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Sunday, September 2, 2012 praises!

Just a quick update so I don't get behind too much more...
On Thursday we all said good bye to Noah. It was emotional because he's been so much a part of our family but it was needed. It's the next step towards getting a service dog for Cale.
When talk of a service dog first came up, we knew it meant having to find new homes for Basil and Noah. It wasn't an easy decision but after prayers and lots of thought we knew we have to do what's best for Cale and life with his brain injury. Mama was so selfless through the whole thing. Noah is her dog. She rescued him and she's become attached, but Cale is her priority. I'm so thankful for Mama and her willing heart. She not only was willing to give her dog up without complaining, but daily she blesses us! So SO thankful!
Basil is next...tears...
I drove Kathy and Cale up to the property and all three of us did some writing on the frame. Cale's notes are funny! This one says, "Hi you Hee hee"
Saturday morning I woke up early and decided to create a little escape with the Lord. I don't get too much alone time at home, but a drive to the property was perfect! I was able to sing and talk to the Lord as loud as I wanted and it didn't matter. No one else was around. It ended up being an amazing time not just because its our new home being built that I am so thankful for and know it is such a went deeper...
Out of the corner of my eye, two nails caught my attention. It was right when I was opening my Bible. Nails. There I was surrounded by all of this wood and nails. Instantly I was taken to the cross. My heart was already open from my thoughts on the drive there.
Have I truly suffered?
This has been on my heart a lot lately. I have felt pain so intense that I literally couldn't catch my breath. I have gone through many days that I knew I could keep going only because God's grace. I almost lost my husband and even though I'm so blessed his life was spared, we have lost so much more. It's hard. It's all so hard.
But, isn't life hard?
Isn't it challenging at some point for everyone?
We all usually at some point in our life experience pain and grief. It's a common theme through the Bible as well.
The difference between me and just any person on the planet is that I chose Christ. He was beaten bloody and nailed to a couple pieces of wood as a sacrifice for my life. Because of His pain, I've gained the ability to release my broken heart into His hands and then I can be used by Him for his glory. Not an ounce of my strength to daily live is from me.
There's not a thing special about me or about the journey I've walked...I just have the Holy Spirit living in me...and that is pretty awesome!
It's just too easy to say, "poor me."
I hope all of that came out right... was a great time. I felt the presence of the Lord so thick...I love so much that He reveals Himself to me even in a framed house.
I've been working on a little project with Mama...
We found a king size bed on Craigslist last week. I couldn't pass up the price! The headboard had potential but I didn't love the look. We spent yesterday sanding and now we're ready to paint! I'm excited for the end result!
Oh! AND to finish off with some goooooood news...
Do you remember me writing about how Cale wasn't going to church? It was to the point that he would NOT go for anything. We've been praying for his spiritual healing which is much more valuable than his physical healing.
The last three Sundays he's joined me at church!!!!!!
He's done it without fighting! He makes sure to let me know he doesn't enjoy it because it's boring but he goes! Praise the Lord!
We've been taking his iPad along to help him not get so frustrated and angry from boredom. This morning he didn't touch the iPad!!!
He set it down and for the most part focused on what our Pastor was saying. It was an incredible sermon but normally Cale just can't process quick enough.
Goodness!!!! I just...I just am so thankful!


  1. I just want to give a HUGE shout out to your mom Kathleen..I would give anything to be blessed for a mom like that...You are truly one in a million Joy..
    I can't believe how wonderfully far your house is coming along. I get more and more excited to see the pictures..
    About you missy- yes we all have struggles but I would say that yours have been right up there at the top and if anyone has a right to complain you do and I dare say I don't hear you mumble nary a whisper of complaint very often when I would be shouting it sometimes...
    So happy to hear that my love Cale is being fed in church.Even if some of what the pastor says is getting in and he is retaining it that is great news...
    I can't wait to see pics of your new puppy Lena..I pray he helps to heal all your hearts from having to give up your loving pups that you have all had for so long.. I know what a sacrifice you are all making for Cale and I for one do honor you all for it,
    I cannot WAIT to see you in a few weeks..SO excited....
    We love you so much sweetheart...Hang in there darling Darlings...

