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Friday, June 1, 2012


"Whatever your 100% looks like, GIVE it." -Lance Armstrong

We have two sessions a week of PT and Speech for 12 weeks. Blessed. Beyond that, we have no clue if there will be anymore, but I'm so thankful we were able to at least receive that!

This last week was has been just PT. Cale went Wednesday and right off the bat his PT was challenging him. Balance is a difficult thing to retrain your brain and body. Cale has been able to come up with a way to compensate, but with that comes "bad habits" that actually make his balance worse. Any kind of retraining causes Cale's frustration to escalate because it's so difficult for him.

The first exercise his PT had him do was with a screen and a mat that he stood on that would show where all of his weight was at. He had done this in Palo Alto as well. Cale was having difficulty nut I could see the determination in his eyes. After a short time, he did become extremely upset and walked away from the PT. I sat with him for about 10 minutes refocusing his attention and then he was back up for more work. The next thing was working between the bars trying to step one foot in front of the other. He was unsuccessful, but the blessing was that he was trying so hard over and over again.

On the wall to the side read the quote above from Lance Armstrong. I sat there watching my man struggle and everything he had to work at the task at hand. Even though he wasn't able to accomplish complete balance, he accomplished giving his 100% the best that he was able.

How frustrating it must be to know that you should be able to do something but you can't get your body to do it!

Thinking of the word "empowered" I would say that was a moment for me. My husband empowers me to give it work my give my 100% whatever that may look like.

While I was in OK City for the retreat a couple weeks ago, Chris took Cale paintballing! I was finally able to talk to Chris about how it actually went. He said Cale sat out off and on because he was tired, but basically they found him a spot to stay in and he would shoot! The first couple games were in a large area so Cale said it was dumb because he stayed in one place and the guys didn't really go near where he was at, but they ended up switching to a smaller area so the spot he had was right in the middle of everyone. It's always so incredible to me finding things that Cale can do and some of them don't work out and turn out to be a disaster, but we'll never know if we don't give him the opportunity!

A funny thing from Cale...

When you say "hello" or "hi" he'll let you know which one you're supposed to say based on who is "higher" or not. For instance, if I'm sitting down and he's standing, I'm supposed to say "high" to him and he says "hellow" to me because I'm lower than he is. Next to him it's the same when I'm standing or sitting of course! He's so stinkin' tall! Haha! 

Tonight we have an appointment to look at the house we're interested in! Cale hasn't seen it yet, so this is when he will and we're having Frank walk through with us. Frank is a crazy huge blessing in our lives. He's extremely  knowledgeable about houses and a retired contractor. He's also very honest and won't let us end up with a junker  house. I respect him and admire him and completely trust his judgment.

Please join us in praying for wisdom for me, wisdom for Frank tonight as he looks at the inside, and that the Lord would make it crystal clear if this is the house for us. I don't want my decision to be on how much I love it and think it's perfect...I want the home the Lord already has planned for us!

Oh goodness! I'm so stinkin' excited! Yesterday I went with Mama to the store and we couldn't help ourselves...we had to pick up some paint samples! Eeeeeeek!


  1. Father has you right where He wants you. Cale will be challenged AND will succeed! Father has your house already picked out. He has he perfect place for you. I will trust it is ABUNDENTLY clear when the time comes. Kathleen I love and am so honored to be a part of your life. Thank you for sharing with me. Marion

  2. I am continuing to pray for all your needs and requests. God's grace is sufficient for your weakness He is made strong. To God Be the Glory.
    Emily Jordan


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