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Monday, October 29, 2012

Hurricane Sandy.

We are all ready to go for the storm coming in. Apparently around 6pm it's supposed to hit really hard. So far just a lot of wind and rain. Local stores are sold out of bottled water, can goods, and pantry items. Thankfully, I'm hanging out in the hospital with Cale...the safest place I could be!
I've got my sweats on and I had brought along my rain boots-so I feel pretty confident I can handle this hurricane! Haha! Essentials are covered! ;o)
I started a list of funny stories that were happening since we left for NY. Although I have forgotten several and will think of them randomly, I have a few to share and thought today would be perfect!
* As you know, we had a crazy trip schedule again. I'm not sure why that always seems to happen...haha! We flew back from San Diego and after being home for just a few days we were off again! After boarding our second flight to NY, Cale looked at me and said, "I quit flying." I told him I didn't think he should quit because we still had lots of trips to take in our life. He quickly replied, "Fine, I'm taking a sabbatical." I started laughing so hard! What?! Haha! Right after he said he didn't know what a sabbatical was. So I explained and we agreed that he deserves one!
* While we were staying with our friends Tony and Hannah in NY, we were able to split up, Tony and Cale had a few hours to hang and that gave me time with Hannah. When Hannah and I got back to the house, I sat on Cale's lap and told him we had gone on a shopping spree. He immediately asked how much we spent. I told him at the first store I spent $468 but reassured him we had a good time. He put his hand on his head in disbelief that his wife spent that much but it wasn't too bad. Then I continued with telling him we also went to another store. Again he asked how much but this time a little less patient with me. I told him we only spent $298. Within seconds he pushed me off his lap onto the floor! I was totally joking and had only purchased a couple small thank you gifts, but it took a minute for him to believe I was only kidding and let me back up!
* Our last night in NY we stayed with another couple that we love so much. They set up their futon for us to sleep on and made everything nice and cozy for us. Some time in the middle of the night I felt Cale wiggling a lot. With my eyes heavy and my voice cracking, "What are you doing?" All Cale said was that he was hot. I rolled over and managed to pry an eye open and all I see is Cale's legs straight up in the air and his jeans pushed to his knees! I hadn't even realized he was sleeping in his jeans! After a few minutes he was ready to go!
* It must have been about an hour later maybe more, we were fast asleep on the same futon and both woke up from a very loud noise. At that point I didn't know what happened and my main concern was keeping Cale calm. We both managed to get back to sleep and just a little while later woke back up this time falling to the floor. We broke the futon! The arm of it had come apart from the rest of the piece so we went down. I felt terrible. They did tell us it wasn't our fault and not to worry...but still! I guessed that it said something about how much I had eaten that last week!
* From their home we flew down to NC and stayed with another couple that again we love so much. Our first morning with them, the toilet would not flush upstairs. Cale told me to take off the top piece and fix it. Well, I'm the opposite of a handy man but I figured a toilet couldn't be too hard. I took the piece of and there was no water. I was clueless and had to let them know we broke the toilet! At this point I was wondering what was wrong with us! Haha! Once again, we were told it wasn't our fault and not to worry. Simple fix with something they already had an issue with. Whew!
* I knew that we were most likely going to be in DC through winter so I made sure to pack clothes for cold weather but after getting to NC, it was HOT! I had gotten dressed and helped Cale get dressed, but we were both sweating and waaaaay too hot! I quickly pulled out a change of clothes that would help us both be more comfortable. It was hot outside but the home was really hot as well. I was trying to think of a nice way to let them know we were really warm and thankfully the couple is very sweet and I knew it wouldn't be a problem. Gordon was coming home around lunch for something else with the house and to fix the toilet. I didn't have to worry about a kind way to bring up how warm we were because as soon as Gordon walked in the house, Cale was sitting in the chair shirtless and as soon as Gordon said hello, Cale said, "So hot!" Haha! That took care of that!
* Last night I was cuddled up with Cale and the conversation led to me pouring my heart out to him about how much I love him and all that we've been through including the moments of watching him leave in the Taxi when he left for Basic, saying good bye for each deployment, seeing him in the ICU, and of course how it all continues. I was teary eyed and I expressed how amazing it is that I get to be his wife and after I was finished, Cale says, "Wait. Not to change the subject, but why am I here?" Hahaha! I was definitely crying at that point from laughter! The sad part is that he isn't able to comprehend why he's here and no matter how many times we go over it, it doesn't help. It was still really funny that after everything I said that's what he replied with!
Like I said, there are a ton more stories, but I had forgotten to jot them down. Hopefully you got a laugh out of one of those though! :o)
On Saturday they had a Harvest Festival run here on base. I went with a friend and her husband. They walked together and at first I thought I would either walk with them or do a light run, but I ended up getting in the moment and ran hard! It was a blast! I'm so thankful the Lord provided such a sweet friend once again at the perfect time! Love her!
One of my friends back home that I treasure was in touch with her cousin that lives in this area and had her drop off some yummy treats to cheer me up! It was so sweeeeet and thoughtful! Thank you Sharon for your thoughtfulness and friendship!
I was asked on Friday to step away this next week (M-F) and only come to see Cale at dinner time. I'm guessing you can imagine me sitting in the chair as I'm being told to step away. Now, I totally understand the taking care of the caregiver and getting breaks BUT this was really hard to hear because it's not home! I knew it was going to be extremely hard for Cale. And although it was hard to hear and the tears did come because I'm a big ol' baby, I am totally willing! I want to do whatever they think is best for Cale and we're here. I'm committed. If this is what needs to happen, I'll do it! I started to wonder what I was going to do though! I don't have a car at this point and I'm terrified to use the metro being as how I get lost on the bus system in the Tri-Cities...pathetic. So...what will I do?! As I thought more and more I realized that since the accident, there hasn't been a day that I had nothing to do. Even when I take a trip; a break of sorts, the agenda is always busy and not so restful.
Not once have I not had to wake up for something or end up with a busy day and a list to accomplish.
I guess maybe for parents this is normal, but I'm not a parent yet! I figured for the first day I would not set my alarm and just sleep in and be warm in bed while the beginning of the storm happened outside. Cale called at 6am wondering where I was...and then 7:15 and then 8:45. Several texts happened in between as well! One of his docs called around 9 and said that because of the storm there weren't going to be a lot of activities happening if I wanted to come hang out with him and then after the massive part of the storm they would continue with the plan. I sit! :o) Cale was pretty happy about it! Me too! I'll try to post when that time does come because we'll need prayers! '
I think we're all going to watch a movie and play some games. I feel like it's also a eat soup kind of day! For those of you about to be hit with this storm and not so lucky to be in a hospital, stay safe!