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  3. Dear One, For seeing through the mirror dimmly (as the scripture goes) you have a pretty clear picture of what Father means by suffering. Speaking of suffering, I HOPE the entry just above me is meant as a joke. It's NOT about being able to afford two dogs, it's about their interaction with the service dog and how the service dogs focas needs to be on Cale and not his pecking order in the pack. As for the dogs, they too, are under the dispensation of the Father. Yes, they are part of the family, and in a sense they suffer in silence BUT a Father who knows the each sparrow that falls, KNOWS each dogs heart and comforts them as well, and gives them their reward and what they need to carry on. I am more than somewhat angered anyone who claims to have followed your blog for so long could think you would do anything without thinking it through and doing what Father puts before you. We have have rescued many dogs, had them become a part of our lives, and then pass them on to new owners. Two dogs especially come to mind, one, Boris, a pitbull we rescued from being put down. He loved our children they loved him. We found a couple that needed a dog for their famlily and gave them Boris. Boris loved his new family and filled their needs well. Yes, he did remember me. Two years later, I saw the couple walking him. I went over, Boris jumped up giving me a doggy hug. I was surprized. The couple said dogs remember those who were kind to them as well as anyone else. Noah, and Basil will remember their times with you. In human terms, they will be grateful for the family that loved them and prepared them so well for their new families. The second dog I remember is Chance. We found him left on his own at the end of our road. We gave him a "second chance", thus the name. He was very muvh a part of our family. We didn't have a fenced yard, and with five small children, I didn't have the time to walk, or run him like he needed. We found a new home for him. He went to a family with an autistic boy. Chance lived up to his name by giving that little boy a "chance" to be more independent, and able to function. I am glad the people love you. I pray they learn to see with Father's eyes and NOT their own. With a hug, Marion

  4. Girly. Head up about the dog remark n brush those comments off. Don't let the words replay in your head. I'm so saying this from personal experience of being attacked recently with hurtful words. The enemy will use whatever or whoever to cut to your heart. We all know you and your heart n your priorities are right where they need to be. Stand firm girl and don't let the enemy take any ground. I'm so proud of the woman you are and the wife you are to Cale. Love ya!!

  5. Girly. Head up about the dog remark n brush those comments off. Don't let the words replay in your head. I'm so saying this from personal experience of being attacked recently with hurtful words. The enemy will use whatever or whoever to cut to your heart. We all know you and your heart n your priorities are right where they need to be. Stand firm girl and don't let the enemy take any ground. I'm so proud of the woman you are and the wife you are to Cale. Love ya!!

  6. WELL SAID!!!! Krystle!! Satan H A T E S Father with a passion. The best way to get at a parent, is to attack one of his kids. You are wise in saying "Stand firm, and don't let the enemy take any ground." Blessings to you, Krystle, Marion

  7. I would like for everyone to know, that Noah has been placed in a very loving home. The couple that have him live in Poulsbo, WA & they have another rescued dog. They already love Noah very much & are keeping me posted about how he is doing. Every morning I thank God for providing a safe, loving home for him. It hurt me deeply to give him up, but I can still be a part of his life through pictures & videos. Thanks to all of you for the words of encouragement.

  8. Bless you, Joy. Thank you for giving us a word. Father has His hand on you in a special way. Marion

  9. Thank you so much for the update. What blessings each one of you give to us...the readers of your blog! What a sweet mother you have, Kathleen, and what a wonderful wife Cale has! You all are precious and I am praying for you as this will be an adjustment time of giving up your pets and a time of grieving. God will hold you and get you through those rough spots! I am so happy that you will still be able to know how Noah is doing through photos and videos...that is wonderful! I know he went to a good home and is probably being spoiled rotten as he was with you precious people! I will continue to pray.
    Emily Jordan
    I did not see the comment that was removed but I cannot imagine anyone making a bad comment on here...SHAME on them! We will pray for them too.


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