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Saturday, October 6, 2012

On to the next part of our trip!

Oh wow! Oh wow! Oh wow!
First, I have to start off with letting you know how blessed we are with each of you in our life! From the beginning of this trip up until this moment I have this constant thankfulness. Isn't it crazy to think about how all of your family and friends (and people you may not even think of) are not an accident or randomness! Crazy! The Lord knew that we were going to walk this path and experience the twist and turns that we do and He specifically placed you amazing blessings in our life!
Gosh, I just love each of you and am so very thankful. Yes, even you who I've never actually met...I'm so thankful for you too! :o)
We loved our time in NY! There were lots of folks we just didn't have time to see and many that we wished we had more time with...but still completely loved it!
Sunday we went to our church in NY and worshipped with them. Sunday morning was a not so good start for Cale but by the time we were at church all was good and we were ready to worship!
And..some pretty cool things happened on Sunday which makes it a totally awesome day.
Starting with...
We had just walked in and found a seat towards the back. We normally like to sit closer to the front, but it was packed! And we walked in late so I didn't want to disturb everyone. When we settled and started singing, I pointed out to Cale that the three guys in front of us were from Ft. Drum. He first shrugged wondering how I knew but then we saw one guy had his dog tags on. At the end of service I started talking with a couple to my right and behind us. When I finished and turned back to Cale, he had a great big smile and said, "I talked to them! Three of them!" When I asked what he said he told me, "I said, Fort Drum? and then they said yeah and then I said me too! I'm Fort Drum! I'm Sergeant!" He stayed so happy for about 5 minutes! He never just talks to people on his own! Pretty Saweeeeet!
I also hugged on some ladies!
Right after church we went to a cottage our NY family owns. We had gone several times before the accident so even there is full of memories. After eating a good lunch, Julie, Melissa and I went for a run. I was supposed to run 5 miles but neither of them were too thrilled with the idea. They were both a sport and did it anyhow! What was so great is that we were at about our turn around point and decided to go a little we did 6 miles! I loved getting to run with them AND laugh and visit. These two ladies make me smile every single time I'm with them. Goodness! I've missed them so much! I already can't wait to see them again!
Sunday night we went to a young adults bible study. I was wondering how it was going to go with Cale. Sometimes he does ok and some times he just wants to bolt! I had in my head that it was around 8 couples and instead I think there were about 30? people? I then became even more nervous because the night had potential to go either way. It started off with everyone eating all around the house. After getting Cale a plate of goodies, we found him a spot with a table and I went around to visit. There was a point that was kind of awkward. I didn't really know too many people and the people I did know were all in conversations so I went to sit with Cale. We joked a little about how it was awkward and how we didn't know that many people. Every now and then I would get up and find someone else to talk to. I would keep coming back laughing that it was a short conversation and had become awkward again. I pointed out a group of about 4 guys that were all Army to Cale at one point during all of that. When he finished his dessert he said, "I'm going to talk." Uh...huh?!
It was loud with everyone talking so I let him know they may have a hard time hearing him. His reply was "eh" and then he walked right over to them and joined the conversation!
He never-NEVER does this!
I'm not sure how much he actually talked but he definitely was listening! Watching him just walk right over was crazy and I was in shock but then suddenly I was laughing so hard because I was the one left sitting there! It didn't take me long to find some ladies to chat with though!! cool right?! Well, I'm not done yet!
When the actual study started, Cale normally would get really bored and not be able to process and understand what was going on. That's the point he usually decides he's going to walk to WA! But, this time he focused. He listened. He responded. It was so great! When Hannah and I were talking about it later, Hannah said, "he says what everyone else is thinking." Which is so true all throughout the day! I had to snap a picture of him because he was so engaged and I wanted to capture the moment...
The last few days were full of friends, laughter, and food! It was such a GREAT time!
So...after our WONDERFUL visit in NY, we're now in NC! Yahoo! We have two parts to the trip in this state. We're first back where Cale was inpatient at the second hospital he was at. Do we have family in this town? Nope! Well, yes...we just adopted them! :o) Can I just repeat yet again how incredibly blessed we are by all the people the Lord has put in our lives?! It was mentioned to me how interesting it was that we make trips back here when there's no family connection, but I honestly feel like the people that we've built a relationship with here are family!
We've had a fun time so far! I can again say that it's been full so far of friends, laughter, and much good food! Yikes!
We've enjoyed frozen yogurt...
Can you guess which one was my lunch and which was Cale's?
We like each other a little bit...
I had a girls lunch date... a bit crazy...
...and baked some cupcakes!
While in NY we had fall. The real kind of fall when you where boots and scarves, eat soup and drink warm coffee, and sit by the fire place but so far in NC we're still in summer! I was not prepared to switch! Although, after a few days of summer, I do think the last couple days here will be a bit more chilly!! :o)
Our first full day in NY a friend of mine was sweet enough to bless us with a photo session. A while ago I had found these guys in storage...
...and that sparked the idea for the photo shoot! I busted out my wedding dress and Cale's uniform, we shipped them to NY, and after getting my hair and make up done, we had a great photo shoot! I'll be putting up more pictures and details when I get all the pictures but for now I just wanted to give you a sneak peak. I absolutely love them!
We started a new devotional last night. I'm not sure if you remember but last spring I started using Jesus Calling. Love it. I don't use it everyday, but every time I do use it, it's awesome! My friend Sarah in NY asked if I had ever used the kids one. Cale and I have tried a few devotionals together but he has a hard time understanding and grasping whats being said. I had never thought of using a kids one for him! We found it at the bookstore yesterday and started it right away! We had a great time as I read it and we discussed. Our prayer time was really good too! I'm excited to start this as we prepare for this new season in our lives! I know it's going to be one of great growth and most likely many tears but I know we've already been equipped for the road ahead!
I read Isaiah 43:18-19 today...and needed the reminder!
Forget the former things;
do not dwell on the past.
See, I am doing a new thing!
Now it springs up; do you not perceive it?
I am making a way in the wilderness
and streams in the wasteland. 


  1. Kathleen,
    It is so great to see how far Cale has gotten since the accident. You guys are a true blessing to everyone who reads your blog. You are so right about NC having summer weather the past couple of days. Are you guys going to be in Greenville, NC before you head back home? I keep you both in my thoughts and prayers every day. Take care and God bless you both.

    In Christ,
    Jennifer W. (Greenville, NC)

  2. Kathleen!!! I can't begin to tell you how blessed I am reading this blog. I am grateful you had such a good time with your friends. I am doubly grateful for how well Cale did in the pictures. Me, When we were 7 years+ married, htere was NO WAY I could have fit in my wedding dress. I con think of about five reasons besides eating and lack of exercise. Oh, well, I still can't fit in my dress. Hey, that's a goal for an anniversary. I love you guys and continue to trust Father for you. Marion

  3. Kathleen--
    So wonderful to read this and see the photos!!! I am soooo sad that I won't get to meet you in person on this trip!!! :o( I'm having second thoughts about driving up there...uggghhhh. Oh well, anyway...I loved reading about Cale at the Bible study!! That was awesome and the photo of him there was so good...I could tell he was really listening! The photos of you in your wedding dress are AWESOME!!! WOW, beautiful! I look forward to seeing some more! Praying for you trip! You are a beautiful person...remember that!!
    Love in Christ,
    Emily Jordan

  4. Love that verse! N love the wedding dress pics!!

  5. I love your boots!!!! The ones you are wearing by the share:-)!


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