  1. ha ha ha you never need worry about that silly futon my lovely..It is fixed and even if it wasn't you are far more precious to me than that silly old thing..
    Taking a step back...hmm ...maybe God's way of saying you need a need rest???
    Love the singular focus of Cale...LOL
    We love you..we're praying for you...Baton down your hatches and stay safe...And DON"T GET LOST...LOVE YOU...

  2. I seem to remember it said that this is your husbands job, doing the therapys and so on, and you wouldn't be at work with him. You would be waithing for him when he got home. Their saying you need to step back kind of sounds like that. As to the futon, soaking wet you are at maybe 98lbs, I doubt any little bit of weight you might have gained would make that much difference. I am trusting Jesus to hold you in the bubble of His protection during the storm. Like you, games, a movie, and a bowl of soup sound just about right, I love you, and am honored to be a part of your journey, Marion

  3. Thank you so much for letting us know how you are as I have been praying for you all with this big storm bearing down there where you are! Praying for your safety! Thanks for sharing the funny stories...I thought it was very funny about Cale being hot in the house and letting the man know right away! It sounds like my father who is a stroke survivor and has become a very "blunt" person and says exactly what he is thinking! :o) Be safe!
    In Christ,
    Emily J.

  4. Way to go on the 5K! Take this time to run and read and REST! Map My Run (check out this app on your Iphone). It's GREAT and you won't get lost b/c it tracks you via satellites. Makes exploring a new place a lot easier!
    Working on your package - having lots of fun putting it together!
    So glad you are able to find joy and laughter and thankfulness in ALL circumstances!
    HUGS - leanne

  5. Dear One, I just re-read your entry. You know, in my mind Cale responding "I want to take a sabatical from flying....even though he doesn't know what it means, up front, there is a part of him that understands. I love ou, Marion

  6. Dear Kathleen,

    It sounds like you need an adventure!
    I assume that you are near the Medical Center Metro stop on the Red line.
    It is in Bethesda.
    You can use this map to plot where you want to go. The big circles are where you can change lines.
    I suggest the Smithsonian, as you can find history, art, science, 1st Ladies' gowns, dinosaur bones, the Hope diamond and other gems, historic airplanes, etc. and all for free, except the metro ride.
    It is contained in different buildings, one per museum. The buildings are about a block long each.
    If short of cash, you might take your lunch, though there is more choice of food now than when I used to take my kids. Wear good walking shoes and take water and your camera on your adventure, if you choose to try it!

    The metro stops nearest to the downtown Smithsonian buildings are Federal Triangle, Archives and Smithsonian. This map shows the monuments and museums with the metro stops among them. Just look for a big M to find a Metro stop.

    If you like to walk fast and zip through, you may be able to visit two or three museums in a day. There will be a guide to each at the entrance. If you like to take your time and browse, one per day is better. At least you have lots of time to explore!

    One hint: after 9:30 and before 3PM, the metro prices are much lower. Checking in to the Metro at 9:31 on your way down and out at 2:59 on your way back will be about 1/2 what it would have been at 9:30 and 3. The exact fare depends on where you are traveling from and to each time.

    After you get used to Metro travel, you may want to try the Zoo; that is a more complicated trip.

    I wish I could take you on your first adventure, but I am teaching until mid December in western Virginia. If maps aren't friendly to you, ask me or someone else for help with your exact destination.

    It is just a suggestion, but I hope you have fun with it!
    Kathleen H


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