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Saturday, November 24, 2012

friends, games, muscles, :o)

I had a baking day with Julie! After a really good run we went right inside and started baking. Between the cookie dough and the warm run was thrown out the window! It was so worth it!
Last week we went for a walk with our two friends here and a couple staff. The weather so far has been so amazing! Today it chilled up though! Yikes! 

The little purple guy...yeah, he's being completed for our new home. Doesn't he look like he'll fit right in?! Cale picked the colors and did all the purple painting! We haven't decided a name yet...

We've been playing more games! Like we always do! :o)

Including a game of bowling today. To brag just a little- Cale did AWESOME! It was his first time not using bumpers, finishing the whole game, not getting angry, AND he hit pins! Normally he gets so mad right away when he gets gutter balls and the bumpers make him mad, but this time he tried roll after roll. So proud of him!! 

And...eating the ball...that was his idea! 

Since starting the rewards program, Cale has been riding this bike everyday. EVERY.DAY! This is a HUGE deal if you know how Cale has been since being home. HUGE DEAL! I'm kind of having fun with the caps. Anyways...

Exercising in the first place is a big deal and then not only that, but he was doing the same boring thing as well. I could see his frustration level rising at the mention of doing it one more time. He has wanted the point for it so he has been compliant but the point was quickly becoming not worth it. With all the Navy guys around we came up with another idea for today. He was also cleared today (I think) to start using the exercise room on 7west. That will help to change it up!

He did sit-ups, push ups, plank, leg hold, and arm circles! What was so awesome is that he didn't just do what was asked. He always did a few more. I love that! I love that about my man! I think he held the plank longer than I can! 

One of the other patients asked me to smile for a picture. I made a funny face right when he snapped it. He laughed and said, "Oh now that one is going on Facebook to embarrass you." I quickly filled him in that there are multiple pictures of me all over the internet I'm sure that are much much worse. ;o) 

We've been doing good with things around here. We're still not sure how much longer we'll be here. I'm meeting with the docs this week to go over the plan and see where that leads. My guess is that we be leavin' this place soon...either way, I just want to make sure Cale has all that is offered to him!

He would disagree. He was ready to leave before coming!

The rewards program is still going very well! We made a few more changes and he goes right along with it. I've had a few discussions about continuing this at home with him. Sometimes he just says it's dumb and he's not going to do it and sometimes he totally agrees. Yesterday while looking over the plan we came up for him once home, we talked about each thing he would need to do to get points and then how many points he would need for the different rewards. 

After we were about done I said, "Once we have a baby, we'll have to add more things to your list, like, changing diapers and holding the baby." Cale added without hesitation, "and breastfeed?" HA! Oh man...this husband of mine makes me laugh!

To end this post I quickly wanted to share something. For some reason this morning I started to hear all of these lies run through my head. I'm not really sure how to explain it other than just that. Things that I know are not true were running though my head and I started to fall into believing them. I wasn't purposefully making the choice to let them take hold of my thoughts and emotions, but that's exactly what was happening. As the morning continued my mood started to shift. I took notice as I walked to the hospital and for the most part shut it down. 

That should be the end of it, but when you try to shut off lies that so easily seep in without binding them through Christ, well...they don't so easily shut down. 

All day it was eating at me, but the Lord provided two different people to send me a message and an email today...that confirmed His truth. 

It wasn't until then that I was able to fully recognize a lie for a lie and bind them.

I'm so thankful for a loving personal God in my life. He can be stern and blunt but also cares enough about His children to give them soft and gentle reminders of His grace. 

I know I may say it a lot, but thank you for walking in our journey with us. Each of you are used as a very specific blessing in our life. 


  1. Prayers to you Kathleen & for your bright future ahead. So happy you are following in God's footsteps. Blessings.

    Pattie Andring/Pasco

  2. That is SO exciting that he is doing so well with bowling and exercising! Things continue to improve.


  3. Kathy Beckett11/24/12, 7:14 PM

    I'm so happy to hear that Cale is doing well with the rewards program. I'm sorry you didn't have lots of Thanksgiving leftovers to munch on, but I know it was worth it to you to be reaping the benefits of this program! Now we wait to see if you are home by Christmas. Praying for God's blessing on all that is happening in your life now. Love you both!

  4. You go, Cale!!! Awesome job on those exercises!! I am totally impressed! Ummmm...the silly nothing I've ever seen! LOL! (I didn't know that noses could do that!! ) Seriously...things are sounding like they are progressing and that is great! At some point, do they let you two go do things by yourselves to see how it goes before you leave there?
    I am so happy the Lord confirmed His truth to you today!
    Emily Jordan

  5. Kathleen!! It makes perfect sense making the goodies after your run...that's what running is for. :) I think I like the name George for the little purple guy. That's funny that guy thinking he was going to embarass you with that picture. You are so good at smiling at yourself with funny pictures. Speaking of pictures, that one with the noses, is that a new twist on having our noses out of joint? Kathleen, Father has had ALL of our days planned BEFORE there was yet one of them. Whatever happens is in His hands and will be worked for your good, and for Cales. YUP, going back to the little purple guy, I think George would be a very good name for him. Let us know what you do decide to call him. I love you and continue to trust Father for you and your sweet husband. Marion


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