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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Mouth dropping kind of stuff...

A song of ascents. Of Solomon. Unless the LORD builds the house, its builders labor in vain. Unless the LORD watches over the city, the watchmen stand guard in vain. Psalm 127:1

In a few months, there will not just be weeds and dirt, rather, a home full of love and grace. A home where two people just a couple years ago were faced with a completely different picture of what home was going to look like. Death was near. Doctors reports hurt. Diagnosis...unimaginable. The Lord has chosen to bless us with a home. We did nothing to deserve the blessings he continually pours over us. This home...means nothing if He isn't the provider, the director, the builder. Our hearts and our prayer is to fully honor His name and give all glory to Him.
...and then squeal just a little with excitement! Eeeeeeeeek!!!!!!

If you're in the area and would like to join us, on July 21st at 7pm (pt) we're going to gather and pray over the land. We'd love to have you join us in prayer at that time even if you can't make it to our little lot. :) I know it'll be a bit late for you east coast friends, but if you eat a bowl of ice cream maybe you'll wake up a little! ;)

Please send an email for more info if you'd like!

Since I last posted...

The 4th of July happened! Rachel was in town so I spent most of the day having girl time with her. I always love her visits! Cale spent the afternoon with Mama until evening when he joined me at Rachel's parents' house for dinner. We had cheeseburgers and Cale wouldn't touch his because there was no mustard! He wasn't giving in either! I hate the yellow stuff...but apparently he loves it more than I knew! Or he's just incredibly stubborn. The second choice is on! Heehee!

We then went with Rachel to watch the fireworks at the park. Cale was so excited about them!

I don't mean to be Debbie Downer, but I just want to remind (again?) that we celebrate the 4th because of our freedom and independence with fireworks, but many of the men and women that have fought for that very freedom, aren't able to watch the fireworks. We're blessed that Cale doesn't struggle with PTSD, but I know many wonderful friends who can no longer take part in celebrating because of the level of stress it causes their men! Let's continue to lift up our military men and women!  

Cale continues to have speech with his therapist that he had with Rehab Without Walls once a month. She's kind of connected with the program Cale is a part of with Wounded Warrior Project. Since about March I've seen some changes happen in Cale that I can't always describe. Some days, I see it more than others, but I know that I see it. Even more recently I've noticed more exciting changes specifically with memory.

After his session yesterday I walked his therapist to the car and no we talked we both looked like the unfortunate guy above.

I've been asked a lot lately if I still see changes in Cale. Usually, I'll say that I do, they're just slower now. And, it's true they are. What's so exciting is that they are still happening!! Memories are being created. With some things he'll remember it for an hour and then it'll be gone, or even for three days and be gone, and some things are just sticking!

We were supposed to go camping with his brothers family this weekend, but plans changed a little. Over the last couple weeks, Cale has been bringing the trip up ON HIS OWN!!!!!! Several times he has asked when we were going to see his brother or how many days until we camp! He even told his speech therapist about it when she asked him what his plans this weekend were. UNBELIEVABLE!!!!

Are you kidding me?! Going from not remembering something 2 minutes after it happened to now being able to on his own bring something up?! Ahh! Awesome. So awesome!

He was even able to tell his neuropsych the other night that we had gone to Costco! It had been a couple hours and he still knew!

Yes siree bob, miracles are happening.

I have more to write about but Cale needs some attention. :)

He just started petting me saying, "Good cat. Good Cat. Meow."


  1. Yea !!! So very happy to hear that Cale is initiating memories on his own God is the maker of all of our dreams and our memories come out of those dreams, Caleb is a walking miracle !!!PTL!!!!
    Love you Reenie !

  2. Told you never ever lose faith and never ever give up. Don't listen to their timelines. 11 years later some good and some bad, but changes still come. The best is you bring out the best in him and you reap the rewards with him. XOXOXO


  3. I kept automatically going to click "Like" by each paragraph. HAHA! I WISH I could be there to pray over the land where your home will be. I will set an alarm on my phone to pray anyway. The wonderful, wonderful thing about a brand new house - no rodents, bugs (for a while, anyway)! And what amazing, exciting news about Cale! I pray one day he will have a better memory than even YOU do. : ) LOVE you Kathleen!

  4. Meow..ha ha I love it...Oh my the Lords favor is really graciously upon you right now my darling girl.So happy for you in everything you posted. I am ALWAYS up late so I put the date and time on my calender to pray for many super blessings for your land, your new house, Cale, you, your mom, everything you need my lovely..I love you so much and I am so thrilled for all the GOOD things coming for you..So happy for some good times to come...<3

  5. Well, Dearheart, Isn't Father Wonderful?!?!! I am so excited to hear of the changes happening in Cale's life. I rejoice sith you. Like you, I am saddened that our soldiers who fought for our freedom "can't enjoy" the fireworks. Yet, Praise God, they are home and with those who love them. I continue to trust Father for the wonderous work being done in your lives. With a hug and much love, Marion


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