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Tuesday, February 28, 2012


Once again I thought I would be posting sooner than I have, but it just hasn’t gotten done. Now, I have a ton to write again and little time. It’s become a bad habit!

To start off, this weekend our Pastor’s nephew suffered a brain injury and so far they’re not sure the extent of how severe the injury or the damage is. As all of you know, it’s an injury that is very close to home. It’s been crazy for me to hear all the updates and be able to put myself back into those moments of waiting…listening…praying…and hoping.

I think I’ve somewhat experienced what some of you may have been feeling when our accident first happened. I keep checking to see if there are new updates and I can’t get Ezra or his family off my mind. I keep praying and wishing I was there, wishing I could do something. Anything!

I know the power of prayer and I know how much it blessed me and lifted me up knowing how many people were praying for us during such a scary time.

To find more details, they have a Facebook page set up Praying for Ezra and a paypal account set up. Please be praying!

Life has been in motion around here and won’t be slowing down until April. Can I just tell you that I haven’t finished unpacking from the cruise yet?!

So…to quickly fit in all of our happenings, Cale’s last day of therapy was Thursday. I was hoping that our doctor’s appointment on Thursday afternoon we were going to discuss his continued therapy needs and figure out a plan, but that didn’t happen. Go VA…the appointment was 3 hours long, 2 of which we were waiting to see the doc. We have another appointment scheduled for April with a VA psychologist that will evaluate him and hopefully get a therapy plan after that. There are so many budget cuts; it’s going to be as hard as I was thinking it was going to be. God is in control though…right? I’m trusting He knows exactly what Cale needs!

Tuesday night we had another baby shower here. I didn’t take one picture. Can you believe it? It was a fun time and Chris and Cale went out to get away from all the ladies filling the house.

Thursday night Cale and Chris went to get the Tri City American’s (junior hockey team here) signatures and of course Mc Donalds was involved!

Friday I left for a retreat in western Washington to help lead a large group of high school girls. I was honestly wondering what I would have to share and how could God use what I’m going through in life right now to speak to these girls, but the very first night as the teaching session was going on, I felt the Lord pressing on my heart to speak. Ahh! So, I did. I was able to share about how important it is to have the Lord as their first love rather than finding a guy to fill the position because even when getting married, that man of your dreams; strong, manly, and who has the ability to care for you, can all be taken away so quickly. I could keep sharing about how awesome I thought the weekend was. It was for the young girls, but I walked away being so encouraged and challenged as well! We had a formal night with dancing and Joyce and I joined in on the fun!

While I was away, Cale spent the night with Chris and went to watch the American’s play instead of just getting a paper signed. Cale was excited when I talked to him that night to let me know that they had won!

I came back on Sunday and we both went to bed early that night. We had even talked about watching a movie, but couldn’t stay awake to watch one!

Monday felt weird without therapy, but I had a LOT of calls to make. I didn’t think it was going to be as many as it ended up being, but I think everything is just about worked out. Yikes!

Cale as usual constantly makes us laugh…

Cale has started drumming with Sonny again. I wasn’t there on Saturday and I haven’t talked with Sonny to see how things went, but the two sessions I’ve seen have both been great. Cale is on an electric system which he likes a whole lot more than a drum pad!

Basil loves to cuddle. After I finished cleaning up after bible study last night, I went to the bedroom and found these two. I almost didn’t get a spot to sleep last night! Haha!

Tomorrow we’re off on another trip! We’re headed to Cale’s brothers house to visit for a couple days and then I’m off to another retreat! This time I’m not leading anything and will hopefully be relaxing!!! The Wounded Warrior Wives organization is putting it on and most of the women that will be there for the weekend live in Washington, which makes me happy. :o)

This man also makes me happy. I love him.

The more of Jesus I have in my life, the less our situation seems to control it.

Sorry this post was all over the place. I'm going to try to do a better job updating, but with so many other things going on and pulling for my time, it's not so easy!

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  1. Sweetie!! I am just glad to get to be a part of your life. You post WHEN FATHER GIVES YOU THE TIME!!!! Don't forget we might plan our days BUT Father is the one who directs our steps...even unto the posting part of the stepping. :) :) :) I love you, Marion


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