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Tuesday, November 27, 2012


We've been missing this guy terribly. We've been away from him before but this time we know when we get home he won't be there waiting for us...

Cale said tonight at dinner, "Basil is like a human. Like my brother." 

Broke my heart. I know finding Basil a good family was the best thing for him and for Cale, but boy oh boy...we just really miss that big lug. 


  1. There are special places in our hearts for our friends and they don't all have just 2 feet ~ knowing you did the best for Basil is the BEST you could do love the photos so sweet ! Praying for you and Caleb. Love you guys ((())) Reenie

  2. Dear one, Isn't it a BIG DEAL that Cale would be able to say that. (I still miss my dog I had over 40 years ago.) I see FAther's healing hand in that Cale is able to put together such a thought. In that I rejoice. Cale will be able to have a new relationship with the service dog...different, yes, but rich and fulfilling. I love you and continue to trust Father for you. Marion

  3. Awwhhh...I have a little dog and can just imagine how you must miss Basil. I will pray for you.
    Emily J

  4. Wow. loved the picture update! What adventures!


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