an overview and once home start busting out the pictures! :o)

Thank you for all of your prayers, encouraging words, cards, packages, hugs, calls, voicemails, emails, messages, comments, texts, conversations, and whatever other form of support you’ve given us over the last two years. You’ve walked this journey with us and it’s been a long one. In some way, even if it’s only by you taking the time to read the words that I’ve typed day after day, you have blessed us and been a gift from the Lord. I treasure each of you. I may never meet you while we walk this earth, but my prayer is one day in eternity we can celebrate the Lord together. Love, Cale & Kathleen

A note from Cale...

thank thenk you. for every thing. from cale


  1. You are TRULY a love story..God Bless.

  2. You are most welcome, Cale. It is an honor to be a part of your journey. Marion

  3. Dear Kathleen, I cannot tell you what a JOY you are to me. Father has His hand on you in a special way.....AND He gave me the treat to see it. I love you and rejoice with all the fun things you received. I prayed for that very thing every day. Hugs, Marion

  4. I'm so glad you had that time to get away and refresh, and for Cale to grow. I know it will make such a difference! I love you guys SO much!!



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