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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Birthday Boy...yesterday! :o)

Yesterday was a very special day...
We celebrated Cale's birthday! We're in San Diego with limited internet, but I wanted to get his little birthday post up before we were suddenly into the next week!
26 things Cale...
I am funny.
I am smart.
I like apples.
I like cookies.
I like ice cream.
Pie is good.
Pop. Yes, pop is good. Lots.
I don’t like onions.
Spinach. Yuck.
Alcohol is gross. Yeah, yuck.
I don’t like puking. Puking is bad.
I don’t like when people are mean to me.
I do like hockey. Yes. Lots!
Cheese. I like cheese.
Chocolate is good too.
Video games are fun.
I’m a man.
I like my girl. I love her lots.
Hmm…hard to say stuff…
I don’t like showering.
I don’t like being dirty either.
I don’t like golf. Boring.
I like playing cards.
I play cards with Joy.
I like my brother.
I like my sister.
I like home.
It was pretty enjoyable asking Cale to tell me things about himself and typing what he said. Towards the last few he started to get really bored of his wife's idea of a good time...but he made it through!
My Facebook status yesterday was:
My crazy husband, you are by far the biggest stinker, the most stubborn, and the most difficult challenge I have ever known. You cause me in a single day to experience more emotions than I can count. God has given me the ability to see you through a whole different set of eyes and because of this, I love you in a way I never thought possible and claim you as a very special gift in my life. Happy Birthday Dude! Thank you for keeping my life interesting!! Love you!!!
When I read it to Cale, we both had a good laugh.
More update to come!


  1. What a FUN post. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! Cale, a day late. :( I am so proud of you, and all the hard work you do. Yes, you are a man. Father chose you for Kathleen because He knew you were just what she needed. Blessings and much love to you and your sweet wife, Marion

  2. Happy birthday, Cale! God has given you a great gift in Kathleen.

  3. Sweet, fun post! Happy Birthday to Cale, a little late! :o} When you are traveling through North Carolina if you happen to come near Sanford, NC we would love to meet you both! That would be great fun! I wonder if you will see the Roots...I haven't seen a posting from Amy in so long...I pray the are Ok.
    Blessings to you, Darlings!
    Emily Jordan


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