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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Our trip...

...can be described as wonderful!

We had the best time! And visited with the best people!



On Monday we started our trip with a drive to Spokane. The couple that we stayed with, blessed us MEGA by gifting us all of their Southwest points to fly down to CA. Wow! Unfortunately, flying out of Pasco was a no go for Southwest. We made it into a date night and had fun staying at a hotel and going to dinner. We actually had a ton of fun together and laughed until our sides hurt. Well, I know mine did and I'm pretty sure Cale thought I was just plain ol' crazy with all of my giggles!

The next morning the hotel shuttle picked us up at 4am! It wouldn't have been too terrible, but Cale woke up around 2:30am and wasn't able to fall back asleep until around the time I was going to be waking him up! So...we didn't get hardly ANY sleep. Cale is a wise man though and took care of his needs during our layover in Denver. I found chocolate to eat while I read my book. :o)

When we finally arrived in San Jose, the visiting started! We stayed with Dave and Barb and the whole time they were AMAZING! I didn't realize until on the flight home that the ONLY picture I have of them is one that Cale took one night at dinner and it's not even with us in the picture. I'm sure Barb is going to love me for showing it...

Here are some of the lovely faces we spent time with...

{J was one of the RT's while Cale was inpatient on 7D}

{Nicola is a great friend whom I love dearly! If only we lived closer to each other...}

{The family that became like my family while in CA. They were also the family that put up with Basil while we couldn't have him!}

{Our faithful prayer warriors Glenn and Sharron! We spent the day with them and drove up to Mt. Hermon...beautiful!}

{All of our friends on 7D!!!! I absolutely LOVED getting to see them! I only wish I would have had more time to talk with all of them...maybe next time? It's a must!}

{Of course we can't forget our buddies the RED WINGS!!!}

Some other ramdomness...

{we played Yahtzee}

{we played cribbage}

{Cribbage with teams...the boy team.}

{We were silly}

{Cale won at arm wrestling ;o)}

{Barb made us breakfast in bed (that we ate at the table for Cale) complete with our very own menu! This seriously made me cry. It was one of the sweetest things...}

{We went to a Red Wings game for our anniversary. Yes. Yes we did.}

{I made a little video of our special day}

Again, the trip was completely wonderful. I kept hearing from different people and not all around each other about how Cale seemed more "mature" than a year ago. Music to my ears. Not only was it observed by everyone, but Cale even blew me away for most of the trip! He came out with the funniest things and was mostly always engaged with the conversation. He is constantly changing. My brain is getting to the tired point, but at some point I'm going to have to write some of the things he said and would do! Barb, you're going to have to help me with this!

Being back home...

We pulled in a little after 3pm yesterday and our biblestudy is at 5:30! I had enough time to get showered, set up, and chill. Cale was past done for the day, so he spent the evening in the room which was totally fine!

{these packages were waiting for us! Thank you ladies for the anniversary goodies! I haven't opened all of them yet as my head is still spinning, but I know when I do I love whats inside!}

We had a neuropsych appt this afternoon. It all started well and Cale was even being funny. Dr. L was discussing the possibilities we should try for Cale when he goes grocery shopping with me. The thought is that one reason he says he doesn't like to go (hates it!) is because it's boring. If we challenge him and have him go and find an item (like a box of cereal) and come back to me, how would he do? The reality of him getting lost, panicking, and getting really angry are all there, but, since it's in a closed in environment, I can be right there quickly. Cale asked about him getting lost and Dr. L told him I wouldn't leave the store without him. Cale then replied, "She better not lose me, I make the money!" Hahahahaha! Oh. my. goodness. He cracks me up!

Laughter faded and frustration filled the air when the conversation kept going and Cale finally yelled to Dr. L to shut up right before storming out of the room. It was so hard to see because when the frustration very first started, I knew what was coming but hoped that it wouldn't end that way, but it did. It always does. I chased after Cale as soon as we heard the ding sound from the outside door opening. I didn't say a word letting Cale have "space" and wanted him to talk when he was ready. Most times he forgets that he was upset and we can move on, but this time he said, "You didn't have to leave too." I told him that I did because it was an appointment for both of us. When he asked why it was for him too, I explained that it was to help us process and work through his brain injury and work through us having a baby (when that time comes). Cale very firmly replied with, "I'm not injured." I brought up his brain injury and once again he firmly said, "I can't see it! I can't see my brain!"

Sometimes, him being out of his wheelchair can be a bit more challenging to understand that something is different. That something is hurt. That healing needs to take place.

Thankfully Dr. L has his job for a reason and he understands, and thankfully Cale wasn't being angry with me; just angry.

{Cale's mom came to visit and Cale decided to switch their shoes around.}

{When we unpacked all the stuff from our car a couple weeks ago, we found the Wii that Cale had gotten me for my birthday about a month before the accident. We put it together and today it was used! Mama and Cale played, I played with Cale, and then when his mom came she played with him!}

{A couple months ago I was online and had clicked on a website that has a bunch of baby stuff. I couldn't help myself when I saw this adorable little onesie. I put it in the cart and checked out. I've had it hanging on my desk reminding me that when the time comes and I hold our baby in my arms...I'll know our little baby was SO worth the wait. As is all of the treasures the Lord gives to us!}

side note...
The pictures from the last post were from a spot in Redwood City that Barb showed us. It was gorgeous and I couldn't leave without having our picture taken! She did a swell job and I love them! :o)


  1. Yahtzee, cribbage...these games seem a lot more challenging than the games I have heard you talk about before. This, too, is evidence of Father's hand on Cale. I love the picture of Cale just below the line of small black and whites. It looks Cale. Who sang the song? It sounds like I think you would sound? I think Barb will love the picture. :) All the pictures are wonderful. I am just delighted you had such a wonderful time. I missed you and am GLAD you are back. The family that took care of Basil look very nice. I look forward to the New Earth when I will get to meet all of them. I love you and am honored to be a part of your life. Marion

  2. SO glad you had an amazing time -- it had to be awesome for those from CA to see you and Cale again and see the changes!!! And as for the pictures, I can just look at them and see subtle changes in him -- from the way he stands, to his initiated silliness to the look he has on his face in several of them. Thank you, Lord, for continuing a good work in Cale :0)
    Now that you're back (and maybe slowing down a little), I feel a BBQ coming on. As soon as you're slowed down and caught up, and we get some better weather, we'd love to have you over! Til then...


  3. The video was so fun to watch! I don't think I noticed that when I first read that blog post! So glad I went back and looked again!
    Emily Jordan


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