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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

An unexpected good kind of twist!

Life is crazy. There are always some days and weeks that seem a bit more crazy than others. We kind of always roll with it and make things continue to happen as best we can around here.
Thursday morning after one phone call we kicked crazy into the next gear and then took that up a notch.
Super crazy.
Now to explain...
We're about to head off to the Adaptive Summer Sports Clinic in San Diego. It's the same one we were able to enjoy last year! Super excited! That has been planned basically since last year...
We'll be gone for a week and then come home for just a few days before taking off across the country for a very exciting east coast trip. We'll be visiting our NY family for about a week...soaking up every minute before heading down to NC. We'll first hang out in one area of NC and then visit another. This 3 week trip has been planned since about it's been awhile.
When all the house stuff came up, we worked it out that we would come home from our trip and get busy finishing up with the house and then move! We've had that plan since about July?
I think no matter how many times I try, I am not the author of my life, our life; our story.
God himself spoke creation into being.
He knows all the plans He has for us.
I feel like this should be solid in my mind as well as my heart, yet I'm not even close to having this down! Ha! I've got a looooong way to go!
I had a phone call with a doctor in Washington DC. We spent just about 2 hours talking about Cale's brain injury, where he's at, his struggles, my struggles, our hopes, and possibilities.
I had already spent two weeks praying about this program I was told about. I was waiting to talk with the doc, waiting to have questions answered. Waiting until I was able to come before the throne and once again lay down desires and dreams.
When the phone call ended, it was decided that instead of us flying all the way back home when we leave NC and then having to purchase another ticket to get us all the way back there...we should just fly straight there.
I ran downstairs in a speed that was just shy of giving be ability to fly. I sat right down in front of Mama as she was painting and let everything come out, the entire conversation in about the same speed as I flew down the stairs! Yikes!
We discussed everything with the house and all the needs that are there to finish up. We discussed a list of things that will need to be taken care of. And I tried to come up with all the "issues" with the whole idea that I could. With every one Mama would answer with a way that it could be taken care of. She's pretty awesome.
That left a week to completely take care of as much as I possibly can. Pack for trips. Plan out things for the house. Take care of paper work. Think about and take care of details. Pack as much of the house as I can. See people.
I suddenly had no more wasted time.
at all.
I'm about to get really personal with ya...
I had two things that were holding me back before the phone call. Two things that I knew were just small little things compared to the whole picture of our life. But, they were real to me. Real and desired. Real and hoped for. Real and expected.
One of them of course was the house. I have enjoyed and been so blessed getting to watch the whole process and look forward to getting to move in and settle. Unpack, decorate, and be home. It's just a house and I know it shouldn't be too important to me, but it's not even so much the house itself. It's the whole idea of being in our home. Together. I know it's been awhile, but I remember like it was an hour ago the feeling of looking through the different brochures to nursing homes and apartment searching for me. I remember all too well the feeling of home feeling so so so far away.
Good news...
There will be a home ready when we come back! It's not like it's in question and we have no idea where will come back to (we've been there too!). This time we know. Home will be here waiting.
The second thing is much deeper. I've shared before so it's no secret. We want a baby. I haven't written our whole story over the last year about the whole baby thing and one day I will, but for today, I'll just say that I have honestly thought we were getting really close. In fact, it was planned very soon to at least...ya know...start up that whole thing.
I've spent a TON of time praying about this precious subject and have totally and completely not wanted to step into any kind of action toward that without it being in Christ's perfect timing. I have to be very honest that the whole waiting thing has not been the slightest.
Good news...
This is an opportunity that will possibly help Cale be at an even better place in his recovery for a baby. I will be too! The doc also had ideas to help with infertility that mood stabilizers can cause. And, we pray that we still will have this moment again where we can start the talk of cooking one up! It's just a little bit more of a wait...which we're willing to do!
This means...
We'll be in a really great program for brain injury and medication management and away from home for possibly 4 weeks or maybe 4 idea.
We are SOOOOOO thankful for this exciting twist...
We have been praying for something just like this to come around but had no idea there was something like this or that we had the option!
We will be back to hospital life. Cale will be inpatient again and I'll stay at the Fisher House again.
Hospital food...
No husband in the bed with me...
Missing our home being finished and will become extra thankful for pictures and videos!
I've already started begging Rachel to visit us while there...if you know her, you should help me beg!
Changes for Cale!
This program sounds totally amazing and every single person that I've talked to about it is extremely excited that Cale is going!
 Mama and I have made list after list after list. We're trying to think of every little thing that needs done! So many things!
My life is c.r.a.z.y busy.
We love that Father knows best...and that He writes our story...and that Kathleen is not the author.
I'll keep ya posted. So don't you worry your pretty little heads. :o)
For some randoms as of late...
We had a bingo night with our moms. We haven't played in awhile because Cale had a hard time with the numbers being so small and getting tired way too quickly. That was with me helping him with just about every number...he did awesome this time! I was so proud! And we all had fun! :o)
I got myself a haircut...feels so much better!
and Cale is the now owner of NHL 13! He's pretty stinkin' happy about it. Although, he did say it's hard and different.
Our home has a roof! And!! Yay!
This is just when the list was getting started. Full. Page. Yo.
I'm off to disaster relief training and can't wait to post while at the clinic and show you ALL that Cale is doing! Praying for more endurance, strength, toleration, and um...much more!
Thank you in advance for every single prayer through this new little road our journey took. We're so very thankful! Like...BIG time!


