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Monday, April 30, 2012


To start this post off…

Do you remember me writing about Cale being a trickster in my LAST post?! I’m not even kidding…right after writing to you and sharing about how he scared me on purpose…he did it again! Wednesday night when I went to bed, Cale was already curled up with Basil asleep. I washed up for bed as quietly as I could and even moved Basil off the bed quietly. I had to wake Cale a little since he was asleep on top of the covers and then I crawled under with him. I felt something under my leg and kind of moved curious of what it was, but then it kind of moved with me…uh? At that point I freaked…a little and when I lifted back the cover at first I just saw this tale. AHHHHH! Yes. I screamed. I screamed really loud and in that spilt second when I turned to my knight in shining armor, he was laughing! Not just a ha ha ha kind of laugh, but a full deep belly kind of laughter. That of course created several minutes of both of us laughing so hard we could hardly catch our breath! I should have known something was up when Chris and Cale had gone on a “top secret” stop while they were out together, but when they came back with Mt. Dew and Reese’s I thought I had it all figured out!

Here’s for some randoms…

This was a couple Saturdays ago. It was such a sweet moment of us just chillin' and being together-

I used to think pedicures were a waste of money because it's not too hard to paint my own toenails, but I have to say, I think differently now. Not that I think they're not a waste of money, but about how wonderful I think it feels to let someone else do the work!

One of my favorite parts of our house is the pretty tree out front. I remember last year starring at it all the time and wanting to take lots of pictures in front of it. BEAUTIFUL! It's in bloom

I finally finished our schedule board and I adore it! It turned out perfectly and the schedule itself has saved me from sheer craziness...or has it?!

I used a picture frame and for the back I covered it with a grey sheet. I printed out our schedule and put it to one side. I wanted to have room to write notes through the week or grocery items we run out of. I made the little rolled flowers out of sheet from our bed (Cale hates the top sheet so we always have leftover if we by them in a set) and when you put it all's cute! :o)

I cut my hair. It's not quite as short as I did last August but about the same. It's not adventurous  or anything crazy, but it feels better! I just went in to get it trimmed but the sun was shining and the birds were chirping. I had no choice but to chop of almost 4 inches! It sounds like a lot more to me than I'm sure it really is. I always feel odd about just taking a picture of myself, so I had Cale take one and decided it would work!

We love games. One gift and blessing out of this whole car accident and brain injury thing...we play cards at 10am on a week day :o)

Basil makes us laugh...he gets himself so comfy!

We had our niece over Saturday night. Cale's sister lives in the same city and we hardly get to see her or the kids! We enjoyed having her over and spending some time with her. We went to Yoplicity after movie AND dinner! Later that night she wanted to dress up so first Cale did her make up and then I did her hair and then she played dress up with my dresses :o) So cute and so fun! I couldn't help thinking about Cale being such a good daddy if we ever have a daughter. He was willing to join in the girl fun!

The next morning instead of getting up and ready for church, we got up and after everything was ready to go, we took our sweet guest back home and we hit the road to Seattle! Cale has 5 appointments between today and Wednesday.

On our way up we stopped in the same town we always do for a little "Cale" break. After giving several (13 to be exact) choices of where to get lunch, he wouldn't budge...

I'm not sure if it says anything about us getting older or just shows where we're at in life, but when we drove into town and checked into our hotel, I gave some options about us going to a movie or dinner or shopping, but we both just wanted to veg! We stayed inside the rest of the day...didn't even go out for dinner, instead we just snacked!

This morning started off early with a neurology appointment. Cale did awesome! They do a routine basic cognitive exam and then most of the appointment is checking all his physical reactions to the brain injury. I've been witness to these same appointments several times and can I just say, it is amazing to watch with my eyes the changes and the miracle that Cale is. No, it may not be an overnight instant "BAM" he's healed, but not all miracles are that way. His brain is still healing...he's still alive...he's telling jokes (and pulling pranks!) and when asked what year it is he answered that it was 2012. That doesn't happen very often at all...but it did today!

He doesn't look too happy about getting his blood pressure checked! He was actually smiling and talking with the nurse though!

With every appointment comes waiting...

Part of the physical exam was checking reactions on his feet. Since the accident his feet are extremely sensitive and so when he was being checked out, he couldn't stand the ticklish feeling. It was causing him to laugh and his feet to jump all over the place. They decided to write on the chart that result was unclear... ;o)

Just give the Dew and all will be well again! :o)

I was snapping so many pictures of Cale he wanted to take one of me! Of course he had to capture his note-taking audience! It's what all the poor doctors have to look forward to...WAAHAHAHAHA!

Next came his eye appointment. Afterwards Cale summed it up by saying, "waste of time" and I have to say I agree. All they did was have him try to see the pictures on the wall, took notes of how he doesn't see great and talked briefly about possibility of surgery for his eye that would be basically cosmetic. His vision issues are neurological and they believe there is nothing that will help. The end. We did find out that a while ago we were named the "waiting room love birds" so whenever we come in (the neurology and eye clinic are in the same area) the staff know who we are! haha!

Day 1...two appointments down! After all our hard work we went to lunch at one of my favorites, Romano's Macaroni Grill. Love. It's all about the bread folks.

One of the really fun things about eating there is the paper tablecloths and getting to color! Cale has been missing Basil so I thought I'd be a sweet wife a draw a picture to give us a giggle as we pretended our adorable dog was joining us. Well...a giggle is what I gave us for sure!

We also played some hangman and oh the fun that was! Cale actually did great when he was the one guessing the letters, but when he was the one to think of the word we had some problems...a little bit. He would forget the word that he had in his head and then the second time I had him write it on the side, but his writing and spelling aren't great so that was even more confusing for him. We had fun though!

So far we have been having a super great time together! We've been laughing and just enjoying each other. It feels good. Feels right.

Appointments at the, no big deal! Ha! :o)


  1. I loved reading your blog tonight. It sounds like things are going well. You are sure better at reacitng to the snake in the bed than I would be. I love you, Marion

  2. Loved all the photos!
    Emily Jordan

  3. Hey sounds like things are going pretty good. Just to let you know I am Jill and Ron Shelby's secound to youngest daughter named Evie. I know Bethany and heard about your blog so I am a follower now.

  4. Love Seattle (to visit anyway); love pedicures (I can actually rationalize this expenditure!); love the flowers (must show me how...); and I love seeing Basil, even though it makes me miss Carli even more! I appreciate the humor in Cale, I believe it's something the Lord has given him not only pre-accident, but also "for such a time as this".
    I'm so happy that you two are enjoying yourselves, loving each other, and having success at the appointments. I too believe that Cale is still being healed and our God is not done yet! Amen...

  5. Terri, What a wonderous verse to remember...for such a time as this... Thank you. Marion


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