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Thursday, June 7, 2012

This & that...

Two. Words.

Farm Chicks.

Simply Amazing.

Mama and I booked our hotel a while ago and have been looking forward to the weekend!  One reason is because we haven't been able to spend much time just the two of us lately and also because, well, Farm Chicks is FULL of treasures. We couldn't wait to find some!

We have some friends that have been going for years. Unfortunately they weren't able to go this year though. I've been seeing their pictures for the last few years and finally was able to go.

Two. more. words.

Girl Time.

It was so good to get away with Mama and be so super silly with her. It's always good. Part of our adventure led to us using terrible southern accents while searching for a Wal-Mart in the middle of nowhere. Good times.

Ready to hunt!

We waited in line in the rain with smiles :)

One of my favorite finds of the day was a chandelier for $15! I know the perfect spot for it at our new home!

Some BIG news to update on...

It's all happening so fast. I thought with the specific needs we have with Cale's disability and Mama living with us, that it was going to take forever to find a home. Not the case for us! I had decided the final yes or no was going to be determined after Frank took a look at everything. There were a few things he pointed out that are potential problems so we'll have the inspector take a look, but so far all is a go! We made our offer that night, they accepted, and we're buying a home!!!!!!! Crazy!

When we left the office after first signing the documents to make our offer, I was telling Mama about how so many nights I sat in a hospital room asking the Lord, "how is this all going to turn out?" "How will this work?" Now, we're in the process of buying a home. Our home. It's more than I could have ever imagined. There's a bubble of joy bursting in me! The Lord didn't have to set things perfectly planned to provide for us in the way that we have been so blessed with. Being thankful...feels like an understatement. I'm speechless.

This next week the Darlings are taking another trip that was planned months ago, so we'll miss the inspection. It could have been this week, but we really wanted Frank to be there since he knows all the things to ask and make sure is checked. If all goes smoothly, as of now our closing date is July 18th!! Praise the Lord!

Once we have the keys (and the it's officially OUR home!!!!!!!!!), there are a few things that need to be done before moving us in. Because of Cale's toleration level being so low and needing a comfortable peaceful home for him to move into, we won't be moving right in. I've been in contact with the VA about the adaptive housing benefit, but I found out today that Cale wasn't even rated for it. To go through the whole process of getting him rated and then going through the application process, it could take months and months before anything is started. Although we don't have to rush out of the house we're in, we also don't want to wait 6 months to a year after getting the keys to move.

So, that leads us to continuing The Darling Project. If you would pray about how this might be a way for you to help get the home ready for Cale, we would love to have you join us! We basically just need to raise money to help with the flooring. Right now it's all carpet and to help Cale have full independence, we'll need to take the carpet out and put in some solid flooring.

Do you know how to do this and want to give time? Do you know a great fundraiser that you could put together to help financially?

Just send me an email if you need more info! :)

For those of you asking for pictures...I will get one on here soon!

Cale continues to work so hard in PT. I was telling him this afternoon when we left how proud I am of him. He works so hard. I can see it all over his face when I watch him in every session. His PT is really working on his balance and challenging him to do things without holding on to something. His reasoning to push him so much in that way is because if he's holding our baby one day, he's not going to have free hands to grab for help! He's having Cale do things that take a huge step of overcoming fear for Cale. His brain doesn't trust his leg and just to get it somewhat lifted takes incredible effort. What impresses me so much is that even though Cale is afraid to do it because he might fall, he does it. He continues to try everything asked, push himself to do his best, and keeps going. He's quite the man...

I took a couple videos, but I've just been using my phone and I always do it the wrong way so they come out sideways. Oops!

I'm not complaining, but I am curious...what is going on with this weather?! It's June and instead of my flip flops, I'm wearing rain boots. Instead of the AC in the car, my heater is on, and instead of smoothies for breakfast I want soup! The western side of the state may be used to this whole cold rain stuff, but we're not on this side of the state!! Since it's been so coldy here, we've been home playing games and bundled up!

The other night we finally gave Mama her Mother's Day gift. She's has wanted pictures done with us for a long time, but we just have never done it. One of my friends that I met through this great little blog takes pictures as a hobby and I think she happens to do a great job! She was willing to snap a few and have some fun with us...

This one is one of my all time favorites! I love every little detail of it...

Isn't she beautiful...?

Today I was in the room surrounded by paperwork, reading emails, and making phone calls. It's been my life the last week or so...or maybe the last 2 years?! As I was sitting there, I took a picture of how my day was unfolding...

I was in our spare room hanging out and working hard until someone decided it was time for distraction...

I don't know about you, but he's a pretty good lookin' distraction! :)

So...I'm going to die Saturday! Yikes...a couple months ago, weeks ago? Hmm...I have no idea when it was, I agreed to do the Tough Rhino Mud Run. You see friends, in my head, I'm sporty and fit. Bring it on! Reality, I'm not sporty or fit. Oh goodness. What have I gotten myself into? I kind of pictured this large area of mud that I, along with my friends would run and play in. We'd laugh and have a good ol' time. Somehow, I'm thinking that may not be how it's going to be...

It's been nice bloggin' with ya...


  1. Oh my I cannot tell you how stinking happy I am for you...A house..The first step in making your little family complete..I don't know what we can do from here for the Project except to pray my love and maybe a small financial contribution...But we definately will be in prayer...The pictures are wonderful and your mum is a real treasure and truly beautiful inside and out..
    A mud run? Wow I always knew you were brave but man you are really really brave...Have yourself a blast and just let yourself go...We love you.We really really look forward to the pictures....
    Charlie and Jean

  2. Well, my dear, I think you are right, I mean about the run not being a play in the mud type deal. YET you are mistaken about the dying part. You are going to more than live through it. You will have many wonderful memories to enjoy, to laugh at. I am at my daughter's in Nevada. It's been good. She is beyond blessed to see how well Cale is doing. Kathleen, I am THRILLED about your new home. I love you and continue to trust Father for you and your sweet husband, and sweet mama. Marion

  3. Congratulations about the house! That is wonderful news! Also...the photo session turned out great! Such beautiful pictures...all the colors are lovely (and the people too). I am still praying.
    Emily Jordan


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