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Saturday, September 29, 2012

Our happenings so far...

Just a quick note to say hi and show some photos!
We've left! We are now in trip mode! When we took off Wednesday, we were saying good bye to our home because by the time we get back we'll be in our new home! The few days we were home I was busy packing for the trips, but also packing up the house. I kept asking Cale if he was sad like I was, but he kept saying, "Nope. Girls are weird."
We also said good bye to our new house because our last time getting to see it there was still stuff everywhere and it doesn't look close to being finished! When we get back to WA it'll be an actual home and Mama will already be living in it!
As you already know, we had to make a really tough decision was time to find Basil a new home. I knew the time was going to come, but yikes. It wasn't easy! I've become so attached to him! He's a part of our little family and still I can't believe it's happened!
I have been praying that the perfect home would come along. He's fully papered, still young, and a beautiful boxer so I know I could have sold him, in fact, I was told many times that it would be a good option, but I couldn't do it. I just wanted to find him a home that he would be loved and get lots of attention. He loves attention!
Right after getting home from San Diego I received a message about someone that was possibly interested in him. I knew we were getting ready to leave for our trips but I fit in time to meet them and take Basil to meet them. Instantly I loved the family!
By the end of the meeting, they had decided to take him. I had been praying and praying for the perfect family and the day before leaving they came! I felt so blessed!
He left the Wednesday while we were high in the sky...
 I did cry.
I'm not gonna lie.
I do miss him.
Wednesday while going from airport to airport and the different flights we were on, I saw 4 different boxers! What?! Ahhh...sigh.
I can't say enough how great his new family is.
They even said we can visit any time!
Still, the good bye was hard!
We were on three different flights and finally arrived in NY! Cale did awesome while traveling!! I was nervous because of how San Diego went, but he was impressive!
We're staying with our friends Tony and Hannah! We love them and always love our visits with them. Friendship is such a blessing...too often I think we forget what a treasure it is!
{Cale & Jaxon being dinosaures!}
{This girl is amazing! And not just because she made pumpkin bars with me and was my coffee date!}
{I went on a run Thursday and my sock slid down in my shoe! Ugh. Don't you hate when that happens?! Can you say blister? Ouch! It was big and gross. The former Army medic Tony went to work helping me out and getting me all fixed up!}
Cale has had fun but also has struggled a little. He woke up this morning ready to go home. I think he's heard me talk about DC so much that now he's very upset about it. If you by any chance are reading this and you'll be around us soon, please don't mention us going to DC! Maybe ask while he's not around. :o)
Last night we went to a baby shower. Cale had to come because there was no one to stay with him so we brought along his iPad. Several times through the day he kept saying he didn't want to go to DC. Thursday night we actually had an awesome talk about it! Incredible. He told me he was scared to go and then we ended up talking about the lies from the enemy and how they have no place in our marriage. We also talked about how he's no longer active duty for the US Army, but he is active duty for God's Army and we always need to be fighting the enemy.
Cale has never been able to stay that engaged in a conversation! Also, normally if we do start talking about something longer than a few minutes, he forgets what we were talking about...and then we start back at the beginning ;o) point at the shower, we weren't even there for very long, Cale came over and let me know that he wasn't going to DC and that he was going to walk back to WA. Uhh...
So, we left. We walked. He was mad.
It was dark.
It was raining.
My flats were soaked along with my tootsies!
He was on a mission.
Finally I was able to get him to cool off and turn around before we were suddenly on a very busy street. Poor Hannah and Jaxon were just waiting in the car while the Darlings walked the parking lot!
For the most part that's been the only time it's been so bad. I even told Cale while we were walking back that I was thankful for the walk since I had just eaten waaaaaay too many sweets!
This season we're in is definitely one of challenge and growth!
On my runs I've been listening to Crazy Love by Francis Chan. Oh man! I need to listen to it over and over! So good. So so so good. There's a nugget every other sentence!
"Worry implies that we don't quite trust that God is big enough, powerful enough, or loving enough to take care of what's happening in our lives." -Francis Chan 
Worry. Fear. Doubt.
Ya know, the very things that come so easily to us. 
I have been terrible- terrible about taking pictures so far with everyone I'm getting to visit with. Tomorrow is another day. I'll do better!
I'll leave you with this little joyous occasion...
p.s. if you're going to be near any of the place we're going and would like to see us email me at! I know a couple times some of you have mentioned it and email would be the best way to work that out!
I can't promise we'll be able to, but we'd love to if we can! :o)


  1. Dear One, As I said, YOU are my hero. I love and honor you. Father has given you special gifts of understanding, love, patience, name a very few. I look forward to what Father has for you in your upcomming blog entries. I love you, Marion

  2. Love this update Kathleen. Things are progressing quite well, I think. I see God working in your lives.... Prayers.
    Pattie Andring, Pasco

  3. Awwhhh...I have a little dog and I know how hard it must have been to see Basil off to his new home. That is so comforting that you like his new family and could go check on him if you felt you wanted to! Loved the photos of the "girl time" with pumpkin bars and coffee...looked so relaxing!! We all need that sometimes! Praying for your travels!
    Emily Jordan

  4. We just started crazy love in our small group this week! Still praying for Cale and your trip to dc.


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