  1. Just overwhelmed with J.O.Y. for all He is doing for you...I can't stand it I am so happy for you ....I can't wait to see you..If we can do anything at all please let me know..Food, clothes, blankies, snacks, games, anything you call text FB smoke signals whatever.....

  2. I am ALSO overwhelmed with JOY! And the best thing about it is, I get to SEE YOU AND TALK TO YOU ABOUT IT ALL!!! KATHLEEN!

  3. Nice Kathleen. You & Cale & your families should be so excited & crazy busy right now!!! Happy for you! God is good.

    Pattie Andring

    1. God is so very good and ready to hold us up at every turn!! Excited with you:)


  4. WOW!! can I say WOW!! Oh Kathleen, my heart is so very full for you. I am glad Father is in control of all things. Who would have thought this could be so, so, so EXCITING. Father has the right time for Baby Darling, too. Honestly, I am so thrilled for you both and will continue to trust Father for you. He took you out of the mix with the house to prepare some special surpises JUST for you. You have been a part of the foundation...the part that will hold your home together. You were instrumental part of writing all the scriptures and blessings on the walls. Father has builta few homes in His time. Everything will get done, that needs done. Besides, like you said, He put your mama there so she could do something special for her VERY special daughter. I love you and look forward to another chapter in the Darling Story. Marion

  5. I am soooooo excited for you guys!!!! I will be praying for smooth transitions and a true sense of peace in all your decisions. We will miss you while you're gone, but will look forward to your homecoming (to a beautiful new home!). Love you. <3 Love, Bonnie Bennett

  6. Ok... crazy... I just read this tonight for the first time. Two nights ago I was lying in bed. I was praying for many of the people I pray for on a regular basis. I always pray for you and Cale, but I haven't prayed specifically about the baby issue in a long time. After spending a good deal of time talking to God about our dear mutual friend who is going through all the infertility treatments right now, I then turned my attention to you and Cale. I prayed specifically on the baby issue. When it happens for you, you will be such an incredible momma! So happy for all your good things right now. God is good!

    Love you!

  7. I have followed Cales Recovery and now you will be in my neck of the woods. If while you are in DC please let us know if you need anything....I would love to meet you and your wonderful man Cale :-)...Great things are coming your way!!

  8. You are indeed incredibly blessed and you deserve all of it.


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